the best colored keyboard for typing


the best colored keyboard for typing

Colored Keyboards – Product Review and comparison in 2021

If you like the peripheral elements you use on your PC or laptop to be colored, you can also opt for a keyboard like this. Choosing it is not easy, and a list of some of the best products on the online market can be useful, which is why we have selected for you some top articles. But we think that you may not have time to go through it completely, so we tell you right now thatRedragon Soma is in first place. It is a gaming keyboard, containing 104 rounded keys, of which 12 are multimedia. It is equipped with multicolored LED lighting under the keys, the intensity can be adjusted, and has dimensions of 447.5 x 217 x 39.3 mm. It also includes support for the wrists, to be comfortable for long use. The interface is a USB one, so as not to lose signal, the connector being gold plated for the best possible resistance. If you want to see another similar variant, we recommend the 2nd place product, Gamdias ARES 7 Color .

Comparative table

It is illuminated multicolor (six shades) behind the buttons and you can adjust the light intensity as you are more comfortable to observe everything well both day and night. There are 104 keys (including 12 multimedia and numeric keys), they have a rounded shape at the corners, which is very helpful especially if you want to type quickly.

It connects to the desired device via a wire, which means that your distance will be limited by its length.

It is a good choice for both gaming and writing, because the keys are numerous (including multimedia) and are rounded at the corners.

We consider that this option will be useful if you are used to using the PC for games, because it has around 110 keys, among which there are some special ones, but also the numeric keypad. It is a model that offers stability and comfort during use, due to the weight of 1060 grams and the support for the wrists.

The purchase cost also includes a mouse, on which you will give the money unnecessarily, in case you do not need such a component.

It can be a good choice because it is illuminated in a pleasant way, does not lose signal during use and has a lot of useful keys.

It is a gaming keyboard that will respond quickly to commands, given the fact that it connects to the corresponding device via a USB cable. It is equipped with a multitude of keys (including multimedia and numeric), it is stable and resistant, it offers lighting in seven colors and it will not spoil when it comes in contact with water.

Some buyers believe that when used, the “space” key makes a louder noise than the others, which is not very pleasant.

If you want to have a more interesting gaming experience and use a top keyboard, choose this model.

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Redragon Soma

the best colored keyboard for typing

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