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The Best Car Inverter 2021


The Best Car Inverter 2021


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The Best Car Inverter 2021 1


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The Best Car Inverter 2021 2


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Long car journeys can be boring for passengers, especially the little ones, so from time to time a little distraction from the long road is like a breath of fresh air. A movie, cartoons, music and other elements of fun will help you to have more concentration on the road, and those in the car to forget the kilometers that are so difficult to travel. But, the battery of a laptop is limited in time, especially if it is about long distances and intense demands of the video card (as in the case of watching movies and videos), so in a maximum of 1 hour, the battery will be depleted. As long as you've been careful and prepared a 12v 220v car inverter in advance, you don't have to worry about the power supply of the car's fun.

General information about the car inverter

Designed to provide a safe source of alternating current while traveling by car, the role of a professional car inverter is to cover the needs of users regardless of the number of requests. Therefore, a quality car inverter will be able to provide multiple outputs, both for laptops, GPS guidance systems or smart phones, and for other types of "consumers" of alternative electricity, such as video cameras or even car coolers.

Such a device is powered from the car's cigarette lighter socket, which is the power point for the inverter. Normally, the design of such an instrument is quite compact, it has an elongated shape, with a socket-type plug at one end (where the end of the plug of the appliance to which you want to provide electricity will be inserted), and at the other end is the connector to be inserted in the cigarette lighter slot. Of course, the shape of the device differs from model to model and from voltage to voltage, some of these instruments having a rectangular or square shape, and the connector being of the cable type with pliers. Regardless of the way it looks, it is very important to choose the device with the voltage corresponding to the car's cigarette lighter socket, in the case of a car inverter the price being one of the least important aspects.

How does a car inverter work?

As mentioned earlier, correctly identifying the voltage required for the car inverter will help you not to waste money on a model that is not compatible with the voltage of the car's cigarette lighter socket. Because a 12v 220v 1000w inverter is different from a 5000w inverter, and a connection of an incompatible device will have the effect of either its malfunction (the happiest case) or the failure of the car's DC system (the most unpleasant situation). .

The car battery is the main power supply of the car, so it is normal for it to be the point from which the car inverter will be powered. Given that the battery provides direct current (incompatible with any external power source, such as a laptop, telephone, or other electronic device), an alternative type of power source (as supplied by outlets) is required. from home). As a result, a 24v or 12v car inverter (depending on the technical specifications of the car) is plugged into the hole of the car cigarette lighter (through the thinner end, which has an elongated shape, jack type).

The “on / off” button of the car inverter device is pressed (the car is running), which means that the continuous energy supplied by the car battery is converted into alternating current, 220V, for external devices, as it is video camera, a video game with cable power, laptop, etc. Insert the plug of the power cord of the laptop transformer or any audio / video device you intend to use at that time into the machine into the socket-type end of this instrument. At this point there is a connection between the machine and these devices, through the entire system created by the presence of this intermediate tool.

The parts that make up the car inverter

Even if it is a 12v 220v 2000w inverter or one that has 24v, the basic idea is that this device is an electric converter. This means that under certain conditions, the amount of energy required to properly operate a device connected to it is slightly higher than what the device can provide; the result will be an increased demand for electricity, which can lead to an overload of the car battery and its power supply system. Therefore, the inverter must be put into operation only when the car's battery level is at its maximum, otherwise it may run out quickly, which will mean that the car will no longer be able to operate.

As for the parts that make up a 3000w car inverter, for example, they are standard in any chosen configuration, the difference being given by the design of the device. In the present case, such a device consists of:

The body of the device – which is the most important part, in which is found the entire system of circuits and wires that ensure the transformation of direct current into alternating current, practically, this part being a transformer. Usually, in order to avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon of excessive overheating, there is also integrated a small fan, whose role is to provide continuous cooling of the instrument during operation.

Socket – is the part where the plug of the source to which electricity is supplied is plugged, this being the AC output plug and which has a value of 220Vac. This part ensures the power and proper operation of the connected device, in some cases the shape is different, for example, a USB plug.

The car's cigarette lighter connector – is the input part of the device, ie the point through which a 2000w car inverter provides power to the car's battery. In some cases, this connector has the shape of a jack plug or pliers, each brand and model having its own design that makes it compatible with the type of vehicle from which the power supply is made.

