The best dashcams for cars front and rear in 2021

Choosing a car room can be a really difficult task, because there is a huge variety of products and prices. To help you, we gathered some information from reports and tests made by experts, so we could choose the best 10 car cameras available on the market at the moment.




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The Best Car Rooms 2021


The Best Car Rooms 2021


The Best Car Rooms 2021 1


The Best Car Rooms 2021 2


The Best Car Rooms 2021 1


The Best Car Rooms 2021 2


The Best Car Rooms 2021 3


The Best Car Rooms 2021 4


The Best Car Rooms 2021 3


The Best Car Rooms 2021 4


In today's modern times, the presence of a good car camera in any car is a necessity. With the help of such an auto camera you will be able to have images from the road, and in case of a possible accident you will be able to demonstrate the actions. Also, the best car video camera can record for you the spectacular landscapes of your travels, without having to juggle driving and looking out of the car window. If you want to buy a cheap and good car camera and you don't know much about these devices, we present you the most important specific features of them. Thus, your dream of owning the best car camera on the commercial market becomes a reality.

Types of car rooms. Advantages and disadvantages.

When we talk about car cameras we refer to two main types of video cameras for the car, each model having both advantages and disadvantages:

Car video cameras for the interior

This camera model is one of the most used models by drivers due to its quality and the small space it occupies in the car.

Outdoor video cameras

The best dashcams for cars front and rear in 2021

These cameras are quite efficient, and their special design allows them to be attached to the rearview mirror. The advantages are diverse. Being created for the outdoors, these models are very resistant to mechanical shocks or difficult weather conditions. Their resistance to water, wind, dust or other external factors make them useful in any environment. The biggest disadvantage is the fairly high price compared to the first model. Look for quality models to fully enjoy the functions of a quality car camera according to your needs.

The technical characteristics of a quality car camera

Image quality

The best dashcams for cars front and rear in 2021 Image is one of the most important factors to consider when considering buying a car video camera. Choose a car camera with a video resolution of at least 720p HD to make sure you have clear enough images so that the license plates, makes and models of the cars are visible. This seemingly minor detail can make the difference when it comes to the visual quality of the camera, that's why it's the first technical aspect that we recommend you check.

Storage capacity

In terms of storage capacity, opt for models with at least 64GB of memory. Storage capacity correlates with camera resolution: high-resolution car cameras need more storage space will be needed to save recordings.

Built-in technology

The best car camera models have wide dynamic range (WDR) technology. They offer an extraordinary image regardless of the weather conditions and the movement of the car. This technology has three main functions that support the above performance:

  • Front light source – the camera's ability to shoot just as well even with the sun in front;
  • Low light mode – the camera's ability to shoot when the light is dimmed at any time of the day;
  • Night camera – is an extremely important function if you want extra security for the car at night.

Automatic opening and closing

The best dashcams for cars front and rear in 2021

Some car camera models can open automatically when the car is started and close when the car's engine stops. This feature is very useful, especially if you travel often and are always in a hurry. Get rid of extra worry!

The size of the car room

We recommend that you focus on a car room that is as compact as possible. You can install such a room wherever you want without confusing your visibility or storing it without taking up too much space when you are no longer using it.

Room price

This criterion for choosing the car camera is directly proportional to the number of built-in functions and the quality of the filming. Choose, first of all, starting from your individual needs. If you buy a car room only for traffic safety you can choose a cheaper model, but if you want a room with additional functions we recommend you to make a more substantial financial investment.

Additional functions and options

The more car cameras have additional functions and options, the more important its performance will be, and the more satisfied you will be with the investment. Here are some of these features:

The best dashcams for cars front and rear in 2021

  • Wi-Fi function – an important function for any car camera, because it helps you to transmit live camera images directly to your phone. It is an additional option extremely useful for making transfers from one device to another or for initiating live streams when driving the car;
  • G sensor and Night Mode – these functions are also very useful for night vision; The G-sensor detects the impact, and in the event of an accident, comes into operation and protects the video files so that it can be used further as evidence at the police or in court;
  • Shooting angle – is a serious option to consider: the larger the shooting angle , the wider the image and the more content, essential detail given the purpose of its subsequent use.

Choosing the best car room

With the necessary technical information, the purchase of the best car camera for you no longer seems such an intangible unknown. We recommend that you start comparing existing camera models on the online marketplace. This way you will save valuable time and get an overview of the offers available. As it is a long-term investment, we advise you not to choose the cheapest models so as not to be disappointed by their performance. Also, the orientation towards the products made by well-known brands in the field can be an important advantage, because these companies are more attentive to the quality of the manufacturing materials and to the constant incorporation of the technology in their products. Even a long warranty of at least two years can be a good reason to choose them. Good luck and inspiration in choosing the best audio camera for you!

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