The best car trunk storage box

How do you choose the best car trunk box? What functions and features should the car trunk box have to suit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Car Trunk Box When you have a large family, it can be a real challenge for everyone to go on holiday with their personal car, especially if it does not have a generous storage space. When you fail to get the children to take with them only what is strictly necessary, you could end up in the situation where you will have your luggage as passengers.

You can avoid this unpleasant situation by purchasing a car trunk, which can be mounted either on the back of the car or on the ceiling.

If you want to know where other drivers have found such a box at an affordable price, but also how to choose the best car trunk box , read this article carefully.

Top 3 recommended car trunk boxes

Why choose the best car trunk box?

The car trunk is a practical and handy solution when the tailgate or trunk does not give you enough storage space. But in order for your things to be safe on the road, you need the best car trunk.

An unwise choice could be problematic in terms of storage capacity or the actual size of the box.

What kind of box will you choose? One for the ceiling or one that attaches to the back of the car ? What is the most convenient option for your car? Before making any purchase, you must be very well informed.

How to choose the best car trunk box

The market offer for these car accessories is very abundant. Prices vary a lot, and at first glance, it can be difficult to explain the price difference, because apparently, they all look the same.

Also, before you buy a car trunk, you need to find answers to a few questions. Does the weight of the box matter? What is the right size and shape for your car? What are the safety measures that the box must provide? How do you choose a box that is easy to assemble and easily accessible ?

The Best Car Trunk Box 1 Find answers to all of these questions in this shopping guide specifically designed to help you invest your money in a product that will definitely help you. At the end of this article you will definitely be ready to buy the best car trunk box at the best quality / price ratio on the market.

Therefore, read the following important information carefully.

Size and shape

Shape and size matter more than you think. They directly influence both the capacity you have, the extent to which you will be able to put something next to the box , as well as the ease of driving and parking .

On the market you will find boxes in several shapes and sizes, width, length and height, being indicated by the manufacturers in the product description.

To choose a model compatible with your car, make sure that the dimensions allow you to easily mount the box on the ceiling bars. You will notice that most often you will come across a longer and narrower model, wider and shorter, or wider and longer.

The longer and narrower car trunk box is suitable for the safe transport of fishing rods or skis, as well as other long objects that fit in the box.

The advantage of this type of box is felt especially by families with children, who in addition to the box, also want to use the ceiling to carry one or two bicycles, a snowboard or other large objects needed on vacation.

If the widest and shortest ones seem more suitable for you, find out that they will not occupy all the space on the ceiling either. Most likely you will have space to carry one more bike on the ceiling, but not two. So, if you have children, this may not be the best choice for you.

You also need to be prepared to compromise. When you have a large family, you will most likely be ready to opt for the most spacious box, even if it will take over your entire ceiling.

The wide and long model is the most spacious and more than likely, it will be able to accommodate all the luggage that the trunk of the car can no longer swallow. The disadvantage is that such a large model most likely has a size larger than the width or length of the car roof. This inconvenience could confuse you a bit when driving or parking, so opt for such a model only when you are confident in your advanced driving skills.

A more convenient option that gives you quite a lot of space and is easier to access as well as easier to install, is to use two car trunk boxes, both long and narrow . This way you will have approximately the same storage capacity as in the case of the previously analyzed model, only you will not face the related disadvantages.

Storage capacity

The Best Car Trunk Box 2 The capacity of such a storage box is expressed in liters. If you quickly scan the market, you will notice that the limits are somewhere between 200 liters and 700 liters .

Although it gives you a solid clue as to the volume you will be able to use, do not expect to be able to use the entire indicated volume. The reason is simple. Some models have more prominent edges or the lid has a deformed shape. These issues restrict storage capacity. So you will be able to use much less space than indicated. So think realistically, what is the actual space you could exploit.

Another thing to pay attention to is the height of the car trunk . This is because the higher it is, the more objects you will be able to store in it. On the other hand, if you choose a lower model, not only will you not be able to fill it with as many objects, but such a box is less resistant to wind, and when it is strong, including the consumption of fuel is amplified.


The material will dictate the ease of storage, the resistance of the product as well as the convenience of driving. On the market there are both boxes made of textile and made of plastic.

Those made of textile material are less often chosen by drivers. However, this model allows more flexibility , as it can be easy to assemble, but also to store when you no longer use the box , because the textile material can fold.

You don't have to worry about moisture because the box is treated for waterproofing . The closure is also made of zipper , and when it breaks it is much easier to repair than the closures of a plastic box.

Plastic models are recommended for those who want something more durable. Before you buy a plastic car trunk, make sure the plastic is ABS . Also, a heavier and more solid plastic will be able to fix better , ensuring comfort while driving and withstanding high speeds.

Weaker plastic models will wear out faster , especially on clamping rivets. The material will wear out which will affect the fixing of the box, causing vibrations on the ceiling while driving, movements that will surely bother you. Even if you have to invest more in a thicker plastic model, keep in mind that this is a long-term investment.

Closing the box

The Best Car Trunk Box 3 The closing mechanism of the car trunk is another aspect that you need to consider. This can be an important differentiating criterion because, depending on what you choose, it will take one or two people to be able to close the box.

