the best cheap pc speakers to buy in 2021

The best PC speakers are those models that help you have a much more pleasant experience when using your laptop / computer. Whether you play, listen to music or watch your favorite movies and series, a good set of PC speakers is absolutely necessary if you want a clear and powerful sound.

Choosing PC speakers is not so simple, however. However, if you are guided by a few key features, you will be able to make the right choice based on your needs. First of all, it is important to decide on the system you need: 2.0, 2.1 or 5.1. The 2.0 and 2.1 systems are the most sought after types of speakers. The first provides stereo sound, and the second also brings a subwoofer. The 5.1 system helps you enjoy a cinema-like sound, hence the name home theater.

Secondly, we are talking about the two important aspects of PC speakers: frequency spectrum and power (expressed in watts RMS). The audio frequency of the PC speakers should be between 20 and 20,000 Hz, so that the sound can cover the entire spectrum that the human ear can perceive. As for the power of the speakers, even a pair of 10 watt RMS speakers can be enough for proper listening, as long as the speakers are quality. In addition, the signal-to-noise ratio should be between 75 and 95 dB so that spurious signals do not impair the quality of the sound emitted.

Also important are the manufacturing materials (wood providing a resonance and a sound clearly superior to synthetic materials) and the length of the cable. For a more profitable purchase, we invite you to read the impressions of our publishers about the best PC speaker models.

The Best PC Speakers in 2021

Edifier 2.0 R1600TIII – Pleasant Recommendation

Logitech 5.1 Z906 – Powerful

Edifier R1280T – System 2.0

Logitech 2.1 Z623 – System 2.1

Logitech 5.1 Z607 – System 5.1

Logitech 2.0 Z200 – Cheap


The Best Pc Speakers In 2021
Edifier 2.0 R1600TIII

Edifier 2.0 R1600TIII is our recommendation for those who want a set of PC speakers with an excellent ratio between quality and price. A 2.0 system with strong sound, the speakers are suitable for less generous spaces.

The power of these PC speakers reaches up to 60 W RMS, which is more than enough for conventional home use. During games, movies and series or during parties with friends, it is enough to set the volume in half, because the speakers will be able to cover the whole room. The 2.0 system also contributes to this, providing a clear, high-quality stereo sound. The response frequency is between 3.3 KHz and 20 KHz, in the case of speakers, and between 30 Hz and 3 KHz in the case of the subwoofer, which confirms that we are talking about some quality PC speakers, with strong sound. In addition, the signal-to-noise ratio is a maximum of 85 dB, which means that spurious signals are more than 10 million times weaker than the useful signal.

The design is elegant, the speakers being made of MDF, in a shade of brown that can be easily integrated into any decor. The first advantage we noticed is the ease with which you will be able to control the sound emitted by these PC speakers. Specifically, on the right (side) the product has three buttons where you can adjust the volume (+/-), bass and treble (highest sounds). However, if you need all the power of the volume, you do not have to worry about distortion, because the speakers are equipped with Digital Signal Processing and Dynamic Range Control functions. Also under these three buttons is a green LED bulb that lights up when you turn on the speakers. In addition, the product comes bundled with a remote control with which you can control the sound remotely.

The configuration of the speakers is simple and easy with the help of the cables that are included in the package. Once you have connected them all, all you have to do is turn on the system with the power button on the back.


The Best Pc Speakers In 2021 1
Logitech 5.1 Z906 speakers

The Logitech 5.1 Z906 is one of the most powerful speakers on the market. They have a 5.1 system, 3-inch speakers from the Full Range Paper Cone series and a subwoofer for the highest quality and clarity.

These speakers are equipped with sealed satellites. They also do not have tweeters, the speaker being "forced" to cover the frequency spectrum on its own, which means that this will be difficult in situations where you want to use the speakers in larger rooms. Compared to the previous model from Logitech, Z5500 (where the satellites were of the bass reflex type), the Z906 speakers are less efficient. However, the power measures 500 W RMS, which ensures a very loud sound, to which we add a response frequency of 35 Hz – 20 KHz and a maximum signal / noise ratio of 95 dB.

The subwoofer has integrated both satellite amplification and its own, along with digital decoding. The advantage of this subwoofer is that it does not overheat when using the volume at full capacity, thanks to the aluminum plate, located at the back. Also here you will find the digital and analog inputs of the speakers – three digital inputs (one coaxial and two toslinks) and one analog input (stereo).

The Z906 speakers are very easy to control, thanks to the much simpler center console compared to other models in the same category. The only controls you can control are volume control, configuration settings, and individual subwoofer and satellite volume adjustment. You will also notice the presence of orange LED bulbs. The control can also be performed with the help of the remote control included in the package, very compact and easy to use.


The Best Pc Speakers In 2021 2
Boxing 2.0 Edifier R1280T

Edifier R1280T are PC 2.0 speakers with 2.5-inch speakers and a total power of up to 42 W RMS, being perfect for relatively small rooms, where they can ensure quality sound, clear and without distortion.

