the best drawing tablet for animation in 2021

The best graphics tablet – Our recommendations for 2021

For art students or anyone passionate about drawing, whether practicing at a hobby or professional level, nowadays, a graphics tablet is very useful. Wacom Cintiq 16 is one of our choices for this year, as it comes with an equally powerful pen, and the user’s creative freedom is almost infinite, due to the 8192 levels of sensitivity to pressing or tilting the pen. It has a long connection cable, 1.8, and the disply is large enough (344 x 194 mm) to work easily. An attractive option for those who wish can also be the XP-PEN Star G430S model .

Comparison table

It is a graphics tablet with advanced functions, ideal for those who want to perform, with 8192 levels of sensitivity when you put pressure with the pen or draw tilted, it is offered with the pen, has USB and HDMI interface, plus it has an anti-glare layer , to have the feeling, when you use it, that you are in front of a real page.

It is a professional product, so you should expect to take a slightly larger amount out of pocket for its purchase.

It is ideal for those who want to make technical drawings, illustrations, digital sketches, whether it is a hobby or they do it professionally.

This tablet is very appreciated for the good results it offers, it can be used for drawing, sketching, handwriting, etc., with a resolution of 5080 lpi and a pencil with 8192 pressure points. It is easily held in one hand and can be used comfortably by both right-handed and left-handed people.

It is not the best option for people who need a tablet of generous size, because this model is a compact one.

It is a small tablet, with a good resolution and precision worthy of appreciation, which is comfortable to use.

The device is one dedicated to professionals, being easy to activate a lot of functions, because it has a multi-touch screen and comes with a pen that provides 2048 pressure levels. It is a gadget that also has buttons, which can be programmed to have the necessary functions at hand most often.

The budget you will have to allocate for this model must be more generous, because it is more expensive than other options on the list.

If you want a multi-touch graphics tablet, with programmable, wireless buttons, generous dimensions and 2048 pressure points, see this model.

How to choose a good graphics tablet

Buyer’s guide

Graphics tablets are less popular devices among regular consumers, but interest in them is starting to grow. And how else, given the benefits it brings. According to most opinions about the best graphics tablets, coming from users, they are useful both for beginners, for those who want a new tool for drawing or editing pictures, and especially for professionals working in graphic design or are photographers and use image editing programs such as Photoshop.

The product has a work surface that you will draw with the help of a stylus, and the final result can be observed either directly on the device or on the personal computer screen. If you are still wondering why they are so important, find out that through these accessories you will be able to draw, color, edit images and videos, you will be able to create graphics and even digitize handwriting.

If you have ever tried to process an image, it means that you are familiar with the difficulty with which you sometimes move the mouse, as well as with the mistakes you can make, because you do not have total control over it. On tablets, this problem disappears as you adjust to the type of movement it entails.

So, whether you are interested in finding out where other people can find graphics tablets at a good price, or simply want to learn more about their usefulness, we recommend that you read the shopping guide below.

the best drawing tablet for animation in 2021

Dimensions: When we talk about this selection parameter we refer to the sizes of the sides of the tablet, as well as those of the work surface. Usually, in online stores you will find this information specified in inches on the diagonal or in page values, A5, A6, etc.

You must remember that the right one for you is the model that corresponds to your needs, but it is necessary to be compatible with the computer screen you are working on, given that the sheet on the tablet will mimic the one opened in the program you are working on. At the same time, the differences between the small and the large variants are often related to the price, and not to the performances, which are influenced by the user’s skill and experience.

The wider or longer the object, the larger the space in which you will draw or edit. On the other hand, lower values also mean higher portability, because the device will fit more easily and will be easier when you carry it.

If all you want is to tweak the mistakes that escaped your editing programs or make different drawings, then a smaller tablet might be right for you. But, if you do digital painting, graphic illustrations or activities that involve 3D organic modeling techniques, in which you will need to enlarge the screen (zoom) to observe details, then a larger size is welcome. Therefore, an A4 surface or one with a diagonal of 27-30 ″ will be more useful.

Pressure sensitivity: It is the one that dictates how much control you can have over the lines coming out of the pencil, and each product specifies how many pressure levels it has.

Progressively, depending on the degree of pressing, you can determine the intensity of the drawn lines, the amount of color, the amplitude of the tools used, you can make fine edits of the contours of the pictures, you can edit shadows and delete or blur elements in the image.

To better understand the importance of this aspect, it is enough to imagine that you are writing with a pencil. You will see that you can make at most 3, 4 lines of different thicknesses, depending on how pressed you draw. With a simpler tablet, you will have over 500 pressure levels, and a professional one will exceed 2000. In addition, you will be able to make matte, continuous or discontinuous contours, shades and much more.

