The best car subwoofer brand to buy online

What is the best car subwoofer? What do you need to know before purchasing the best product? Read the article to find out.

Why buy a car subwoofer?

The Best Car Subwoofer Every car has a different acoustics. Achieving a professional level of audio experience is a real challenge. If you want to benefit from the best car sound you need a car subwoofer.

Low waves are the hardest range to play for a speaker due to the amount of air that needs to be moved by the subwoofer. For example, a frequency of 20Hz has a wavelength of 17 meters.

Ordinary car speakers, due to their small size, cannot reproduce such wavelengths. No matter what type of car you drive, buying a car subwoofer is the easiest way to significantly improve your audio experience.

Using the best car subwoofers you will feel the music as you hear it. Thanks to the subwoofer, the car's speakers can focus on playing medium and high waves. You will feel like at a concert even if you are on the highway.

A quality car subwoofer will always combine good sound with efficient power management.

The best car subwoofer: what to look for

Car subwoofers are actually very large speakers with diameters that can reach up to 400 mm. The higher the subwoofer, the lower the frequency. However, size does not always determine the correct sound reproduction.

The 200 and 300 mm subwoofers are the most popular choices of car owners because they easily reach the frequency of 20 Hz and do not require as much power as the 400 mm car subwoofers.

The Best Car Subwoofer 1 Adding a subwoofer to your car's audio system means you'll have to pay attention to its power consumption. Subwoofers need much more electricity to operate than normal car speakers.

In addition, you will have to think about how and where to mount it because most vehicles do not have a predestined space for mounting a subwoofer. Below we present the main criteria by which you must be guided to choose the best car subwoofer for you.

Sound quality

The best car subwoofers not only provide louder bass but improve the audio quality of the sound system. Every song you have in the playlist should sound round and clear without the bass partially or totally covering the other sound frequencies – in vain you have a high-performance sound system if the bass covers the voice.

Since a subwoofer is specially designed for bass frequencies – drum beats, bass guitar thunder and the fullness of the sound of a song – the frequency must be as low as possible.

The best subwoofers provide a frequency of 20 Hz which is the lower threshold of human ear perception. The response in higher frequencies is not important because the car speakers provide much better sound for them.

Performance and power

The most important feature when it comes to power and performance is the sensitivity of the speaker which indicates its efficiency. This indicates the number of decibels produced per meter of speaker using 1 watt of power.

The amount of power required to produce the same volume decreases by half with each 3 decibel increase in sensitivity. For example, a subwoofer with a sensitivity of 90dB needs 100 watts to produce the same volume as a 96dB subwoofer that uses only 25 watts.

Another important specification is the rated power (RMS) of the speaker. This indicates the maximum power level it can withstand at a constant operating rate without distorting or malfunctioning.

The maximum power indicator indicates the amount of power the speaker can withstand for short periods – usually for the crescendo of a song. The best car subwoofers support large amounts of power very efficiently which translates into strong and quality sound.

Enclosure specifications

The Best Car Subwoofer 2 Unlike regular car speakers that you can install in the car's designated seats, a car subwoofer requires a custom audio enclosure.

You can build your own enclosure by adapting it to the space available in the trunk or you can buy a subwoofer with its own enclosure. The type of venue you choose determines the type of bass you will hear.

An airtight (closed) enclosure is ideal for clear and precise bass without distortion – the best type of enclosure if you want to hear a well-defined bass and full bass sounds. An airtight enclosure provides the best sound because the internal air pressure in conjunction with the atmospheric pressure stabilizes the subwoofer's speaker as it pushes the air.

This stabilization indicates that the speaker will move as little as possible to create sound waves, resulting in reduced distortion. Hermetic enclosures require less space but also more rated power.

Open enclosures are ideal for a loud and resounding sound. If you want your music to sound deep and violent, then an open space is the right choice. The hole, or opening in the enclosure, allows the subwoofer to move freely. It will literally hit the air. Although this type of enclosure requires a lower rated power than an airtight enclosure, very low sounds will be distorted quite strongly.

Service and warranty

The standard warranty for a car subwoofer is 24 months from the date of purchase. However, some more expensive models offer up to 5 years warranty.

Since the installation of a car subwoofer is not very simple, it is good for the manufacturer to provide you with as detailed information as possible about it or possibly an authorized service that can install the product.

If you want to significantly improve the quality of your personal car audio system, adding a subwoofer will make a difference. Without using the best car subwoofer you will not be able to experience everything that your favorite music can offer you.

The best car subwoofer: recommendations

Taking into account the above criteria and the opinions of buyers, we have chosen for you some car subwoofers that offer an excellent quality / price / power ratio.

1. Alpine SWE-815 amplified car subwoofer

The Best Car Subwoofer 3 300W Peak music power (100W Continuous power).
Solid protection gridFrequency response: 34Hz – 1.5kHz
Impedance: 2x 2Ω – Sensitivity: 91.0dB / W (1m)
Wired remote control for volume, frequency, phase settings.
The shape of the enclosure is properly optimized .
Detachable sponge for clogging the bass-reflex port, for use as a bass-reflex or compression.
Maximum acoustic pressure, in bass-reflex configuration .

See details and price

2. Subwoofer Activ Blaupunkt GTb8200A, 75W RMS, Black

The Best Car Subwoofer 4

Maximum Power (W): 200 – RMS Power (W): 75
Speaker diameter (mm): 200

Frequency response: 30 – 200 Hz – Sensitivity (dB): 92
Impedance (ohm): 2 – Dimensions (D x H x W mm): 270 x 260 x 250
System: Bassreflex – Weight (Kg): 6.9

See details and price

3. Pioneer TS-W311S4 subwoofer car speaker

The Best Car Subwoofer 5

All TS – W series subwoofers are designed to play high quality sound .
Each speaker comes with advanced technologies such as IMPP composite cone, Pioneer patent, rigid design and overlapping magnets.
In addition, the TS – W series is very easy to install on a wide range of vehicles.
Frequency response: 20 – 125 Hz – Sensitivity (dB): 95
Impedance (ohm): 4 – Number of horses: 1
Power (W): 400 – PMPO Power (W): 1400

See details and price

4. Alpine SWT-12S4 car subwoofer with tube enclosure

The Best Car Subwoofer 6

Car subwoofer in bass reflex enclosure .
Maximum Power (W): 1000
RMS power (W): 300
Frequency response: 28-200
Sensitivity (dB): 92
Impedance (ohm): 4 |
Subwoofer speaker diameter (mm): 300

See details and price

5. Passive bass-reflex auto subwoofer SAL BS12

The Best Car Subwoofer 7

The passive subwoofer SAL BS12 has a housing with bass-reflex construction and a power of 300W .
The speaker diameter is 300 mm and the speaker impedance is 4 ohms .
Frequency response: 22-3200 Hz.
Polypropylene membrane material.
Cable connector with clamps.
Curved corners resistant to external impacts.
Housing covered in black upholstery.

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