the best car amplifier for sound quality 4channel or 5channel

How do you choose the best car amplifier? What functions and features should the ideal car amplifier offer? Read our guide to choosing informed.

Why buy a good car amplifier?

The Best Car Amplifier The role of a car amplifier is to amplify the electrical signals transmitted by the audio unit of your car to deliver more power to the car speakers .

Not only does the amplifier produce more power , but it actually improves the sound quality and gives you the ability to connect more speakers. Most cars are equipped at the factory with an amplifier strong enough for standard equipment speakers.

Installing a new car amplifier is usually done when you want to upgrade your car speakers at the factory . If you want to add more bass to the sound in your car, you can use a single channel car amplifier that can be connected to a car subwoofer .

Professional installation of a car amplifier is recommended to ensure that you will not damage your equipment by improper wiring. Improper installation of audio equipment in the car can also lead to accidents and injuries.

The best car amplifier: what to look for

Most cars are equipped with amplifiers integrated into the audio unit , but the addition of an amplifier refers to the addition of a stand-alone external amplifier . It must be compatible with the audio system present on the car and you must take into account the number of channels and the desired power .

If you like a great sound, you will have to choose an amplifier with a dedicated channel for bass sounds. Knowing from the beginning what you want will help you choose the best car amplifier for you that will provide you with the desired sound.

Number of channels

The Best Car Amplifier 1 The best car amplifiers are equipped with a specific number of channels . These channels refer to the number of audio outputs or the number of speakers you can connect to the amplifier. Each channel includes two speaker terminals (one positive and one negative).

A mono amplifier usually offers a single channel and is most often used to add a subwoofer. A 2-channel amplifier (stereo amplifier) is used to connect two car speakers (one on the left and one on the right).

Multi-channel car amplifiers can have from two to six channels, thus being able to connect an entire complex audio system. The latter are also quite voluminous and need more space for installation.

Maximum power

The maximum power of a car amplifier is given by the RMS value (musical power) or the total output power to each speaker. It is important to know the RMS power value of the speakers you have and then to choose an amplifier that has a power of at least 75% of that power.

For example, if your speaker has a power of 150 watts, you may want to purchase an amplifier that can generate between 125 and 175 watts per speaker (or channel). If you do not pay attention to these values you will not get the best results for the audio system of your car.

Warranty and service

The warranty of the chosen car amplifier protects you if it breaks down after it has been installed in your car. Depending on the warranty conditions, some manufacturers also offer a warranty for the breakdown of car speakers if it happens due to a manufacturing defect of the amplifier, provided that the installation has been done by professionals . Be very careful from whom you buy the car amplifier, many manufacturers have as a mandatory requirement the purchase from an authorized dealer to offer the warranty for the product.

Although factory-installed car amplifiers are much better than they once were, purchasing an additional car amplifier will help you get the most out of your car's audio system. By knowingly choosing you can be sure that you will choose the most suitable car amplifier for you.

The best car applicator: recommendations

Taking into account the above criteria and analyzing the offer on the market, we still recommend some models of car amplifiers that offer an excellent quality / price ratio. Of course you will have to choose a model suitable for your audio system, but the models below are a good starting point on the way to the right car amplifier .

1. Sony XMN502 car amplifier, 2 x 210 W

The Best Car Amplifier 2 It stays on and does not turn off – Some amplifiers simply turn off when they overheat, but the automatic thermal control function reduces the output power of the amplifier so you can listen to music while the air circulates inside.
Feel the subwoofers – A low-pass filter sends only the deep bass to the subwoofers.
Solid construction – Each component has been selected to ensure sound quality and reliability.
Flexible installation – Single-sided connections give you multiple mounting options.

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2. HERTZ HCP 2 car amplifier, Stereo, 2x100W

The Best Car Amplifier 3

Hertz HCP2 amplifier, 2 channels,
Frequency 10-65000 Hz,
400W RMS power
2-channel amplifier, class AB,
2 Ch @ 4 Ω 65 W x 1 2 Ch @ 2 Ω 100 W x 2
1 Ch @ 4 Ω 200 W x 1

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3. DLS CC4 car amplifier

The Best Car Amplifier 4 DLS CC4 car amplifier, 4 channels, class AB , 50W / 70W / 140W / 250W, 10Hz-50kHz, 6kohm.
Number of channels 4 – Class AB Amplifier
Power in 2 ohms 4 x 70 Watt – Power in 4 ohms 4 x 50 Watt
Bridge Mono 4 ohm 2 x 140 Watt – Damping factor > 250 / – SN ratio, -weighted> 110 dB
Frequency range 10 Hz – 50 kHz – Input sensitivity 1-4 Volt

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4. Sony XMN1004 car amplifier, 4 x 250 W

The Best Car Amplifier 5

Horsepower for your audio system – Driving is always more enjoyable when you are accompanied by your favorite music. A 1000 W high power amplifier provides the speakers with a cleaner sound for improved hearing.
Encourage travel – Make music louder when you drive, benefiting from 1000 watts from the high power amplifier.

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