Facilities and accessories: They vary from model to model, but most are equipped with a pencil, a mouse, touch screen, a holder to hold the object tilted, USB cable, a cover, an LCD screen, photo editing programs and graphics, etc.

Although the latest tablet models have taken over from the pencil functions, it still has a button for tilt sensitivity, useful when you want to make rounded shapes. Also, if it doesn’t come with the package, you may want to invest in some replacement tips, which will grind faster at first, but will last longer as the surface will level.

Also, a USB cable to make the connection between the device and the computer becomes necessary, especially if the product is not equipped with bluetooth. The ones with touchscreen will help you especially if you are used to processing pictures, because you will be able to enlarge, reduce or rotate the image by simply moving your fingers.

In addition, for those equipped with multitouch technology you can do all this simultaneously, if you have the necessary skill. Remember that when looking for the right product, check the operating systems with which the tablet is compatible, as some may be universal, while others may not.

the best drawing tablet for animation in 2021

Price: is influenced by the performance of the product. A tablet with fewer functions is only good for those who are using this device for the first time and need a period of adjustment, in which to get used to the pencil-image movement.

In addition, they do not require a very large investment, and they can be used by children. The most expensive, professional ones are suitable for experienced illustrators and designers. But, no matter what category you fall into, try to buy a tablet made by one of the manufacturers that have already made a name for themselves on the market, such as Wacon or Genius, in whose quality you can trust.

In conclusion, if you want to significantly reduce the time you spend using the mouse, when working in various editing programs, now you know that this possibility is viable. All you have to do is go to the place where other users can find graphics tablets at good prices, ie online.

On the internet, you will find a wide range of products to choose from, and the offers are much richer, compared to those in regular stores. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the tools below to see what they have to offer. They are among the most popular and are presented in hierarchical order.

Recommended models in 2021

Wacom Cintiq 16

the best drawing tablet for animation in 2021 Wacom Cintiq 16 is one of the best graphics tablets you can buy at the moment, especially if you have decided to make your drawings public and even get a job in the field.

What attracts her, besides the compact design, easy to use and handle, is the performance it offers when it comes to creative freedom. We say this with the 8192 pressure levels with which you can create different shape by pressure and tilt of the pen.

The pen is also included in the offer and is very light, weighing only 15 grams, so you will not get tired of drawing. It has a large display (work surface), 344 x 194 mm, weighs less than 2 kg, and on the interface you will find connection ports via USB and HDMI. In addition, the screen is treated, with an anti-glare layer, so as not to shine excessively when the world is dearer to you and you need clarity and good readability.


XP-PEN Star G430S

the best drawing tablet for animation in 2021

If you want a graphics tablet that you can easily take with you when needed, we recommend this model. This is a non-display version, which means that you will not see on its screen what is happening, but only that of the computer you are using. That being said, if you are at the beginning of the road, it may take some time for you to learn to coordinate everything.

The tablet is one that can be easily used even holding it in your hand, because it has small dimensions. It measures 130 x 107 x 2 mm, and the active surface is 4 x 3 inches (101.6 x 76.2 mm). For the best clarity of sketches, drawings, etc., the resolution offered will be 5080 lpi. The pencil included in the package works with a very good precision, having 8192 pressure points, and the reading speed is 266 pps.

As for the interface, it is USB 2.0, being compatible with versions not older than Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS X 10.10. The tablet can also be used with famous graphic applications, such as Photoshop, Painter, Corel Painter, etc. It can be positioned in such a way that it can be used by both right-handers and left-handers and is black.


Wacom Intuos Pro M

the best drawing tablet for animation in 2021

This professional graphics tablet at a good price is intended for people who are engaged in digital painting activities, Photoshop processing, 3D modeling, etc. In other words, it is addressed to experienced people, and the product will not disappoint. First of all, it offers a great deal of flexibility, thanks to the wireless technology that saves you from the presence of cables on the work table. Then, it allows a lot of control in handling, because, with the help of the multi-touch screen, you will be able to make zoom and pan movements, without having to use the mouse. Moreover, on the left side you will find eight control buttons, which allow you to execute commands, directly, without clicking on the program you are working on, thus shortening the working time.

The tablet has an ergonomic design, as it is an ambidextrous model, so you can use it with the same ease, whether you are right-handed or left-handed. At the same time, its biggest advantage is represented by the 2048 pressure levels that the sensitive pen can capture. Thus, not only will you have a lot of freedom of movement and creativity, but the results will be very close to those you would get by traditional means.

