The best car LED bulbs lights to choose

How do you choose the best LED car bulbs? What functions and features should LED car bulbs have that suit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Car Led Bulbs The safety at the wheel depends quite a lot on the quality of the lighting, both inside and outside. Especially at night, you need to be sure that the lighting system works optimally. It involves the visibility you have while driving and the efficiency of the signaling system, both aspects reaching to be able to differentiate between life and death.

Also, in addition to the safety aspect, you need an ergonomic lighting system that is friendly to the energy consumption provided by the battery. A relatively modern solution in this regard are LED bulbs. They are more efficient and economical in the long run. If you are looking for LED car bulbs, find out in this article where to find them and how to choose the best LED car bulbs .

Why choose the best LED car bulbs?

LED car bulbs are a relatively new addition to the market. However, expect that in the coming years, this type of lighting with the help of LED technology will become increasingly popular . This is clearly a good thing as LED technology is much more environmentally friendly and pocket-friendly.

Variants for car lighting so far have been halogen or xenon . However, LED bulbs prove to be much nicer. That's because they have a much longer lifespan of at least 10,000 hours . Also, compared to rival technologies, consumption is much lower .

Another advantage is that the bulb does not heat up, which indicates that it will have a longer life. If your car allows the installation of such LED bulbs, then we recommend you do it immediately.

How do you choose the best LED car bulbs?

Choosing the best car LED bulbs, however, can be difficult. If you are not a person interested in technique and mechanics, or do not have basic knowledge in the field, it may be difficult to choose a suitable model. It is not necessary to consult a specialist. We can help you make the best decision and make an informed choice .

The Best Car Led Bulbs 1 In order to discover the best offer on the market, you need easy-to-understand information that we will provide below. We have prepared this shopping guide with all the information you need to make the best purchase. We will help you find the best value for money on the market so you can find car LED bulbs as quickly as possible.

In your choice, consider the following important aspects.


Before looking for car LED bulbs, you need to know what car you have and look for bulbs compatible with this system. This can be a challenge whether you have a car with LED bulbs at the factory, or you want to change your lighting system from your current car.

If your car is already equipped with LED bulbs and you are in the situation where you need to replace a defective one, your choice is somewhat easier. All you have to do is make sure that the bulb socket and their construction are compatible with your car. But sometimes more may be needed.

Some opinions from those who drive Audi, Mercedes Benz or BMW , reported a problem with the recognition of the bulbs, although they seemed to be compatible with their car. To avoid the situation in which the new LED bulb will be declared defective due to an error of the on-board unit , we recommend you to buy car auto LED bulbs . This way you will have a greater certainty that your investment is worth it.

Even if you have to spend more money, they will be more efficient by offering more lumens per watt compared to a conventional LED bulb. Also, if you own a Toyota Prius or Audi R8 , find out that these are the models that have reported the fewest problems when it comes to changing LED bulbs.

If your car does not have an LED lighting system, but you really want to adopt the more economical method, find out that you will need to carry out more extensive operations, including a visit to the service and one to RAR for approval . Such a change is not just about superficial replacements in your car. In fact, it will be necessary to change the entire lighting circuit of the car . This also involves changing the operating system of the headlights, so as to support the sockets specific to car LED bulbs.

The construction standard of the bulb is a criterion that will help you choose the right model for your car. It is mentioned in the technical book of the car or you can find it by comparison with the old model. It is usually denoted by an H or HB followed by a certain number. Both halogen and LED lamps have the same type of notation that can look like this: H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, H15, etc. This way you will be able to orient yourself more easily towards a suitable model.

Exterior or interior

The market offers you variants of LED bulbs for both exterior and interior car lighting. It is good that any light bulbs you buy have the guarantee of extended durability. Of course, those placed outside the car are already protected against aggressive external factors.

However, check their manufacturing standards and make sure they comply with the standards required by law . Approved models are more durable, thus avoiding the risk of the bulb failing in a short time, and avoiding a stinging fine or the risk of endangering your safety behind the wheel.

SMD (Surface-Mounted Device) car LEDs are the latest and most advanced in terms of technology, proving to be more durable and efficient, emitting a strong light. The light power is comparable to that of Xenon bulbs and the service life is very long.

The best car LED bulbs can last more than 100,000 hours , probably longer than the time you will use the car. They are also suitable for lighting the car inside. In this case, we recommend you to choose an LED with a head covered in resin , the resin being a material that protects the LED very well, but also has the role of amplifying the light effect.


On the market you will find car LEDs specific to the positions where you want to install such bulbs. These can be: headlights with both phases, front and rear fog lamps, taillights, signaling system, registration number light, positions and reverse.

