the best cheap laptop for students in 2021


the best cheap laptop for students in 2021

Cheap Laptops – Product Review and comparison in 2021

When you want to buy a laptop, but you don’t have a very big budget to give a generous amount of money, you will have to invest in a slightly cheaper model. Be realistic and choose it carefully and take into account the fact that they are quality items even if they have a more affordable price. We looked through the offers of online stores and we made a list that includes some laptops that have decent features and good prices. The first place is occupied byLenovo V330-15IKB, a device that will satisfy even the demands of the most demanding users. It has an Intel i7 processor with four cores, which operate at a nominal frequency of 1800 MHz (Turbo Boost 4000 MHz). Data storage is done on both SSD (128 GB) and HDD (1 TB), to have quick access to them and enough space to store everything you need. The RAM memory of this model is very large, 12 GB, and the video card is dedicated. It can be used even by gamers, if it is at the beginning of the road. The diagonal of the display is 15.6 inches, and the resolution is Full HD. On the 2nd place you will find ASUS A505ZA-BR262 , a more modest and financially accessible item.

Comparative table

It’s a laptop model that moves very well, thanks to an Intel i7 processor with four cores and a 12 GB RAM memory. It comes with a lot of features that will make you use it as diverse as possible: ports for HDMI, VGA, RJ-45, USB, webcam, fingerprint reader or optical drive.

After you receive it you will have to install an operating system, because it is Free DOS, so it does not come with it pre-installed.

It is a laptop that responds quickly to commands, moves smoothly and has a lot of features that make it quality.

It is a suitable choice for those with a lower budget and looking for a laptop with average performance, suitable for daily activities – AMD Ryzen processor, two 2.5 GHz cores, 4 GB RAM, various ports for multiple connections, operating system preinstalled and storage on 256 GB SSD.

It does not have a display that allows a very clear rendering of images (HD resolution) and does not have an optical drive.

Buy this cheap laptop, which will be of real use to you for all kinds of basic activities, both at home and at work.

It is a suitable model for Home or Office use, because it has average performance, but decent enough – Intel i3 processor, 3072 KB cache, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB storage capacity (HDD) and multiple ports for various devices.

The lack of a VGA port could be an unpleasant thing in the event that you have a monitor that has such an interface, which you want to use.

If you can’t afford to invest a lot of money in a laptop, it could give you decent performance at a good price.

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Lenovo V330-15IKB

the best cheap laptop for students in 2021

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