the best console gaming and monitor review


the best console gaming and monitor review

Consoles – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Game consoles have started to gain ground in Romania, as they have become more accessible, do not require upgrades, such as computers, and technical compatibility issues with the games appeared are almost non-existent on these platforms. We must say that the range of models is not very large on the market, but each console is sold in various variants. So, to present our recommendations for this year, PlayStation 4 Pro from Sony, the 1 Terabit version, can be considered one of the best consoles, if you are demanding with performance and want 4K streaming support for Youtube and Netflix, and the storage space of 1000 GB allows the installation of a very large number of games. It is, in short, the optimal offer for experienced gamers. A second recommendation, for those who do not have a high budget, is Microsoft Xbox One Slim 234-0012 , with a storage space of 1 Terabit and a slim and elegant design.

Comparative table

With the octa-core processor, 8 GB of GDDR5 memory and 1000 Gigabits of storage space, it’s hard to find a better console. It allows 4K streaming for Netflix and Youtube, if you have a TV like this, and its cooler is silent. It also offers support for voice commands.

It does not include the special stand that offers stability in the vertical position, it must be purchased separately. Some users have complained that the wallpaper cannot be changed.

In the gaming community, personal computer owners often boast of their superiority over consoles. This model is an answer for them, being created to compete even with high-end PC systems.

It is a suitable option for those who want to save money when buying a console. At 30 x 30 x 6.3 centimeters, it is also compact, taking up little space in the room. Includes support for HDR and 4K streaming.

In its range of technical specifications, the weak link is DDR3 memory. Compared to DDR5, present in other consoles, it is slower, which prolongs the loading times.

You haven’t had a console before and you’re not sure if you’ll like it or not? Then we can tell you that, by opting for this offer, you will find out how you get along with the respective platforms, without spending much.

It also includes a fun car game for all ages. It offers support for HDR technology and 4K streaming for Youtube and Netflix, and the SPDIF audio output allows connection to home cinema systems.

As with other versions of this console, DDR3 memory slows down performance. It will not be an impediment to games, but it will prolong loading times.

Given the inclusion of a game, we can say that what we present here can be a very good Christmas gift, or for someone’s birthday. That person will not have to pay for a separate game after receiving the console.

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Sony PlayStation 4 PRO 1 TB

the best console gaming and monitor review

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