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How do you choose the best car holder for your bike? What functions and features should the car bike holder have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Car Holder For Bicycle Probably one of the reasons why you love cycling so much, is the possibility to cover significant distances, without the need for a car.

However, we all know that it is not possible to always travel only by bicycle, and that sometimes it is necessary to go by car.

In order to be able to move just as freely when you reach your destination, there is the possibility to take the bike with you. To be able to do this, however, you need the right accessories, these are the car mounts for the bike.

If you are wondering where other cycling enthusiasts have found bike support at a good price, as well as how you can choose the best car bike holder , read this article carefully.

Top 3 recommended car bike racks

Why choose the best car holder for your bike?

The car holder for the bicycle is an accessory that allows you to transport the bicycle attached to your car , for a large number of kilometers and safely . You want the best car holder for your bike , and not just any model , for several reasons.

First of all, you would not want to buy a support that is not of quality , and from which you lose your bike on the road. Second, you need to choose a type of accessory that fits both your car and your bike model.

Otherwise, transporting the bicycle could be a total failure. Because you don't want this to happen, you have to be very confident in your choice.

How to choose the best car holder for your bike

Documentation in this regard can take a long time. Especially if it is the first time you want to buy such a support, or if you want to buy one for a new car or bicycle. You may also be overwhelmed by the market supply, which is richer than you think.

How do you know that the brand you want to buy from is trustworthy? What type of support is best for your car or bike? What are some safety and security measures you need to consider? Find out the answers to all these questions in the shopping guide we have prepared for you.

Moreover, at the end we will show you how to find the best quality / price ratio on the market . So, in order to buy the best car holder for your bike, read the following important information carefully.

Number of bicycles

The Best Car Holder For Bicycle 1 How many bikes will you need to transport? If you are going on holiday with your family and all members or the vast majority will use your personal bicycle, then you will need a support that will carry between 2 and 6 bicycles . Most of the time, you will need a support that is installed on the roof of the car.

But when you travel alone , or you are the only person in the group with a bicycle, it is not wise to invest in a multiple system. A more practical and cheaper option would be to invest in a support that can support a single bicycle .

Such supports are even lighter, being more efficient in terms of fuel consumption, because the fact that you make it difficult for the car by adding a bicycle will greatly influence the fuel consumption.

Safety measures

To ensure that your bike will not fly off your car when you drive, it is a good idea to inquire about the safety measures you need to take and the support you need to be able to provide.

First of all, you will have to pay attention to the speed with which you will drive. It is recommended not to exceed the limit of 130 km / h and to limit the speed as much as possible when traveling on a bumpy road.

You will need to check some details about the car beforehand. If you intend to install a car holder on the back, you need to make sure that it falls within the towing capacity of the car.

It is preferable to look for a support that is as light as possible, because any extra weight will affect fuel consumption, speed, engine operation, suspension and caps.

You must also consider the road you will travel . Because bicycles are not protected from the outside environment, they can be scratched by branches, and you are always in danger when walking through forests, on rough terrain or under bridges.

Also, make sure that the bike will be very well fixed in the support and will not shake. This will reduce the risk of an unwanted accident as much as possible.


The Best Car Holder For Bicycle 2 It is also important to be interested in the safety measures that the best car holder for the bicycle integrates. When you park, you don't want your bike to be easy to steal .

It is very likely that you have had to camp or spend an evening at the hotel, and your bike is fixed in the holder, it must be secure enough not to be stolen.

The best car holder for the bike is equipped with a cable system for security or padlocks . Check their durability when purchasing or immediately after.

Also, do not forget that the support itself must be secured, because it can also be a target of thieves. Trunk mounting systems are usually the most not recommended from this point of view.

The right kind of bike carrier for you

The type of car bike racks is determined by its position on the car. Of course, you will choose a suitable type depending on the type of car, budget, number and type of bicycle.

