The best car battery

How do you choose the best car battery? What features and properties should the car battery have to suit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Car Battery One of the most unpleasant traffic situations is when you run out of battery.

All drivers know how uncomfortable it is to have to find someone to give you an energy boost, especially in bad weather.

To avoid this unpleasant situation it is good to make sure that the car battery of your car is in perfect working order.

However, if the episode described above happens often, it may mean that your battery needs to be replaced. The best car battery is easy to find when you are informed.

If you want to find the best car battery and you want to find out where to find one at a good price, keep reading this article.

Top 3 recommended car batteries

Why choose the best car battery?

We have the impression that the car battery is a component of the car that must last for decades. But the truth is that car batteries have a 4-year warranty period , after which problems start to appear. This does not mean that the car will not necessarily work.

Keep in mind, however, that a machine works similarly to the human body, if a component is defective it will forge the entire machine system over time, leading to major failures and much higher costs. Therefore, even if the battery in your car is only 2 or 3 years old , you could already consider buying a new battery for any situation.

Also, buying the ideal car battery may take longer than you expected. By default, it may be difficult to find an environmentally friendly solution to get rid of your old battery. In order to shorten this time as much as possible, we recommend that you be well informed .

How to choose the best car battery

Before buying the ideal car battery it is important to know some criteria to follow. A car battery doesn't cost much, so you can't afford to buy a car battery at random.

What car battery is compatible with your car, what dimensions should it have or what is the most suitable type of car battery for your car? You have to answer all these questions and not just to make a wise investment. We meet your needs by preparing a shopping guide with all the details you need to consider when buying the best car battery .

At the end of this article you will be able to find the best value for money on the market much faster and easier. So, in your choice take into account the following important aspects.


The Best Car Battery 1 You will have in view the compatibility with the car, but also with the climatic zone in which you will drive. This is because the climatic conditions in Romania are unfavorable for car batteries. Cold winters and hot summers can cause premature damage to the car battery.

Therefore, you must choose a battery that is strong enough. A model that has a low consumption of water and electrolytes , and self-discharge is at the lowest level , is the most recommended choice.

In terms of compatibility with the car, it is imperative to follow the instructions in the car's technical book . In particular, you will need to pay attention to amperage and size. Avoid deviations and improvisations.

A smaller capacity , or larger dimensions than those mentioned in the technical manual will mean that you cannot install the battery in your car.

Car battery type

There are two major types of car battery: acid-based or alkaline . Alkaline car batteries are much harder to find and are not yet a popular option.

That's why we choose to focus on the car battery with acid (and lead plates) as this is much more likely to be the solution you will use.

This type of battery is also available in two forms on the market: the car battery with liquid electrolyte (requires maintenance), and the car battery with gelled electrolyte (maintenance-free).

Obviously, the best car battery is one that requires no maintenance . The car battery with liquid electrolyte requires maintenance in the sense that you will have to add liquid alone at a certain time. This electrolyte is actually sulfuric acid with water, a solution that must be prepared and poured into the battery.

The maintenance-free version, the one with gelled electrolyte, is much more cost-effective and convenient . These batteries have also proven to be more durable and self-discharge is low.


It is another criterion that dictates the quality of a battery. It will be chosen according to the alternator of the car and the information present in the technical book of the car. It is calculated in amperes per hour and denoted by Ah .

If you change the battery, never choose a battery with a smaller capacity than the old model. That's because it won't be able to provide enough energy. You have no doubt about this.

As a benchmark, you can think that a 74Ah battery discharges in about 7 and a half hours when it is not charged during this time, given that the charge is 10 A permanently.

If you want to exceed the capacity of the previous battery, the specialists say that you can do this within a limit of 30%. This way you will keep it in a value that guarantees you an ideal operation of the car battery.

Also, pay attention to your driving habits or the nature of the route you need to take. It seems that frequent and short roads cause a faster discharge of the car battery.

Starting in low temperature conditions

The Best Car Battery 2 In conditions of extreme low temperatures, from -18 degrees down you need to make sure that the battery can provide enough current to start the car.

You can consider this aspect by first checking the cylinder capacity of the engine as well as the type of fuel . In the case of a diesel model, you should know that there is a need for a much higher starting current than in the case of petrol engines.

Thus, a gasoline engine will be able to start cold even if it has a 390A (amp), 490A, or 580A battery. A diesel engine, however, will not start if it does not have power from a battery of at least 750A .

A quality battery must be able to supply current in the values mentioned above, in conditions of very low temperatures, be able to maintain current for at least 10 seconds, and have a voltage of over 7.5V between the terminals.

Polarity or position of the terminals

There are two possibilities: car battery with positive terminals on the left or with positive terminals on the right . The difference is usually dictated by the origin of the car's manufacture.