The Best Car Led Bulbs 2 You can also find general lighting or tuning variants in the form of LED strips or LED chips. In the product description or even in its name you will be able to find out what each LED bulb is for. But pay attention to the situation when you want LED headlight bulbs. The opinion of the drivers is that they are very difficult to find .

Moreover, if you manage to find them, you will have to be prepared to take a substantial amount of money out of your pocket, considering that you will need bulbs of at least 1800 lumens .

For any other form of lighting, including if you want to tune your car, you can install various LED applications such as LED strip. It can be glued anywhere on the machine, including under it, the tape being self-adhesive. We recommend classic LED bulbs or canbus .

LED strips are more versatile and can have custom sizes and are more mobile. Some kits on the market allow you to control the LED lights with a remote control.

The luminous intensity

The unit of measurement called luminous flux or intensity is denoted by lumens (lm). If you want to change an LED bulb or even change the entire car lighting system to LED technology, you will need to choose the right number of lumens.

To keep the same light output as other headlights, you need to do a simple calculation. For example, incandescent bulbs provide 14 lm for every watt consumed . However, an LED offers 35 lm / watt . Therefore, you should not choose LED bulbs with a lower lumen value than previous bulbs. It usually falls between 800-1800 lumens .

But pay close attention to the intensity. Although a large number of lumens can ensure you greater visibility, already at values of over 1800-2000 lumens , you can blind other traffic participants . This endangers both their safety and your safety. If you still opt for a large number of lumens, make sure you have access to a generous adjustment system.

It is also recommended that the car's lighting system be equipped with small fans . This will ensure an optimal temperature. It is true that LED car bulbs do not emit much heat, however a considerable amount of thermal energy can be produced at the connection which is successfully controlled by those mini-fans.


When you only want the best, it is natural to focus on companies that have a good reputation in the production of such car equipment. You will definitely find very cheap offers on the market from no-name companies. But be very careful, because they can be of very poor quality, and you can risk your safety in traffic, or even stinging fines. Choose only approved products from reputable manufacturers such as Philips, Narva or Osram.

We also recommend that you buy online . This way you will be able to study the market more easily. You will be able to shop from the comfort of your home, comparing prices more easily and choosing the best offer for you. Now that you have all the necessary information, all you have to do is not forget to consult the opinion of other buyers. This way you will be able to get a complete picture and decide if the product is worth the investment or not.

The best LED car bulbs: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we further recommend some models of LED car bulbs that offer excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Osram H8 / H11 / H16 66220CW LEDriving LED Bulb

The Best Car Led Bulbs 3

Replace the bulbs in the fog lights BMW, DACIA, etc.

Set contents: 2 LED bulbs
Color: Cold White
Temperature: 6000K

See details and price

2. KIT 2 LED car h7 36w / 3800 lumens 6000k C6

The Best Car Led Bulbs 4 200% more light than regular halogen bulbs
Contains current regulator, preventing LED faults at various currents.
Equipped with cooling fans.
Easy plug & play installation, no cut wires, no ballasts.
Low energy consumption, long life.
Power 36W
Lumeni 3800Lm

See details and price

3. Osram LEDriving Premium 7556CW-02B P21W 6000K LED Bulb

The Best Car Led Bulbs 5 LED bulb latest OSRAM technology.
Replaces the 21W (single filament) bulb P21W (BA15s).
Improved brightness, instant response time, much longer lifespan.
If the car is equipped with a bulb verification system or if it is used for signaling, CAN-BUS must be installed, the one from OSRAM is recommended.
Set contents: 2 P21W LEDs (BA15s).
Color: Cold White.

See details and price

4. Kit 2 car LEDs h4 36w / 3800 lumens 6000k C6

The Best Car Led Bulbs 6 Easy plug & play installation, no cut wires, no ballasts.
Low energy consumption, long life.
200% more light than regular halogen bulbs
Contains current regulator, preventing LED faults at various currents.
Equipped with cooling fans.
Lifespan 30,000 hours
Color temperature 6000k

See details and price

5. Set of 2 Philips Xtreme Vision W5W LED auxiliary car bulbs

The Best Car Led Bulbs 7 Leads safely and elegantly to the superlative.
Philips LED bulbs, with 360 ° optical design, ensure optimal safety and elegance for your trip, thanks to the uniform diffusion of superior brightness.
Durable and extremely durable LEDs give you 12 years of worry-free driving.
Optimal thermal design for maximum LED cooling, to ensure an extremely long service life.

See details and price

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