The sizes are also slightly larger, the device weighing 990 g and dimensions of 380 x 251 x 12 mm, while the active surface is generous, having 224 x 140 mm. The product is compatible with Windows (8, 7 and Vista) and Mac (OS X 10.6.8) platforms. It comes with many accessories, including a pencil holder, spare tips, USB cable, installation CD and a mini-user guide.


It has 2048 pen pressure levels.

It is a professional model, specially designed for advanced graphic design activities.

The screen is multi-touch, offering great freedom of navigation.

It is very flexible, being provided with wireless.

It has a very generous active surface, of 224 x 140 mm.

It has eight control buttons that can be programmable.


The purchase offer is higher compared to the other products presented in this list.


XP-PEN Artist 22 PRO

the best drawing tablet for animation in 2021

XP-PEN Artist 22 PRO is a high performance graphics tablet. It will amaze you from the first contact, by the fact that it has its own display, which means that it will be much easier for you to use it. This is a very generous size, measuring 476.64 x 268.11 mm. It is a model on which you will easily notice all the details you need to make sketches, drawings and other such activities in the best conditions.

For a pleasant experience, full of clarity, the resolution it works with is 5080 lpi. The pencil you will use is also a very high-performance one, with 8192 pressure levels and a reading speed of 266 pps. The device is compatible with very popular graphics applications, such as Photoshop, Corel Painter, ZBrush and with operating systems newer or equal to Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS X 10.10.

You will need a generous space for this tablet, because it measures 517 x 321 x 30 mm, being a variant that must be placed permanently on a stable surface. It is black and comes with a flexible stand, to adjust it as comfortably as possible. It has USB 2.0 and HDMI interface.


XP-PEN Artist 12 Pro

the best drawing tablet for animation in 2021

The performance that this graphics tablet can have are given by some very important details: the resolution is 5080 lpi, the pencil has 8192 pressure levels, the screen resolution is Full HD, and the interface is USB 2.0, to be compatible with as many computers, as long as they have operating systems at least equal to Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS X 10.10.

This graphics tablet comes with two important accessories – a support for the device itself, which can be adjusted to tilt up to 60 degrees and a pen accessory, which will protect the tip and keep it in place. better conditions. It is black in color, being easy to integrate on any desk.

Regarding the dimensions, we are talking about a fairly large tablet, which has 351.52 x 225.38 x 12.9 mm and which offers an active surface of 256.32 x 144.18 mm. In order to have an even more pleasant experience, on the side you will also find buttons, which can be customized as you wish, in order to always have the most popular functions at hand.


Wacom Intuos S

the best drawing tablet for animation in 2021

This tablet is dedicated to those who want a model that will help them make simple and fast graphic drawings, sketches, handwriting, coloring and so on. At first, it may seem a bit more difficult to use, because it has no display, but you can see on the computer screen what you are doing. It is compatible with newer Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.11 operating systems.

The model is one that connects to the desired device via Bluetooth technology, to get rid of wires, but if you want, you can also use a USB cable. Regarding the more technical features, you should know that the resolution is 2540 lpi, and the reading speed of the pencil is 133 pps. The latter has 4096 pressure points, feels very natural in the hand and is very easy to control.

210 x 169 x 11 mm are the total dimensions of this gadget. It offers an active surface of 152 x 95 mm. It is not a model of generous sizes, but a compact one, which can be easily used even if it is held in the hand, the weight being only 250 grams. At the top there are a series of buttons that can provide you with the most frequently accessed functions.


XP-PEN Deco 02

the best drawing tablet for animation in 2021

It doesn’t matter if you write with your left or right hand, this graphics tablet can be adapted so that it is right for you. It has dimensions of 362 x 210 x 9 mm, so it will have to be placed on the desk, on a straight surface, because it is more demanding to use it in your hand. It is black, with a white wheel on the side.

The active surface of this tablet is 25.4 x 14.3 cm, so you will have enough space to create and write. But it is not a display of its own, but what you do will be seen on the computer screen. This aspect is not exactly pleasant especially for beginners, because it can take them some time to learn to coordinate everything well.

This tablet is a high-performance one, which has a resolution of 5080 lpi. It comes with a comfortable pencil that can be adjusted in terms of writing thickness. It is a very precise model, working with 8192 pressure levels and having a reading speed of 266 pps. You will notice on the side of the tablet that there are 6 programmable buttons, but also a multifunctional wheel, in order to have a pleasant and simple experience.


