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  • 1 Car GPS navigation systems: what to look for
  • 2 The best car GPS navigation: recommendations
    • 2.1 1. Garmin DriveAssist 50 LM – 5.0 ”navigation system, Full Europe map + Free lifetime map update
    • 2.2 2. Becker Active 7s EU Navigation System, Full Eu Map, 7 ”diagonal, TMC
    • 2.3 3. TomTom Go 50 navigation system, 5 ”diagonal, Full Europe map
    • 2.4 4. 2Drive GPS navigation system, 7 ″ diagonal, 8 GB, Bluetooth
    • 2.5 5. Serioux Urban Pilot UPQ500 navigation system, diagonal 5 ″

How do you choose the best car GPS navigation system ? What features and functions should the best GPS navigation have ? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Car Gps Navigation With the growing popularity of smartphone navigation apps, you may be wondering what an independent GPS navigation unit brings in addition.

First of all, a dedicated GPS car navigation is used in the car regardless of who is driving and can be transferred to another vehicle as needed. You can keep it in the glove compartment when you're not using it without worrying about forgetting it at home.

Your smartphone will thus be free to use you as a phone and as any other means of communication when you set off. You no longer have to consume your battery and mobile data traffic when you navigate from work to home.

A GPS car navigation device can provide you with real-time traffic data and can suggest alternative routes when there are accidents or construction works on the usual route. The best car GPS navigation can accurately estimate the time you have left to your destination and can update it instantly depending on the unforeseen situations on the route.

The best car GPS navigations we recommend have a lot of features, accuracy, lifetime map updates and a large enough screen to be easy to use. These navigation systems have many more advantages than a GPS application on your smartphone and will help you get to your destination quickly and safely.

Car GPS navigation systems: what to look for

There are a multitude of GPS navigation models available on the market, and many of them are just old models that are still on the market. You will want a GPS navigation system that will not only help you drive, but is equipped with useful and relevant facilities to help you get safely and as quickly as possible to your desired destination.

The best GPS navigation system must have a modern design with a bright and clear screen, and the necessary tools to get there where you want. Below you will find the most important selection criteria for the best car GPS navigation.


The Best Car Gps Navigation 1 First, look for a GPS device that has a screen size that is comfortable for you. Larger screens also help control the device easily, but can be confusing when it comes to visibility. Most navigation systems have a screen with a resolution of 48x x 272 pixels, while the best screens offer a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

The screen will be clear and bright at low resolutions, but higher resolutions will give you a screen comparable to that of your smartphone and will give you an almost HD resolution for your maps. With the advancement of technology in the field of maps that offers you realistic navigation and 3D objectives, a screen with the highest possible resolution should be a decisive factor in the acquisition.

Touch screens are of two types: resistive and capacitive, and the best GPS navigation uses capacitive screens. Resistive screens are made of plastic and are based on pressure to record commands. Capacitive screens use the electricity of your finger to record commands. This allows them to be more sensitive and will allow you advanced movements such as browsing, scrolling and zooming easily.

Make sure that the chosen navigation system offers you the possibility to control the screen orientation. Most GPS navigation only offers you landscape mode. However, the best navigation will give you the choice between landscape and portrait mode. The advantage of portrait orientation is that you can see more of the path you are about to take. Some navigation models will automatically rotate the image when you rotate the device, while others have a manual screen orientation setting.


You will want to choose a GPS navigation that accurately interprets your position with the help of satellites. The best GPS navigation not only knows where you are, but can guide you using buildings, traffic lights and other landmarks on the route to your destination. In addition, the chosen GPS navigation system should provide you with traffic updates and free maps for life, thus always having access to the latest information available.

Another important aspect is the hands-free capabilities of the device. Voice commands will allow you to change the destination without taking your eyes off the road. The Bluetooth connection allows you to initiate or answer phone calls without the stress of searching for your phone in your bag or pocket.


The Best Car Gps Navigation 2 A Point of Interest (POI) is a predefined location that you can search for and set as a destination point. The most popular points of interest include restaurants, businesses, parks, monuments or natural attractions.

The best GPS navigation includes as many points of interest as possible. The best GPS navigation will allow you to add personalized points of interest that you can save and use later whenever you need.