In addition to the three most popular types of positioning (ceiling, hook or trunk), there are two types that we will only mention. The car mount that is installed on the spare wheel holder that is in the rear, or there is a special frame that is installed inside the car , if its volume allows this, obviously.

  • Car support for bicycles installed on the ceiling

It is one of the most well-known and widely used methods. Two support bars are mounted on the roof of the car, either by attaching at two points on the ceiling, or by attaching to the door frame or water gutter. After mounting these bars with the help of metal clamps, the bicycle support will also be mounted.

You can add more supports depending on the number of bikes, generally having the ability to carry a maximum of 6 . Note also that you will have to leave a distance of 10-30 cm between the first mounted bar and the windshield . These are the general rules for every type of car.

It applies less to SUVs , because they are bigger and allow you more. Make sure that the bike will be "stripped" of the additional accessories before being mounted on the stand, so that they are not lost on the road.

The Best Car Holder For Bicycle 3 Among the advantages of this type of car support for the bicycle is the ease of handling , the fact that it is compatible with most bicycle models, offers a secure grip , and does not endanger the visibility of others in traffic. It also does not limit the normal use of the machine, such as opening the doors.

Compared to other models, they are quite cheap and affordable , and if you already have the bars installed on the car, your investment will be even smaller. Another advantage is versatility , because you can use these supports to carry something other than bicycles: luggage, kayak, grill, etc.

However, we cannot fail to mention the disadvantages . If you have a tall car , this type of support is not recommended because you will have problems entering underground parking lots or passing under bridges . Also, in intensified wind conditions, your bike may tend to be inclined.

This type of support is not recommended for people with a physical condition that leaves much to be desired. This is because mounting the support, but also the bicycle will require a significant effort on your part.

  • Hook-mounted bike rack

It is a fairly convenient option to install , but it requires more attention from you. First of all, your car needs to be equipped with a towing hook, and you need to know what its towing capacity is.

It would be good to know the weight or number of bikes you want to transport differently, because the hook will be the only point of support. Weight is thus a decisive factor. That is why you will have to pay more attention to the system of fastening and securing bicycles.

You want it to be tightly attached to the support , and not to slip because you risk not only destroying your bike, but also endangering the lives of road users. In this case, there are two subtypes of bracket mounts on the market.

We start with the most affordable option, namely the support on which the bikes are rather suspended, in the sense that there is no support bar underneath. Because of this, this support received the nickname " hanger ".

Mounting it is quite easy and so are riding bicycles, especially since it is a folding system, so you can store and transport it easily . The disadvantages are in terms of traffic safety. The license plate, but also the lights will be difficult or not at all visible , depending on how many bikes you have chosen to mount ( up to 4 bikes ).

Also, the bikes come very close to each other, so if you do not want to be scratched, choose to use this support only for relatively short distances and with great care for speed.

The second subtype is more expensive but also more advantageous, both in terms of driving safety and securing the support itself and the bikes. The difference is quite large. The bicycles are no longer suspended, but are mounted on a platform . It has special places for lights that work by connecting to the electrical installation of the car, but also support for the license plate .

Thus visibility in traffic is not a problem. The multiple locks make the transport of bicycles by car to be very protected against thieves. Generally you will find models that support three large bikes , which can be mounted in a similar way to mounting on the ceiling mount.

Also, the access to the trunk will not be restricted , because the support is foldable, moreover, it allows the bicycles to be placed in such a way that they do not touch each other.

In general, these types of supports are very popular with those who prefer to use your ceiling to carry something else, or for those who can not make the effort to lift bicycles to the ceiling. Depending on the model you choose, it may or may not confuse your rear view of the car.

The Best Car Holder For Bicycle 4 Also, don't forget that you will have to take into account the addition of size both in length and width . On the other hand, you will enjoy the possibility to have access to the underground car parks without any problems. One situation you might face is getting your bikes dirty if you drive on muddy ground.

