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How do you choose the best car video camera ? What functions and features should the ideal model have? Read our article to find out.

The Best Car Camera Car camcorders are welcome in any vehicle for a lot of reasons. Registration can help you in the event of an accident by providing clear evidence of the incident, especially against those who do not tell the truth or want to defraud insurance companies.

In addition, impact and motion sensors can record even when you're not in the car. Besides all this, you can use the car camera to record the trip in a picturesque area.

The best car camera: what to look for

There are many important aspects to keep in mind when choosing the best car camera . Each model is a little different from the other, and some of them have certain functions that you can't find in competing models.

Car video cameras vary in price and usually the price reflects the number and quality of the functions present .

Cheap models have fewer features and lower resolution, while more expensive models usually offer advanced features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS antenna, a wider shooting angle and a better image sensor.

Image quality

A car camera equipped with HD sensor means that you can capture images with perfect details. A high definition car camera offers a minimum resolution of 720p, thus being able to distinguish the registration number of cars involved in an accident or the beautiful landscape of a picturesque road.

Many models offer HD recording , but check that the resolution offered is 720p or 1080p (Full HD), not just 480p. Some car camera models also offer the ability to record better images at night or in low light areas.

Recording functions

The Best Car Camera 1 The best car camera usually records directly to a detachable SD card and / or uses loop recording. For car cameras that do not register in the loop, but offer the possibility to replace the storage medium, you will have to manage the storage space, being necessary to review the videos and delete the ones that are not necessary to free up storage space.

Car cameras that use loop recording will automatically record new footage over old files available in chronological order. In this case you do not have to delete or format the SD card manually.

For sequences that you do not want to be deleted, you can mark them specially and they will not be overwritten in the recording loop. This is useful when you want to keep a certain incident and want to continue recording.

Some car camcorder models are equipped with impact and motion sensors . These sensors automatically start recording when they detect movement, and in the event of an impact, they will continue recording after it for a predefined interval.

In addition, mark the event in the registration isotrix so you can review it later. This feature is very useful when you need filmed evidence of an incident and to prevent it from being overwritten.

Advanced functions

Besides video recording, there are a multitude of advanced functions that can be equipped with the best car camera.

One of them is the GPS function . Besides the fact that it will help you get to a certain location, the GPS function of the car camera will record in the video file the route, location and speed. This feature will help you view route history and travel speeds even if you have not been on board the car.

In addition, it will remember your favorite routes and allow you to schedule them. The only downside is the increased size of the car camera to incorporate the GPS antenna, which you may dislike if you want discrete image recording.

Other advanced features depend on the budget allocated for the acquisition. We can list here the NFC tags and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for traffic alerts. Although a simple camera that simply records footage is often sufficient, these additional functions add increased comfort and ease of operation.

The best car camera will provide you with the one with the best functions and capabilities. The HD resolution will guarantee you a shooting with detailed images, while the loop recording ensures that you will record constantly and you will not miss any important moment.

Car cameras can monitor the car even when you are not in it using motion and impact sensors , as well as the GPS function that can record valuable information about the video.

Whether you want a simple car camera, or a model with advanced functions, the wide range of models on the market ensures that you will definitely find a model that suits your needs and desires .

The best car camera: recommendations

Taking into account the criteria presented above, but also the opinions of users, we still present some models of car cameras that offer an excellent quality / price ratio .

1. DOD LS470W + car camera, polarized filter, Full HD, 10x GPS

The Best Car Camera 2 DOD LS470W + is a full hd car camera that allows you to shoot at a real Full HD resolution, recording both the route traveled and the speed of your vehicle, the quality of the footage made being clearly superior to other car cameras with full hd interpolated resolutions .
The camera comes with a Polarized filter for high quality shooting at high brightness.
Shooting angle 150 degrees – Sharp 7G lens – 3 inch display.
G three-dimensional case sensor automatically saves footage in case of accident.

See details and price

2. DOD F520LS DVR car video camera, Full HD

The Best Car Camera 3 Sensor: 5 Mega pixels CMOS – Focus: 10cm – infinity.
Recording resolution: 1920 x 1080 (30fps) 1440 x 1080 (30fps) 1280 x 720 (60fps) 848 x 480 (60fps).
High-speed recording function: 1280 x 720 60fps.
G-sensor file protection – SOS file locking function.
Wide Angle Lens: 132 ° – Zoom: 8X Digital Zoom.
Display: 2.0 ″ LTPS TFT LCD.

See details and price

3. GeneralPlus L802 Car Mirror Camera

The Best Car Camera 4 Display: 4.3 ″ TFT LCD
Shooting Angle: 160 ° High Resolution
Lens: Wide-Angle
Resolution: 1080FHD 1920 × 1080 @ 30 fps / 720P 1280x720P @ 30fps
Functions: Motion Detection, G-Sensor, Recording Cycling, Audio Recording, Auto ON / OFF.

See details and price

4. iUni Dash 806 Dual Car Camera, Full HD, 12Mpx

The Best Car Camera 5 Audio-video recording at a Full HD resolution of 1920 × 1080 FHD
Filming at night is of the highest quality
PHOTO function (JPG), can take photos at a resolution of 12M.
It has a shooting angle of 170 degrees to capture as much detail as possible and a 2.5 Inch display on which you can view captured recordings or photos.
The "Parking Monitor" function is very useful when you want to park the vehicle.
G-Sensor (accelerometer) measures acceleration based on body inertia.

See details and price

5. Novatek T616 Car Video Camera display 3 ″ FullHD 1080P

The Best Car Camera 6

Novatek T616 Auto Video Camera helps you monitor traffic and avoid obstacles while driving.
It comes with a 3.0 TFT LDC Display screen and an 8 sqm camera, 140 degree shooting angle and ultra wide resolution lenses.
NightVision – Supports Real Night Vision while the car charger is turned on.
Main Functions: Motion Detection, G-Sensor, Cycling Recording, Audio Recording, Auto Power ON / OFF, AV Out, HDMI.

See details and price

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