Besides the personalized points of interest, the best devices offer you the possibility to save your favorite and frequently used routes. If you need to create a route with multiple destinations, make sure that the chosen navigation device will help you prioritize them for the fastest and most direct route.

While driving GPS navigation, it should provide you with helpful directions and not create unnecessary distractions. The best GPS navigation provides assistance in navigating the lanes that help you when you need to navigate for an important exit from the road or in choosing the optimal lane for changing the direction of travel in an intersection.

A speed limiter is very useful when there are no indicators with the maximum speed allowed on the section of road crossed. It will alert you when you exceed the maximum speed allowed. Most GPS navigation allows you to choose alternative routes such as the shortest route or the fastest route to the destination, as well as if you want to avoid certain obstacles such as construction works or toll roads and highways.

When you deviate from the selected route, most navigation units will automatically calculate an alternative route. The best GPS navigation has traffic info services that will provide you with a faster route depending on the congestion on the road.

Service and warranty
The best GPS navigation systems are offered with a warranty of up to 24 months. Additionally you can purchase extended warranty from merchants that offer this. Before purchasing a GPS navigation, make sure that the manufacturer provides regular updates for maps and other data, as well as if they have an easy way to contact support in case you have any problems.

If the unit purchased by you fails during the warranty, check if the manufacturer offers prompt service in the area where you live to repair or replace the defective device.

The best car GPS navigation systems offer a combination of functions and features that will make you forget about the navigation application on your smartphone.

The best car GPS navigation: recommendations

Taking into account the criteria presented above and the opinions of buyers, we have selected several products that we consider to offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Garmin DriveAssist 50 LM Navigation System – 5.0 ”, Full Europe map + Free lifetime map update

The Best Car Gps Navigation 3 Garmin Drive includes all alerts such as: dangerous curve, fatigue alert, legal speed, railway and much more.
The Up Ahead feature allows you to easily view the objectives on the route, without having to close the map view.
Voice command navigation and Bluetooth allow you to enter the address or take the phone call, without taking your hands off the wheel.
The built-in video camera continuously records the trip and automatically saves the impact scenes.

See details and price

2. Becker Active 7s EU Navigation System, Full Eu Map, 7 ”diagonal, TMC

The Best Car Gps Navigation 4 The BECKER Active 7s EU combines an elegant design with a flat case and a 7 ”high-resolution display outlined in an anthracite-colored ornament.
The strong point of the BECKER active product.7s EU is the new Becker MagClick active car holder .
BECKER active.7s EU has coverage of 46 European countries . You can always keep your maps up to date with the free Lifetime Map Updates service .
Lane Assist Pro 3D will show you the correct tape in an animation when traffic lane changes occur.

See details and price

3. TomTom Go 50 navigation system, 5 ”diagonal, Full Europe map

The Best Car Gps Navigation 5 REALTIME TRAFFIC INFORMATION – You have an overview of the traffic condition around the position of your car. See exactly which streets are crowded, how long they last and what is the cause of the delay.
ADVANCED GUIDANCE IN INTERSECTIONS – Clearly visualize the correct lane to fit in complicated intersections.
TAP & GO FUNCTION – Select the location directly on the map and you are ready to go.
RADAR CAMERA ALERTS – You are warned in advance about the location of fixed radar cameras.

See details and price

4. 2Drive GPS navigation system, 7 diag diagonal, 8 GB, Bluetooth

The Best Car Gps Navigation 6 The 7-inch screen allows a precise and detailed view of the map and the route, being extremely sensitive and precise to the touch.
The navigation system is equipped with FM modulator . It allows the transmission of songs, stored in the internal or external memory of the navigation, on the FM radio in the car.
It allows diversity when choosing the navigation system , being compatible with any available GPS application (Garmin Navigator, Sygic, MapFactor Navigator, Navigon, Route 66, etc).

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5. Serioux Urban Pilot UPQ500 navigation system, diagonal 5 ″

The Best Car Gps Navigation 7 The UrbanPilot UPQ500 impresses with its attractive design and 5.0-inch screen .
It has a case with round edges , an enviable thickness and a neutral color: black, which fits perfectly with any car interior.
Powerful configuration consisting of an Mstar MSB2531 processor at 800Mhz, a RAM of 256MB and a storage capacity of 8GB.
It uses a 5.0 inch touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, which responds immediately to touch.

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