Wacom One Small

the best drawing tablet for animation in 2021

Wacom One Small is a tablet without a display, so before you decide to buy it, think about whether it will be easy or difficult for you to use it, because you have to get used to working on it, because the results can be observed only on a computer screen. It has a USB 2.0 interface to connect to another device and is compatible with versions that have Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

This tablet is one that will give you decent results, being recommended especially to those who want to learn to work with such a gadget. It has a resolution of 2540 lpi and a pencil that offers a reading speed of 133 pps and 2048 pressure levels. The pencil is an ergonomic one, which will be very pleasant to use.

Regarding the total dimensions, they are 210 x 146 x 8.7 mm, and the active surface offered is 152 x 95 mm. The total weight of the tablet is 251 grams, it is quite simple to use even if you hold it in your hand. It is also very interesting from the point of view of the general appearance, having one face in black and another in red.


Trust Panora widescreen

the best drawing tablet for animation in 2021 Our next proposal is described as a graphic tablet at a good price, specially designed for beginners, who thus have the opportunity to get used to what a digital graphic tool means; one of the most appreciated advantages it offers is related to the large work surface of 250 x 150 mm, which gives you the freedom to incorporate as many details as possible.

Suitable for use with both the left and right hands, the tablet includes very easy-to-access control options for zooming, scrolling, activating various writing or erasing tools, and so on. The graphic pen has 2048 levels of sensitivity, switching from one color intensity to another, or from one thickness to another of the lines, making it fluid and intuitive.

The pen is designed to be comfortable to use; thanks to the two integrated buttons, you will no longer feel the need to use the mouse. It is powered by batteries, which is considered advantageous by some users, annoying by others.


It is one of the most affordable graphics tablets on the market.

It offers a large work surface, so that all the desired details fit smoothly.

Free compatible software, easy to download and install.

USB interface for connection to computer.


It is a piece suitable for beginners, who after accumulating a sufficient experience will feel the need to move to a superior version.


Genius MousePen I405X

the best drawing tablet for animation in 2021

Another graphic tablet offered by one of the renowned manufacturers is the Genius product. This is very useful for amateurs, who want to draw efficiently and write handwritten notes or emails, documents and the like.

You will have great freedom of movement, thanks to the wireless pen, which works on AAA batteries, and when you no longer use it, you will be able to place it in the small storage holder, which is attached to one side of the tablet. . You will have the same freedom in terms of creativity of shapes and designs, as the pencil has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, so you will be able to draw lines of different shapes and intensities. The interface connects via USB cable, and the accessory is compatible with Widows 7, Vista and XP, and Macintosh OS X 10.3.5.

The device has increased portability, weighing only 348 grams, while its dimensions are 200 x 199 x 10.3 mm. At the same time, the work surface is large enough for writing and drawing, having 140 mm in length and 102 mm in width. In addition, through the 28 control buttons, which are arranged around the work frame, you will be able to program the functions you use most often, so that you always have them at hand.


It is efficient, thanks to the 28 programmable control buttons.

The active surface is 140 x 102 mm, large enough for writing and drawing.

The pencil works on a wireless basis, offering high maneuverability.

It is portable, based on its small size (200 x 199 x 10.3 mm) and light weight (348 g).

It is purchased at a very advantageous price.

There is a storage space for the pencil.


It is a product that addresses amateur users.


»Here you can find recommendations from previous years

Other recommended products currently unavailable:

Wacom Bamboo

If you happen to be wondering which is the best graphics tablet that you could use both for hobby activities and for those related to work (writing texts, writing e-mails, etc.), find out that the product Bamboo from Wacom is a valuable candidate.

With this you will be able to make digital documents with great ease, as it allows a wide range of movements (from click, scroll, rotate, browse, zoom, etc.), which you can make intuitively. Another reason that favors these occupations is represented by the 512 sensitivity levels of the pencil. Of course, keep in mind that they are perfect for writing and navigating, but they are insufficient for more complicated drawings and sketches. The active surface is 11.5 x 7.8 cm.

The thin shape of the tablet, only 17.7 mm, will make the user experience close to that of a normal writing. Its ergonomic design is also rendered by the lift at the upper end, which contributes to its ease of use. And if you need another reason to convince yourself of this benefit, find out that the pen weighs only 5 grams.

Wacom Bamboo is a tablet with a high portability, being provided with wireless, which allows you to work without being conditioned by the length of a wire. The configuration mode is very simple, because all you have to do is connect the tablet via the USB dongle radio, which will look for the signal coming from your PC or Mac and make the connection.


