the best coffee espresso machine with grinder for home

The Best Coffee Espresso Machine How do you choose the best coffee espresso machine? How do you choose an espresso machine that fits your budget as well as possible and that prepares a delicious coffee? Read our guide and choose informed.

Espresso coffee is the best coffee. The frothy cream, the bitter heart and the caramel texture form a sublime taste that cannot be described in words.

Add warm milk to your espresso to enjoy a cappuccino, a caffe latte or another delicious version of coffee.

Top 3 recommended coffee espresso machines

Why choose the best coffee espresso machine

If you have your own espresso machine, you don't have to stand in line at the city's cafes and you can enjoy a delicious espresso whenever you feel like it. In addition, you will save thousands of lei over the life of the appliance while creating a perfect espresso in your own kitchen.

Some espresso machines can make 2 cups at once, and the barista type ones can make both espresso and normal coffee.

How to choose the best coffee espresso

First of all, forget about capsule devices. Those are not espresso machines but poor quality coffee filters, wrapped in a marketing story.

In order to recommend the best coffee espresso machine, we took a look at the devices available on the market and weighed for each the features, performance, warranty and support offered.

Below we present what you need to keep in mind when looking for a suitable espresso machine.


The Best Coffee Espresso Machine 1 All espresso machines have a vaporizer used to heat the milk that you will add to the coffee. Some vaporizers are adjustable to change the consistency of the milk, so you can make a latte, a cappuccino or a macchiato.

It is a bonus if the device also comes with its own foam cup. If it does not have such a thing, there is no problem, you can use any cup for this operation.

The more detachable parts the espresso machine has, the better. This way you will be able to clean every corner of the appliance as well as possible to prevent limescale deposits and bacteria from growing.

Drain trays, filter holders and water tank can be detached depending on the model of your espresso machine.

Two types of accessories are very important to create a delicious espresso: measuring tools and tamponing tools . A correct measure gives you the certainty that you will use the exact amount of coffee every time. Too much coffee can clog the espresso filter thus affecting the quality of the coffee.

The tamping tool ensures the correct compaction of the ground coffee to extract the entire flavor. Some espresso machines come with one of these tools, and the best espresso machines have both.

A nice feature of an espresso machine is a cup heater . Your delicious coffee will stay hot longer when you serve it in a heated cup. The best espresso machines allow you to heat two cups while the coffee is being prepared.


The espresso machines use steam or pressure pumps to prepare the coffee. The best espresso machines use pressure pumps . All commercial espresso machines use this method, because coffee is much tastier that way.

Pressure pump espresso machines are heavier and noisier than steam pumps. For this reason they are more voluminous and take up more space in the kitchen.

Most espresso machines cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher and must be cleaned manually . Take this into account and allow the cleaning time every 2-3 days.

The Best Coffee Espresso Machine 2 A serving of espresso is called a shot. Each shot contains 30 ml of espresso coffee. Cafes usually serve two shots of espresso, which is called a doppio .

Espresso machines have different capacities. The models shown below can prepare at least 2 shots of espresso simultaneously. Most espresso machines can prepare 4 shots of espresso to drink with a friend.

The best espresso is made from freshly ground coffee . However, when you are in a hurry, it is good to have a waffle (special coffee capsules) at hand that allows quick preparation. Not all espresso machines can be prepared using waffles, so check this before buying.

For added convenience, choose an automatic device. An automatic espresso machine will prepare everything you need on your own, eliminating manual preparation step by step.


Espresso machines can cause various accidents , it is important to consider safety before purchasing. For steam appliances, identify the safety valve. This allows the control of steam leaks and minimizes the risk of burns during the operation of the appliance.

In addition, because the hot elements do not change their appearance or texture depending on the temperature, the On / Off indicator will indicate when the appliance is working or not.

Support and warranty

The standard warranty for an espresso machine is 12 months from the time of purchase. It generally covers manufacturing defects that can be discovered when unpacking the product and during the first uses.

Some manufacturers provide user guides and tutorials for the best espresso through official websites. Check before purchase which technical support and service methods are provided by the manufacturer or by the local distributor.

You don't have to travel to Italy to enjoy a creamy espresso. Save time and money by purchasing your own espresso machine .

An espresso machine with a cup warmer and double cooking nozzles will allow you to enjoy a cup of fresh coffee at any time with your loved one or a dear friend. And if you also benefit from an adjustable vaporizer, you can always enjoy a latte, a cappuccino or a macchiato.

The best coffee espresso: recommendations

Using the above criteria, analyzing the offer and the buyers' opinions, we recommend some models of espresso machines that we consider the best in terms of quality / price ratio .

1. Miele CM 5300 Automatic Espresso Machine

The Best Coffee Espresso Machine 3 Conical grinder, made of non-abrasive steel, high quality grinds coffee beans in a special way to preserve flavor.
Baking parameters can be set depending on the type of coffee and the intensity of the flavor: Setting for the grinder, the amount of coffee, the brewing temperature, the brewing preparation and the amount of water.
In addition to the bean container, espresso machines with a coffee bean system also have a drawer for ground coffee.

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2. Gaggia Velasca Prestige automatic juicer

The Best Coffee Espresso Machine 4 Thanks to the new Gaggia Velasca range, it is very easy to enjoy the extraordinary aroma of an Italian espresso.
You just have to press a button and in a few seconds you will have a coffee as good as an espresso at the bar, ready to be enjoyed.
A "made to order" coffee, because you choose the grinding, the quantity and the consistency according to your taste.
Gaggia Velasca is also ideal for making sparkling cappuccino.

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3. DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM3000B automatic juicer

The Best Coffee Espresso Machine 5

For you to drink a fresh and tasty coffee every day, DeLonghi presents you a new type of device, which can work with ground coffee or coffee beans .
For a more aromatic coffee, you can use coffee beans, which you grind on the spot. The device has a built-in grinder, very quiet, with 14 steps of granulation adjustment.
The water tank is detachable so that you can wash and sanitize it properly. Its maximum volume is 1.8 liters.

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4. Philips EP3221 / 40 automatic juicer

The Best Coffee Espresso Machine 6 Enjoy your favorite coffees for special moments. Whether you are looking for an espresso, a coffee or a milk-based recipe, the fully automatic espresso machine offers a perfect preparation, without complications and without delay!
Delicious milk foam thanks to the classic milk frothing system.
Easy coffee selection with intuitive touch display.
From fine to coarse grinding with grinding adjustment in 12 steps.
Perfect temperature, aroma and foam, cup after cup.

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5. Krups Latt'EspressSilver EA82FE10 automatic espresso machine

The Best Coffee Espresso Machine 7 The Krups Quattro Force system extracts the aroma from each coffee bean, guaranteeing a perfect taste in each cup.
Thanks to the One-Touch-Cappuccino system, the Krups Latt'Espress espresso machine helps you prepare your creamy cappuccino.
The Active Speed grinder is designed from the best materials to ensure performance and durability.
The AutoClean Pressure system reduces the formation of limescale deposits.

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6. Gaggia Naviglio Classic automatic espresso machine

The Best Coffee Espresso Machine 8

Thanks to the new Gaggia Naviglio range, you can enjoy a perfect Italian espresso, made exactly like in a cafe, at the touch of a button.
Gaggia Naviglio Classic offers the possibility to customize the degree of grinding for the grinder, the length of the coffee and its strength, thus offering the best and simplest way to prepare an espresso full of flavor.
Boiler: Stainless steel – Housing: ABS
Coffee residue box capacity: 10 zat pills.

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