The most common locking mechanism is the three-point central locking mechanism. This is also the most inconvenient because of the assumption of the key lock, but its removal is allowed only when all three points are completely closed. Because you need to remove the key at the same time as all three points close, you may need another person to help you.

Slightly more convenient options for closing the box are easy to find on the market. In the case of a more ergonomic model, the closure is automatic. Just wait until you hear a noise that indicates closing , after you close the lid, and you are free to remove the key.

Another model has no key at all. These are button boxes that attach to three points , each point having a button. Of course, in terms of security, this model is not very good.

Opening the box

The extent to which they had access to the luggage in the box will be quite affected by the opening system, or rather, the side on which it opens. There are both models that open on one side , usually the right one, and from the back , as well as on both sides.

If you have a smaller box , there will be no problem if the opening is made from a safe side. This is as long as the box is not fixed in the middle and rather on one side. If it will be placed in the center, you may need a chair to access the box.

If you have a larger model , opening on one side is not recommended for several reasons. First of all, it will be much harder for you to load the box evenly and efficiently. The unopened space may be quite empty, while you will struggle to put all the objects together in one place.

It will also be more difficult for you to organize your luggage correctly, the heavier objects having to be positioned in the center of the box, so that it does not become unbalanced later and does not affect fuel consumption so much. Last but not least, a box with a double opening is more practical when you park parallel to a gate or a wall, and you do not have access to a specific part.

What facilities should the best car trunk box have?

  • The Best Car Trunk Box 4 Anti-theft system – if not properly protected, the box or box items can be easily stolen when you are not around the car, or when you park it overnight at the hotel.
  • Compartmented space – if you also want to organize your luggage, choose a box that is equipped with special storage compartments.
  • Handle – externally positioned, contributes to a mounting as well as a much easier opening and closing.
  • Rubber cap – when traveling in the rain or in the cold season, yala is exposed to frost and moisture that can cause rust. These rubber caps that are placed on the yala are an important protective measure.
  • Non-slip surface – placed inside the box, prevents chaotic movement of luggage while driving.
  • Protective cover – to protect the plastic surface (most often glossy) when you are not using the box and want to store it.
  • Adapter – if the size of the box does not fit perfectly on the crossbars on the ceiling, you can buy an adapter to solve this problem.
  • Lighting lamp – To be able to have optimal visibility at night when removing your luggage.
  • Straps and fastening straps.


As with any other product, the manufacturer's car trunk can be an important indicator of quality.

Beware of No-Name companies that sell such products at dubiously good prices. Most likely, the product will leave much to be desired. As always, we present a list of companies that drivers recommend: Thule, Hydra, Dacia, Modula, Farad .

Many drivers have found the right product online , so we recommend that you start your search online. You will find quality products at very advantageous prices, without having to travel from home.

Also, don't forget to check the opinions of other drivers about it before buying a product. Comparing their experience with your expectations you will find out more easily if it is the right product for you.

Now that you have all this information, you are ready to buy the best car trunk.

The best car trunk box: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips and analyzing the current offer, as well as the opinions of buyers, we further recommend some models of car trunk boxes that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Trunk box Thule Pacific 780 Anthracite Aeroskin Dual Side, 420 liters

The Best Car Trunk Box 5

The trunk box Thule Pacific 780 is practical and functional for different needs. It benefits from an optimized design for the best efficiency of the loading space.
Special aeroskin color material with extravagant look.
Quick fastening system for easy and safe installation with one hand.
The Dual-Side feature of Thule luggage boxes allows them to be opened from both sides.
The locking system with central locking ensures maximum safety.

See details and price

2. Trunk box Neumann Adventure 130 Gray

The Best Car Trunk Box 6

If until now Neumann boxes stood out especially for their reliability, the new range of boxes, Adventure, excels in all aspects: design, quality, functionality.
The classic U-screw fastening system ensures easy and safe mounting on any type of crossbar.
The load capacity of 50 Kg and its volume of 300 liters successfully complete the need for space for luggage transport.
It is made of ABS and has an opening on the right side.

See details and price

3. Trunk box MODULA Hello, Black, 430l

The Best Car Trunk Box 7 Ciao is a trunk designed for great functionality and accessibility.
The simple Italian design makes the box fully usable and easy to load.
Volume (l): 430 – Color: Black
Length (cm): 175
Exterior dimensions (cm): 175 x 80 x 44
Maximum weight (Kg): 75
Opening: On one side

See details and price


The Best Car Trunk Box Volume: 320L
Construction group: Luggage box, flag support.
Fitting group: Transport vehicles.
Luggage compartment with crossbar mounting.
Maximum load capacity 50 kg.
Dimensions 138x79x37 cm, "U" profile clamping system on transverse bars with a maximum width of 6 cm, opening on one side, anti-theft system.

See details and price

5. Junior X-treme 450 trunk box

The Best Car Trunk Box 8

Junior X-treme boxes are made of PS with UV protection and benefit from a 3-year warranty. The color palette is available in 2 shades: black metal and metal gray.
Equipped with a 3-point central locking system (opening on the right side), the Junior X-treme luggage boxes are approved to carry a maximum load of 50 kg.
Fastening on the crossbar is easy and safe, thanks to the Ultrarapid system patented by Junior.

See details and price

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