  • Car holder for bicycle with tailgate or luggage rack

This is the cheapest type of support, the easiest to transport and install . It is preferred by most drivers because it does not add anything to the size of the car, at least not in length. It can be installed on almost any type of car.

The fixing is usually done in 6 points : on the bumper, on the trunk or on the tailgate. The system is made of soft materials, rubber and neoprene , which do not affect the paint at all and do not cause scratches when fastened.

Securing is done by attaching a part of the support under the trunk or tailgate door. They are also very easy to handle by almost anyone .

The disadvantages appear again in visibility . It is very likely that the number of the car will not be visible and the rear window will not be able to provide the level of visibility that would normally be required. In the rain, the situation will be even worse because you will have to disassemble the wipers beforehand .

Most drivers recommend this system only to cover short distances , precisely because of this. Also, you will not have access to the trunk while the type of support will be installed.


Because you care a lot about both your bike and your car, as well as your safety and the safety of others in traffic, you will not choose any support at random.

We also recommend that you stay away from dubiously cheap models. Orient yourself towards a brand that has a good reputation. The most popular in Romania are: Thule, Hakr, Saris, Cruz, Menabo.

We recommend that you buy online , because it is very likely that you will find the best products at an unbeatable price, plus it is much more convenient that way. Don't forget that before any purchase, it is important to consult the opinion of other users, in order to convince yourself that a product is really right for you.

Now that you have all this information, you are ready to choose the best car bike holder on the market.

The best car holder for the bike: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we further recommend some models of car mounts for bicycles that offer excellent value for money.

1. THULE VeloCompact 927 bike holder for 3 bikes

The Best Car Holder For Bicycle 5 Mounting on the towing hook.
Easy mounting of bicycles with detachable arms.
It can transport bicycles with large wheelbase due to the extensible tire support.
The trunk of the vehicle can be accessed at any time, thanks to the special pedal for operating the tilt system.
Bicycle locking system and anti-theft support system with lock included in the package. Pre-assembled, no special tools required.

See details and price

2. THULE ClipOn High 9105 S1 bike holder for 2 bikes

The Best Car Holder For Bicycle 6

Thule ClipOn High 9105 is a support for 2 bicycles, with quick mounting and foldable, designed for cars with hatchback or station wagon body.
The raised bicycle support position keeps the stop lamps and license plate holder visible.
The support surfaces of the support on the hood of the car, as well as of the bicycles on the support, are provided with rubber pads, in order to avoid scratching the contact surfaces.
It is very easy to mount on the car's tailgate, by simply pressing two handles.

See details and price

3. Cruz Cyclone bike holder for 2 bikes

The Best Car Holder For Bicycle 7 Bicycle holder with mounting on the towing hook for transporting 2 bicycles, folding and with anti-theft lock.
Easy mounting on the towing hook.
Possibility of folding for easy access to the car trunk.
Support weight (Kg): 17
Maximum weight supported (Kg): 30

See details and price

4. Thule Free Ride 532 TH532002 bike holder

The Best Car Holder For Bicycle 8

The fastening system of the bicycle frame is compatible with most bicycles, whose frame diameter, in the fastening area, does not exceed 70 mm.
The longitudinally adjustable wheel support rails, together with the quick-grip rim straps, firmly secure the bicycle wheels in position.
The support is provided with anti-theft key, both for fastening on the crossbar and for securing the bike on the support.
The maximum load allowed on this support is 17 kg.

See details and price

5. Car holder Peruzzo BdG 381 REAR CYCLECARRIER

The Best Car Holder For Bicycle 9 Peruzzo BdG 381 is a bracket that can be quickly mounted on the car and with which you can transport your bike safely.
For transporting a single bicycle.
Bicycle frames with a diameter of up to 60 mm are suitable.
The strap fastening system has metal ends covered with plastic to protect your car paint.
Rubber pads made with inner tubes offer extra security to your car.

See details and price

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