These PC speakers are ideal for those who want a loud sound when organizing parties at home or feel the need for a sound like the ones in cinemas when watching your favorite movies or series. This is due to the 2.0 system and the power of 42 W RMS, at a response frequency of 75 – 18000 Hz, which together with the 2.5 inch speakers ensures a quality sound. In this chapter we can also discuss the contribution of integrated amplifiers, along with the signal / noise ratio of up to 85 dB and the sound distortion rate of maximum 0.05%.

In this case, the main speaker has three buttons with which you can control the sound: volume, bass and very loud sounds (treble), the values can be adjusted in twelve steps (-6 – +6). These controls are accompanied by a green LED bulb that lights up when the speakers are turned on. The advantage is the presence of the remote control in the package, through which you can control the sound remotely. It also has three buttons: two volume (+/-) and one with which you can mute the sound. You can use it even if you connect the speakers to two audio sources.

In the connectivity chapter we mention the dual RCA inputs, which gives you the ability to connect to several audio devices at the same time. The active speaker also has two inputs, ideal for RCA – RCA and RCA – AUX connections. In addition, you can easily connect to your phone, laptop / computer or tablet.


The Best Pc Speakers In 2021 3
Logitech 2.1 Z623 speakers

The Logitech 2.1 Z623 has a total power of 200 W RMS divided between the subwoofer (130 W) and the two satellites (35 W each), which ensures a strong sound even in larger rooms.

As I said, the power of 200 W RMS is divided between satellites and subwoofer, and in order for these values to be obtained, the manufacturers used a 7-inch subwoofer speaker and 2.5-inch magnetically shielded speakers. For a type 2.1 system with integrated amplification, a power of 200 W RMS can cause you some distortion due to too loud sound. However, the good part is the THX certificate (obtained after more than 400 electrical and acoustic benchmark tests), which certifies that the speakers have power, a frequency response and a very good level of noise and distortion.

Connectivity has been improved compared to previous models. In this model we find two 3.5 mm audio inputs, a set of RCA connectors and a headphone output. This allows you to connect third-party devices (such as TV, laptop / computer, DVD player, console, portable audio player, and more). In addition, when you want to use more than one external signal source, you will not need to change the cables.

The Logitech Z623 speakers have two control buttons: one for volume control and one for bass. The disadvantage here is that there is no remote control with which you can control the volume remotely.


The Best Pc Speakers In 2021 4
Logitech 5.1 Z607 speakers

Logitech 5.1 Z607 are PC speakers that can be connected to any type of audio source, thanks to the Bluetooth connection, the 3.5 mm jack and the RCA cable. You can also listen to music directly from a USB or SD card.

You will be able to enjoy these speakers even in larger spaces, thanks to the 5.1 system they have. It gives you quality sound (up to 20 KHz), strong bass (50 Hz) and a clear treble (very loud sounds). The total power of 80 W RMS (160 W peak), along with the subwoofer (25 W RMS / 50 W peak), which has a 5.25-inch diameter speaker, also contributes to the sound quality of the Logitech 5.1 Z607 speakers. The good part is that the sound will remain at the same quality regardless of the device you will connect to the speakers (phone, laptop / computer, tablet, TV, USB, SD card, etc.).

On the main speaker there are several buttons with which you can control the volume, bass level and much more. In addition, the product comes bundled with a compact remote control, through which you can turn on the music, control the volume, pause, skip, select the input, change the radio stations between them plus many other commands from a maximum distance of 10 meters. All this is complemented by an LED bulb that informs you about the volume and input of the source you have chosen to play the sound.

The 6.2 meter cable length helps you to have surround sound no matter where you place the PC speaker.


The Best Pc Speakers In 2021
Logitech 2.0 Z200 speakers

The Logitech 2.0 Z200 is easy to set up and control, perfect for enhancing the audio experience at home, during games, movies and series or parties with friends. The quality of these speakers comes bundled with a very good purchase price.

The power of this PC speaker model is up to 5 W RMS (10 W peak), which can be a disadvantage if you want the sound to cover a large room. The response frequency is from 80 Hz to 18 KHz, and the signal-to-noise ratio is 88 dB, which ensures a loud and clear sound without parasitic signals. For smaller rooms, up to 15 square meters, the speakers are capable of producing surround sound. Sound amplification is integrated, which ensures quality and clarity. In addition, there is a "Tone" button on the side of the main speaker where you can control the power of the bass – a welcome feature especially if you want cinema-like experiences when watching movies or series at home.

At the front of the main speaker you will be able to see a wheel type button through which you will be able to control the volume (left – and right +). Also present here are the LED bulb (green when you turn on the speaker system), the headphone input and the input for the active sound source, both 3.5 mm jack. You can connect several types of devices, such as your phone, laptop / computer, TV, or audio player. A disadvantage is that these speakers do not include in the package a remote control with which you can control the volume or bass remotely.

The configuration is done in a short time, being only about two speakers. The length of the cable is only 1.8 meters, which can be a disadvantage, considering the difficulties it could put you when you have to decide on the place where the speaker system can be located.

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