the best coffee grinder for home to choose in 2021

How do you choose the best coffee grinder ? What features and functions should the ideal product have? Read our article to make an informed choice.

The Best Coffee Grinder Changing the packaged ground coffee with the freshly ground one will bring you an extra aroma and flavor in each cup of coffee . Because ground coffee ages quickly, losing flavor and flavor, a high -performance coffee grinder will help you get the most flavor and freshness every morning.

In addition, some models of manual or electric grinders offer the possibility to adjust the grinding mode to obtain a coffee suitable for any time of the day.

The best coffee grinder: what to look for

The best coffee grinders have different sizes, functions and modes of operation. The diversified range of offers on the market allows you to choose between a simple grinder for a morning coffee or a more complex and roomy one that can grind many coffee beans at once.

You can also choose between a manual or electric coffee grinder , one with a knife or burrs and the price you are willing to pay. The coffee grinder can also be used for other functions in the kitchen.

Adjustable grinding degree

The best coffee grinders offer you the possibility to choose the degree of grinding of the beans: great for a perfect kettle coffee, medium for dripping coffee filters and fine for espresso machines .

Grinding with a knife or burrs

The Best Coffee Grinder 1 Each coffee grinder will grind the coffee, but not all do it evenly . Burr grinders , which can be flat or conical, are usually more expensive, but will grind the coffee evenly and are the favorites of those who prefer coffee to the cup or the French press.

Ceramic grinders are a type of burr grinders that offer increased hardness to be able to deliver any kind of grinding from sea to powder and have a longer life than other types of coffee grinders.

Multiple use

Those who want to save time in the kitchen can use a coffee grinder that can be used for other purposes. Choosing a grinder that can grind hazelnuts or walnuts or grind herbs, spices and tea will give you a versatility that is hard to match.

Ease of cleaning

Depending on the model, the best coffee grinder may or may not be cleaned in the dishwasher. Some models are delivered with a special brush that allows thorough cleaning of the grinding container, so it is not necessary to wash the grinder after each use.

Warranty and service

The Best Coffee Grinder 2 As usual when choosing an appliance, consider the warranty period of the best coffee grinder. It must be at least 24 months. Make sure that the manufacturer also has a service unit in your area so that you can quickly solve any problems that may occur during the warranty period.

Choosing the best coffee grinder for you will allow you to enjoy a fresh and aromatic coffee every day regardless of your favorite preparation method. Whether it's an electric or manual coffee grinder, you will definitely find your favorite product.

The best coffee grinder

Following the above criteria, we still present some coffee grinders that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. DeLonghi coffee grinder KG 89, 110 W, 120 g, Black / Stainless steel

The Best Coffee Grinder 3

Double safety system Double protection system. Automatic shutdown of the grinder when the coffee bean tank or the ground coffee tank is removed.
Coffee quantity setting – Selection of number of cups: from 2 to 12 with automatic grinding stop.
Grinding settings – Possibility of setting the grinding degree: fine, medium and high.
"Burr Grinding" system – system with burrs: includes 2 grinding plates that grind the coffee without losing its flavor and preventing overheating.

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2. Bosch MKM6003 coffee grinder, 180 W, 75 g, Black

The Best Coffee Grinder 4 Coffee grinder with special knife system for homogeneous grinding
Stainless steel knife for a fine degree of grinding
Safety in use – operation only with fixed cover
Freshly ground coffee for a more intense aroma
Safety button
Capacity: 75 g – Power (W): 180

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3. Gorenje SMK150W coffee grinder

The Best Coffee Grinder 5

With this coffee grinder, you will get used to the taste of freshly ground coffee .
The cover and the retractable cable are against clutter.
The Gorenje coffee grinder can control the roughness or fineness of ground coffee with different grinding time settings.
The Gorenje coffee grinder allows you to chop spices , herbs and nuts.

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4. Zass ZCG 07 coffee plant

The Best Coffee Grinder 6 Capacity: 60g (8 cups)
Stainless steel inner body
Locking security system
On / off button ( pulse system )
Rubber feet
Ergonomic design with stainless steel body
Transparent cover

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4. Heinner HCG-150SS coffee grinder, 150 W, Stainless steel

The Best Coffee Grinder 7

Power (W): 150 – Capacity: 50 g
Gears: 1
Noise level (dB): 85
Housing material: Stainless steel
Blade material: Stainless steel
Color: Stainless steel

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