Special cables – these are devices that are most often found in the configuration of an inverter that has a high level of alternating current demand and that risks damaging the classic wiring. By means of these special cables (which are made of a material with a higher resistance in operation) the wiring is done directly to the vehicle's battery terminals, which in most cases eliminates the risk of overload or overload.

One of the most possible cases that can occur in the use of such a device is the short circuit; therefore, connecting the battery via special cables with pliers can eliminate the occurrence of such problems from the start. When you decide to choose the best car inverter, remember that you must also take into account the type of car you drive, the lighter type hole being different both in terms of model and voltage.

In what situations do car reversers prove to be very useful?

It doesn't matter if traveling on a long-distance journey is done with a car, truck or other type of vehicle, because either a distraction is needed from the road for certain passengers, or it is a matter of distraction. a form of fun in moments of relaxation (for the driver of a truck, for example, when he takes a break from the road), a car inverter proves to be useful.

Even when you have a choice between cheap car inverters, you must not forget that the right voltage is the key to ensuring a product capable of providing a level of satisfaction in the medium and long term. Of course, always seek to choose a model that is professional, reliable and that offers you an extended warranty (the materials from which it is made are of the highest quality, have overload protection, short circuit or other functions such as self-closing automatically if a sub-unit voltage is detected, etc.)

Such a device is useful whenever the journey you make by car is long distances, involves the presence of passengers who are not accustomed to such travel and who need a source of distraction. Using such a tool you provide them with an audio-video connection, through the dedicated equipment and which is connected to the output socket of the car inverter. In addition to use for such appliances, if the driver needs a refrigerator in which to keep certain products cold, a 1000w car inverter is enough to ensure its functionality.

How to choose a suitable car inverter?

If you have decided that it is time to " buy an inverter ", even if you can consider that choosing it is an operation that anyone can do, the situation is not so simple. Their prices help to correctly identify variants of use, so when you have identified a device that has a high price, it can provide different voltages, which means that it can be used for a wide range of car models. But apart from this aspect, the best car inverter must have the following characteristics:

Compatibility level – is the main feature that is taken into account when choosing such an instrument that generates a sinusoidal wave of modified type, because, unfortunately, such devices, of a universal nature are quite rare. Of course, if you have identified the best 5000w car inverter, the price must also be taken into account, but as long as the level of compatibility is doubled in quality and resistance, then they must prevail in choosing this tool so useful for long-distance car travel. Remember that you have two types of voltage (12v or 24v), the first being available for small vehicles, while the second is found for heavy vehicles.

Inverter power – the higher the number of watts, the better for you, because you can use a wider variety of devices. We must not forget that the power range starts from 150 W and reaches up to 5000 W, these values being available depending on the manufacturer brand. If you have chosen a device with multiple input ports, then its power must also be higher.

Number of ports – the port, in this case, refers to the socket for inserting the plug corresponding to the device that requires power. In general, the simplest instruments of this kind have a single socket / port, while the most advanced devices can reach up to 3 sockets. The presence of a USB port is essential, especially if you have to charge devices that use such a power cable.

Presence of extra functions – a quality car inverter must be equipped with additional functions, capable of providing it with increased operational safety, including protection against short circuit, thermal overheating or warning lights in case of occurrence problems with the operation of the device.

Cooling system – is very important because in such cases the appliance may overheat, which means that a quality ventilation source is required, and the best inverters for the car have a built-in aluminum radiator.

The price range at which such a product is available is between 100 and 2700 Ron, those at the top of the price list offering increased compatibility (even universal) and a number of top features.

How long can a car inverter be used?

If in the case of a 12v 220v 1500w inverter the price was the one that convinced you, don't forget to take into account the guarantee of using the appliance in the best conditions, which is, in most cases, about 1-2. years. Of course, depending on the level of intensity of use, this device can last for a longer or shorter period, so when you plan to buy a car inverter, choose it based on its qualities and the ability to withstand operation under conditions of maximum use. Any car that is ready to travel long distances will offer its passengers superior comfort if it also has a quality car inverter!

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