The best CB antena 2021 review


How do you choose the best CB antenna? What functions and features should the CB antenna have to suit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Cb If you are a driver, you are aware of the need to drive responsibly and to comply with the law, especially with regard to the speed limit.

However, even if you are a driver who shows self-control at the wheel, you may have small leaks and risk a fine that seems unjustified. It is never pleasant to collect a fine, especially for exceeding the speed limit.

Therefore, to avoid an unpleasant encounter with a radar, it is good to use detection accessories. Radar detectors on the Romanian market have proven to be inefficient since the introduction of new radar models .

In this context, a much more preferred variant of drivers has become the CB (Citizen Band) station, through which drivers can warn or request information about the presence of radar stations or other types of traffic problems. And, since the antenna is the most important element, find out how to choose the best CB antenna.

Top 3 recommended CB antennas

Why choose the best CB antenna?

Because most radar detection devices are proving to be inefficient today, many drivers choose to equip their car with a CB station. Since the essential element for a good operation of the station is the antenna, it is important to invest in a quality one.

The reception of the signal, but also its transmission depends on the quality of the CB antenna , that's why you have to choose the best one . Finding the best option for your car is not easy, and if you choose at random you may not get it right away.

That's why we recommend that you find out very well before making a purchase that you regret , especially because the market is very rich in offers for this product, and everyone claims to be the best.

How to choose the best CB antenna

In order not to buy a product that you will be disappointed with in a short time, we recommend that you consult this shopping guide carefully. This way you will learn the criteria that the best CB antenna must meet, as well as whether the one you want to buy is the best for your car.

The Best Cb 1 We guarantee that by doing so you will be able to more easily find the best offers on the market at the best quality / price ratio. So, if you want to buy the best CB antenna every time, pay special attention to the aspects analyzed below.

CB antenna type

They fall into two categories: mobile or basic radio.

  • Basic CB antenna

This type of antenna is recommended for those looking for a broadcast / reception station at home . This is because it is a fixed antenna that attaches to a stationary reception station . However, such an antenna has its advantages. It is the most powerful type of antenna and is able to receive signal from a very long distance, generally between 30 and 50 km .

They are also very long, which is one of the main reasons why they can receive signal from such a long distance. It can reach a height of up to 5.5 m and the shortest pieces are at least 1 meter long. Of course, for optimal results, such a station should be located at a height as high as possible.

  • CB mobile radio antenna

This type of CB antenna is most suitable for drivers because it has smaller dimensions. It can be used by both truck drivers, for whom dual antenna models are available, as well as conventional drivers. The latter are also the ones who enjoy the richest offer on the market. Of course, the bigger the antenna, the stronger it will be. But if a long antenna is inconvenient for you, you can opt for more modern coil variants.

You will find four variants on this market. Those with a coil at the base of the antenna, in the center, on the top, or those with a continuous coil . These are shorter and the coil compensates well for the lack of length. If you want an antenna that lasts as long as possible, the best CB antenna is the one with a central coil or a continuous coil, all around .

The top coil model is the one with the shortest durability. However, you cannot expect the same performance as a fixed antenna. The maximum signal reception distance is 15 km , and the cheapest models will give you a reception radius of only 5 km.

Compatibility with the car

Depending on your preferences, but also on the limits imposed by the car, you can choose between three types of CB antenna: Fiberglass antenna, with magnetic support, or vertical.

  • Fiberglass CB antenna

The Best Cb 2 It is the best CB antenna for 4X4 drivers, and generally those who drive a lot off-road . This is because the fiberglass antennas are all included in the category of those with continuous coil , with the mention that they are also provided with an additional coil at the top.

The robust design is what makes them perfect for drivers who drive on difficult roads. Their height varies between 60 cm and 2 m , and the length is the one that dictates the distance from which it will be possible to receive and emit a signal. Such an antenna can receive signal from a radius of 3 km in the case of 60 cm, and 8 km in the case of 1.5 m.

The distance values are so limited because it is considered that drivers who drive off-road, are less likely to encounter controls, or have problems due to exceeding the speed limit. The resistance of the antenna in this case weighs more than its power.

  • CB antenna with magnetic sole

Antennas with magnetic support are increasingly appreciated by conventional drivers . This is because the magnetic sole makes it very easy to mount the antenna. In addition, this non-invasive mounting method does not force you to intentionally damage your car.

In addition, because mounting is very easy , it will be easier for you to choose the best point on the machine that allows you to receive the strongest signal, because the positioning of the antenna on the machine can influence the power of signal reception.

The performance of such a antenna is moderate and is suitable, from our point of view, for any conventional driver. The signal reception range varies depending on the length of the antenna, and is generally between 5 km and 10 km . You can easily find on the market, antennas of various sizes, this being among the main criteria for determining the price. The dimensions vary between 1 m and 1.5 m.

  • Vertical CB antenna

This is the model that allows you to receive the signal from the greatest distance. It is also called the " rod " antenna, because it has a very long length and is not provided with a coil. Due to its length, which easily exceeds 2.5 meters , it is a model considered uncomfortable by conventional drivers. However, it is the length that allows the reception of the signal from over 15 km .

