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How do you choose the best car speakers? What do you need to know to choose the best car speakers? Read the article to find out.

Why choose the best car speakers?

The Best Car Speakers Unless you bought a new car with a premium audio system , it has cheap factory speakers installed – usually with a single speaker that reproduces all frequencies of the audio signal.

Car manufacturers use low quality car speakers to keep manufacturing costs as low as possible. However, factory-installed car speakers can quickly lose their fidelity, especially if you always use the audio system.

After a while, your favorite songs will start to sound tired and distorted, forcing you to listen more slowly or turn off the entire audio system.

Fortunately, replacing the car speakers that come from the factory with better ones is quite easy, the only tool you will need is a screwdriver.

Replacing simple factory car speakers with some with multiple speakers will provide a significant improvement in the sound quality of your car.

Two- or three-way car speakers are the most popular choices when it comes to replacing those in the factory because the separate speakers faithfully reproduce the different audio frequency ranges. Instead of a single speaker that handles all frequencies without mixing bass, mids and highs without much success, they will be heard clearly and limpidly.

The best car speakers will allow you to discover sounds you could not hear using the speakers that the car came with. You will even understand lyrics that previously seemed unintelligible and fine guitar chords that were buried in noise. See the drums feel like you're at a concert.

By replacing the factory car speakers, the daily commute to work will become a joy you can't wait for. You will be eager to embark on a long journey in order to be able to enjoy quality music for a long time and it will not seem like such a big chore to make a road that crosses the city.

The best car speakers will help you rediscover your passion for music!

How to choose the best car speakers

The Best Car Speakers 1 The speakers create sound by moving the air around them at different frequencies.

This basic property makes cars one of the most difficult acoustic enclosures because there are a multitude of factors that can influence the movement of air: the sound and vibrations of the engine, the sound and vibrations of tires while driving on the road, the ability of interior materials to reflect or absorb sound waves, interior shape, etc.

Each car has its own acoustic challenges. A car speaker can sound perfect in one car model and very bad in another.

The first step in choosing the right car speakers is finding the right size for your car . It doesn't matter how good a speaker sounds if it doesn't fit in the seat.

The usual places where the speakers are mounted are the car doors and the rear axle, above the trunk.

Below you will find some basic criteria to guide you when choosing the best car speakers .

Rear speakers

For the speakers mounted behind the car, you must pay attention not only to their ability to reproduce a round bass but also to the faithful reproduction of the other frequencies as well as to the stereo spatial effect that must leave you the impression that the whole band is with you in the car. .

One of the most important specifications of a car speaker is the sensitivity that is measured by the volume you hear standing at one meter from the speaker when the speaker uses 1 Watt of power.

A higher sensitivity score means you can produce more volume with less power. In addition, consider the frequency range, maximum power, impedance and mounting depth.

Door speakers

Door speakers differ quite a bit in size. For example, a small car will use speakers with a diameter of 8-10 centimeters due to the limited space. Most mid-range cars use 13-centimeter-diameter speakers for door-mounted speakers. However, the most common size is 16.5 centimeters.

Take into account the same sound reproduction criteria as for the rear speakers, comparing sensitivity, frequency response, maximum power, impedance and mounting depth.

The best car door speakers have high sensitivity and power, low impedance and low mounting depth.

Car design

The Best Car Speakers 2 We find in the series of car speakers a wide range of models. If you want the best audio experience, you will have to choose specialized speakers . However, these speakers are not for those who are new to car audio systems.

Using a subwoofer and tweeters as separate speakers requires a custom installation and you will most certainly have to disassemble almost the entire interior of the car to find the ideal mounting position for them.

If you are an audiophile who cannot live without the best audio experience, it is definitely worth the trouble.

The most common models of car speakers are those with two or three horses. These speakers have a built-in bass speaker and additional speakers for medium and high frequencies. Some manufacturers even offer four- or five-way speakers that carry the frequency separation even further.

The best car speakers include a tweeter with adjustable position that allows you to direct the sound in the best position for your car.

Support and warranty

First of all you have to consider the warranty offered by the manufacturer . For most models this is a year. In case you have problems with the purchased product, choose a manufacturer that offers support by phone or email and has an authorized service center in the area where you live. You can also find solutions and answers to questions on user forums passionate about car audio systems.

If the car speakers you have sounded broken and tired, you have no reason not to replace them with other car speakers . It is much better . In most cases, the installation only takes a few minutes. A screwdriver and the desire to experience high quality sound are all you need.

The best car speakers: recommendations

Taking into account the above criteria and user recommendations, we still propose some models of car speakers that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Focal PC165 coaxial car speakers, 16.5 cm, 60 W, 2 horses

The Best Car Speakers 3

Frequency response: 60 – 20000 Hz
Sensitivity (dB): 92
Impedance (ohm): 4
Power (W): 60
PMPO power (W): 120
Number of horses: 2
High speaker diameter (mm): 25
Average speaker diameter (mm): 165
Installation depth: 50

See details and price

2. Pioneer TS-A173CI component car speakers, 17 cm, 2 horses, 60 W

The Best Car Speakers 4

TS-A173CI – a major upgrade of the car's audio system.
The mid-bass cone provides strong bass and improves frequency response.
Frequency response: 32 – 43000 Hz
Sensitivity (dB): 91 – Impedance (ohm): 4
Power (W): 60
PMPO power (W): 350
Number of horses: 2
High speaker diameter (mm) : 20

See details and price

3. Ground Zero Titanium GZTF 13TX car coaxial speakers

The Best Car Speakers 5

Frequency response: 60 – 22000 Hz
Sensitivity (dB): 90 – Impedance (ohm): 3
Speaker installation depth: 62 mm
Power (W): 80 – PMPO Power (W): 110
Number of horses: 2
High speaker diameter (mm): 13
Average speaker diameter (mm): 130
Subwoofer speaker diameter (mm): 130
Magnet type: Mylar

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4. JBL GTO-939 oval car coaxial speakers

The Best Car Speakers 6 JBL engineers designed the GTO 939 speaker to produce loud, clear sound from an audio unit or amplifier capable of delivering power of up to 300 watts.
Power (RMS):
5W-200W – Maximum power: 300W
Sensitivity (2.83V / 1m): 94dB
Frequency response: 46 – 21000 Hz
Nominal impedance: 3 ohms
Diameter: 15 × 23 cm
Speaker system: 3 horses

See details and price

5. Hertz UNO X165 car speakers, 2-way coaxial set

The Best Car Speakers 7 HERTZ UNO X 165 car coaxial speakers have a specially designed and optimized tweeter board for exceptional off-axis performance that ensures a linear frequency response when installed to replace the factory speakers.
The water-resistant pressed paper cone together with the foam ensures a very high SPL and an extended low frequency response.
All this to get a rich sound, even when connected to the OEM unit of the car or an aftermarket player.

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