For Romania the normal polarity is the right positive configuration. That's because European manufacturers prefer this terminal positioning system, and the top six have to look for such a car battery.

The other variant is specific to cars with a Japanese configuration , they most often prefer the configuration with left polarity .

However, the chances of having to buy a battery with such polarity are minimal. Whatever polarity you need, keep in mind that it must be identical to the old model. Otherwise, the car battery will not work.


For a conventional car , the best car battery has a voltage of 12 V. This is more than enough in this case. If we talk about off -road cars or trucks , ie cars with large dimensions, it is clear that you need a car battery that has a higher voltage, even double 24 V.

Obviously, this will cost a bit more. The ECU or charging system of the machine must be checked. If its value appears in the technical manual, check it immediately, otherwise try to see if you can find information online about it.

We emphasize this idea because if this value exceeds 13.8V there will be problems in terms of battery overload, electrolyte evaporation, so early damage to the battery.


The Best Car Battery 3 Each car is equipped with a specific slot for the car battery. That is why it is very important to strictly respect the battery dimensions, regardless of whether you choose to take them from the car's technical book or according to the previous battery dimensions. This is true for both length and width, as well as height .

In case of height you will have the least hassle, because it is possible that it corresponds to one of the two standards present in Europe: 190mm or 175mm .

As for length and width, the offer on the market is quite diverse to allow you to find the exact dimensions you are looking for.


As an ergonomic measure, we recommend choosing a car battery with a handle . It is very practical because it can be easily detached from the car and is easy to transport and store temporarily, in a warmer space in winter, when temperatures drop below 20 degrees.

Price and manufacturers

For most car battery models you will need to make a substantial investment. However, some online sites offer you the opportunity to access a discount in case you return or offer the old car battery model . This is definitely an offer we advise you to follow.

If you want the guarantee of a quality product, we recommend you to avoid the no-name companies that put car batteries on the market at incredibly good prices. These soon prove to be an unfortunate investment. The most loyal brands will offer you car batteries approved and approved by RAR.

Thus, in order to be able to drive the car with the new battery, you will need to do a simple technical check, without having to report it in a tester in the form of a digital multimeter. Even if they have a higher price, here are the most reliable brands in Romania: Bosch, Rombat, Fullmen, Varta, Moll, Macht .

We recommend that you buy online , especially if you find it difficult to find the model you want in your city. You have the advantage of buying easier and faster, and the product will be delivered by courier to your home.

You can also check other users' opinions online before making an investment. This way you will have a complete picture of the battery and you will be able to decide more easily if it is worth the investment. Now that you have all the necessary information, you are ready to choose the best car battery.

The best car battery: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer on the market, we still recommend some models of car batteries that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Macht 75Ah 12V car battery

The Best Car Battery 4 Ca-Ca technology – expanded metal.
100% maintenance free, no electrolyte leakage.
Double lid with labyrinth system, which prevents electrolyte leakage and ensures the return of acid vapor in the cells.
Polyethylene separators that prevent short circuiting.
Optimal starting current and maximum capacity.
Amperage (Ah): 75 – Starting current (A): 680

See details and price

2. Tudor High-Tech 77 Ah TA770 car battery

The Best Car Battery 5 Extended battery life compared to a standard battery.
High starting power and safety in all weather conditions, ensuring a higher number of engine starts and in difficult conditions.
Completely maintenance-free, Ex-Met technology with calcium and Carbon additive for 50% faster recharging.
Exide-patented labyrinth system, to prevent acid leakage, which allows condensation recovery.

See details and price

3. Varta Silver Dynamic car battery – 74AH

The Best Car Battery 6 Ultra-reliable, it meets or even exceeds all OE requirements, has an extremely high reserve capacity and a superb cold start performance.
Exceptional cold start power up to 122%.
PowerFrame grid technology for longer life.
Our patented PowerFrame® punched grille technology is far more robust than conventional cast and expanded metal grilles.
It is built for exceptional performance over a long life.

See details and price

4. Bosch S5 77Ah car battery

The Best Car Battery 7 An extremely powerful and reliable battery.
For modern vehicles with additional electric consumers.
Designed especially for diesel engines and cars with predominantly urban operation.
Longer life through silver alloy.
100% cold start power.
The unique grid is designed for the perfect current flow, ensuring a low resistance and an optimal conductivity.

See details and price

5. Rombat Cyclon 12V 62AH car battery

The Best Car Battery 8 Perfect for low capacity cars and vans with low or normal consumers.
Kamina caps with flame arrestor.
Expanded positive grids, negative frame grids, made of PbCa alloy.
Very low self-discharge and water consumption.
Amperage (Ah): 62 – Starting current (A): 510
Voltage (V): 12

See details and price

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