The best decorative cooker hood for your kitchen

How do you choose the best decorative kitchen hood? What functions and features should a decorative hood fit your needs? Read our guide and choose what is important to you!

Why choose a decorative kitchen hood?

The Best Decorative Hood The best decorative kitchen hood is conventionally called the kitchen ventilation device and is designed not only to remove steam and grease from fried or cigarette smoke and harmful microparticles, but also to display the modern, functional and elegant art that this device gives it.

These decorative hoods are chosen by people who want to have not only an appliance with a good technique of quality characteristics, but also are concerned with the aesthetics, style and beauty of the kitchen.

Beautiful, laconic, with lines that fit perfectly with the interior of a modern kitchen, decorative kitchen hood, due to its aesthetic appearance and engine power, will not only bring benefits to the interior but will also add elegance. Modern housewives are convinced that a kitchen without a hood is not called a kitchen.

A decorative hood will not only give an elegant and very modern look to any kitchen, but will keep the walls and ceiling clean and the kitchen furniture will no longer be full of smoke or grease. In general, these consequences can be observed visually, and there can be no question of smell and polluted air.

How to choose the best decorative hood

Today, the market offers a wide range of models of decorative hotels that fall into different price ranges. This aspect makes you think of the most rational combination of prices and product quality to choose the best hood that offers certain kitchen facilities.

In general, decorative hotels have a pleasant design, focused on the appearance of the kitchen. Usually these devices have both a larger size and a higher absorption power. Hotels, whether decorative or not, are mounted above the cooking surface and are equipped with a telescopic basket that can extend to the ceiling.

These devices have the function of eliminating unpleasant odors, smoke, harmful particles and steam from the room.
Decorative hotels are interested in people who are concerned with the modern and elegant appearance of the kitchen.

The design of the decorative hood can be chosen according to the design of the kitchen. It can be placed in the middle of the kitchen, if the cooking surface is there or on the wall if the space does not allow you to place the cooking space in the middle.

Exhaust hood or recirculation hood

The Best Decorative Hood 1 Regardless of the model, all hotels are designed to clean the air in the kitchen space. This method is performed by one of two methods, namely: recirculating air filtration method and ventilation or exhaust method. Current models of decorative kitchen hoods are often equipped with both action systems.

Decorative hotels with evacuation

In exhaust hotels, the extractor fan draws in the polluted air and evacuates it outside the home. It is attracted through a vent, so that it can then be released into the external environment. The advantage of this type of hood is that a large amount of polluted air is eliminated and if you want to consume less electricity, it can work based on natural draft.

Decorative hotels with recirculation

The operating principle of hotels with recirculation is slightly different from that of hotels with evacuation. The extractor fan attracts the polluted air by passing it through a filtration system and then releasing it cleaned back into the kitchen. The advantage of this type of hood is that it is very easy and very simple to install and is the only option if you do not have a wall facing the outside or you can not create an escape space for various reasons.

Decorative hood filters

Hood filters are designed to filter fats and oils or smoke that are released during cooking. Therefore, the kitchen hood requires the installation of a filter that does not allow this grease to pass directly into the engine. These filters can be disposable or reusable.

Washable filters are made of aluminum and can be removed for cleaning after a certain period of use. Their cleaning is very simple, requiring only hot water and detergent or special solution, if necessary.

Disposable filters are not washed. They only need to be replaced when they are loaded with too much fat.

The functions of the decorative hood

The Best Decorative Hood 2 The first function of the kitchen hood is to eliminate the smoke, grease and steam resulting from cooking. This can be done with the engines they are equipped with. Some hoods are equipped with a single engine and others with two engines.

Then you need to have an LED or Halogen lighting system to see the work surface much better. The control panel can be placed front or under the housing. The gear and lighting control buttons are located on the control panel.

Absorption power

The standard absorption power is about 500 m3 / hour. For efficiency, this absorption power is calculated according to the size of the kitchen.

Service and warranty

Every product sold receives a quality guarantee that lasts at least 24 months. The warranty is normally included in the price. In case of a manufacturing defect, you can go with the warranty to the service with which the store has concluded a collaboration contract.

The best decorative hood: recommendations

Taking into account the tips in the article, analyzing the existing offer and the opinions of buyers, we still recommend some models of decorative hoods that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Hood KÜGERR D 100 60cm – Absorption Power 983 m3 / h

The Best Decorative Hood 3 High Absorption Power (983 m3 / h).
D-Block Locking System – To prevent dirt and dust from entering the exhaust basket.
Deep Silent Modes – 5 Speed Levels
Energy Saving Ratio up to 65%.
Digital – Screen Control – Filter Cleaning Warning
Filters that can be washed in the Dishwasher
Automatic Shutdown Programming – Stainless Steel Completely Stainless

See details and price

2. Bosch DWW09W450 decorative built-in hood

The Best Decorative Hood 4 Decorative hood: wall mounting, which offers flexibility in kitchen design.
Exhaust capacity: 410 m³ / h, ensures rapid cooling of the air in the kitchen.
Turbine with 2 air circuits, high power.
Halogen lighting: optimal and economical lighting.
Very quiet: high performance at only 53 dB.
Metal grease filter (can be cleaned in the dishwasher).

See details and price

3. Decorative built-in hood Whirlpool AKR 037 G BL

The Best Decorative Hood 5

Innovative technology, special features and easy-to-use controls for easy use of the hood.
Easy control – The control panel has a simple and easy to use analog interface.
The Whirlpool hood has three speeds, which gives you full control over its performance.
Thanks to the peripheral suction technology, the cooking steam is absorbed on the outer edge of the hood and not through the fat filter in the middle.

See details and price

4. Hansa OKP631TH decorative built-in hood

The Best Decorative Hood 6 Turbine fan performance: 700 m³ / h.
Lighting: 2 × 20 W with halogen. On any model, the lamp can be turned on even if the fan is not running.
Grease filter, aluminum: 2.
Control system: Soft-Touch control buttons.
Number of gears: 3 – You can adjust the power of the hood according to the amount of food prepared.

See details and price

5. Heinner DCH-650GX decorative built-in hood

The Best Decorative Hood 7

Maximum absorption power: 643 m3 / h.
3 gears – Push buttons
Motor: 1 x 190W
Washable aluminum filter
Material: stainless steel + glass
Exhaust pipe diameter: 150 mm
Lighting lamp: 2 x 2W LED

See details and price

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