The major disadvantages appear in terms of durability and assembly of the product. The long length of the CB antenna greatly increases the likelihood that it will deteriorate faster . The wind or the branches can break it. Therefore, drivers driving in the city or in forested areas are advised not to choose such an antenna. The mounting mode also raises issues because the mounting is permanent .

Ideal values and other important criteria

The Best Cb 3 The best CB antenna can be chosen when you pay attention to certain cries to watch. There are many parameters that influence the quality of this type of product, so it is important to check each one. The transmission and reception distance is most often dictated by the length of the antenna. A recommended variant for a conventional driver is the 100 cm antenna, with magnetic mounting . This can guarantee a transmission-reception distance of about 5 km .

Frequency band is another criterion. This will be FM with a power of 4W. Many manufacturers try to steal the eyes of customers with as many channels as possible , even 100 or 200. In reality, however, 40 channels are more than enough, and the most used is 22 FM, at frequencies of 26-28 MHz.

The coaxial connector should be checked when you want to improve only the antenna, replacing it with a better model. It must be PL-259 , and the new antenna must allow this way of connection and include a suitable cable.

Reception sensitivity will be expressed in microvolts relative to decibels. Decibels are also those that determine the signal, noise and distortion index, or SINAD. You will need to follow an inverse ratio between the two values. The higher the decibel value, the lower the microvolt will have to be. Some values that indicate a good product are 10dB and 0.25uV or 20dB and 0.5uV.

Manufacturers and price

The price of a CB antenna is influenced by its type, but also by the manufacturers. The cheapest CB antenna is the version with vertical polarization, but it is not very cost effective because it is sensitive to shocks and does not last over time.

Conventional users will find a satisfactory quality / price ratio for the CB antenna with magnetic support, while the drivers of off-road vehicles will have to invest more in a more resistant antenna.

The brand you buy from is also a guarantee of quality. Thus the best CB antenna can be found at the following manufacturers: President, Midland, Storm, Wilson, Avanti or Sirio.


We recommend that you order online because you will find several offers at very advantageous prices. Don't forget to consult the experiences of other buyers with the product you intend to buy, so you will be able to get a complete picture of the quality of the product, before testing it personally.

Now that you have all this information, we are sure that you will be able to choose the best CB antenna.

The best CB antenna: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the existing offer and buyers' opinions, we still recommend some models of CB antennas that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Antenna CB Sirio Performer 5000 PL

The Best Cb 4 Technical characteristics: SWR <1.2, maximum applied power 1500 W, impedance 50 Ohms, stainless steel etc.
The communication distance of up to 20 km is reached in ideal working conditions: calibrated antenna, open field without obstacles, the station with the maximum legally allowed power of 4W and with a standard reception.
CB Sirio Performer 5000 PL with LED has a length of 196.5 cm.
This antenna can be tilted with the butterfly screw with which it is provided, to enter passages, garages or parking lots with low height.

See details and price

2. CB President Virginia Antenna, AMMI096

The Best Cb 5 An antenna that can ensure performances of up to 1-6-10km in ideal conditions.
Its small size (it is only 49 cm high) makes it almost unnoticeable, easily confused with the radio antenna.
The magnetic base is made of plastic and offers high stability even at high speeds.
Bandwidth: 800 Khz – Maximum applied power: 250 W PEP.
Minimum SWR in the center of the band: Gain: +3 dBi.

See details and price

3. Midland ML145 antenna with 120 / PL magnet

The Best Cb 6 Technical characteristics: SWR <1.1, maximum applied power 400 W (peak), impedance 52 Ohms, Gain: 1.3 dB, stainless steel, etc.
The maximum communication distance of 15 km or even more is reached in ideal working conditions: calibrated antenna, open field without obstacles, the station with the maximum legally allowed power of 4W and with a standard reception.
This antenna is ready for installation with the package: antenna, magnetic base, enclosure for calibration.

See details and price

4. CB PNI ML145 antenna length 145 cm

The Best Cb 7 Technical characteristics: SWR <= 1.0, maximum power applied for a short time 400 W, impedance 50 Ohms, stainless steel, etc.
The maximum communication distance of 15 km is reached in ideal working conditions: calibrated antenna, open field without obstacles, the station with maximum legally allowed power of 4W and with a standard reception.
The CB PNI ML145 antenna has a length of 145 cm.
The PNI 145 / PL magnetic base is equipped with RG58 coaxial cable and PL259 socket for direct connection to the station.

See details and price

5. Antenna CB Wilson Little Wil

The Best Cb 8 Wilson "Little Will" is the most popular magnetic antenna in the world.
This is a testament to the performance and reliability of this antenna, but let's not forget its small size, perfectly suitable for cars – about 1 meter.
The Little Will antenna has been designed for those who want performance and a low height antenna at the best possible price.
Thus, the tradition of the manufacturer Wilson to make antennas that offer maximum efficiency at very good prices continues with the Little Will model.

See details and price

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