It is ergonomic, based on its slim shape and high end.

It is purchased at a very satisfactory price.

Attractive design, with the possibility to choose between four colors (green, blue, purple, black).

It has high portability, thanks to its size and low weight (150 g).

It offers great freedom of movement, thanks to wireless technology


It has 512 levels of sensitivity, suitable for digital writing, but insufficient for more complicated drawing and other activities related to graphic design.

Wacom Intuos

If you are an amateur draftsman who wants to move his work from paper to digital, this cheap and good Wacom tablet is a very useful way to learn and gain experience. One of its advantages is the fine texture of the drawing surface, which gives the impression that you are working on a real paper, which will help you a lot during the adaptation period to the device.

Then, the pencil is equipped with two control buttons and is able to detect 1024 pressure levels exerted by the hand, so you can easily switch from delicate lines to thick cough. Also, in the two upper corners of the tablet, on a white portion, there are two programmable buttons, which you can customize, so that you have at your disposal the commands you use most often in the programs you work in. .

The object has a high portability, weighing very little (290 g). Its active surface is 152 x 95 mm, being quite roomy for drawing, coloring and editing activities, while the resolution is 2540 lip, and the reading speed of the pencil is 133 pps.

The product is powered by the USB port, and it is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems, as well as with Mac OS X 10.8.5. In addition, it is designed to be used by right-handed and left-handed people.


The price offer is very affordable.

The pencil captures 1024 pressure levels.

It is equipped with four programmable buttons, which can be customized.

The work surface is quite spacious, measuring 152 x 95 mm.


The pencil does not come bundled with replacement tips, so you will have to make an extra investment.

Wacom Intuos Pro S

We are talking about a practical and intuitive graphics tablet, available in 3 size variants: 158 x 98 mm, 224 x 148 mm, respectively 311 x 216 mm. If you do not know which one to choose, the opinion of specialists is that a large work surface significantly eases your task and allows you more precision, but it must of course be correlated with the investment you are willing to make.

Given the existence of a multi-touch display, your work is much easier, because you will be able to pan with a simple movement, or customize your available shortcuts. Wireless technology saves you from forever tangled and unsightly cables, and compatibility with Windows and Mac allows you to enjoy this tablet without the limitations imposed by the system already owned.

The active surface is nondisplay type; the pencil has 2048 pressure levels, and its ergonomic shape allows you to enjoy the same level of control and a movement as natural as in the case of traditional art instruments. Another advantage of the tablet is that it is easy to accessorize, there is a wide range of compatible additional products, so that your expressiveness has more freedom of movement.


It is a cheap and good graphics tablet, which offers average performance for an affordable price.

Available in 3 size variants.

Equipped with wireless technology for more independence in use.

It has a sensitive and ergonomic pencil and allows accessorizing with other parts you may need.


The experienced user may find that the tip dulls quickly; Fortunately, there are affordable peaks.

Genius MousePen I608X

Among the best graphics tablets is the product from Genius, which is one of the manufacturers that are appreciated on the market for the quality offered. First of all, the device has a very generous work surface of 203 x 152 mm, which corresponds to the dimensions of the monitor. When you install it, you will need to make sure that you have enough space without the computer, as the device has a length of 300 mm, a width of 264 mm and a thickness of only 24 mm.

The pencil has two control buttons and is not fixed by wire, which gives you great freedom of movement. Moreover, the offer includes two exchange tips, as well as a mouse, which is provided with three buttons, which will make navigating through documents and site pages efficient. At the same time, the object is equipped with 29 programmable buttons, which will make your work easier, as you will be able to do certain actions without having to enter the program you are editing.

In addition, the pencil reaches 1024 pressure levels, allowing you high control over the thickness and shape of the lines, and the resolution is 2560 lp. The product has a USB port, is powered by AAA batteries and is compatible with Windows 7, XP and Vista and Macintosh OS X 10.3.5.


The purchase price is relatively cheap.

The product is offered by a famous and appreciated manufacturer on the market.

It has 1024 sensitivity levels.

It has 29 programmable buttons.

The pencil works wirelessly.

It has a large work surface of 203 x 152 mm.

The package includes a pencil and a mouse, both equipped with wireless.


The light color of the instrument is easy to get dirty.

Wacom Cintiq 13HD

One of the best graphics tablets on the market must be accompanied by a good quality pencil, and the one we offer you has no less than 2048 pressure levels and tilt sensor which, together with the ergonomic design, comfortable for any size of hand, gives you a greater degree of control. In addition, you have 10 different pens and storage space for them.

The tablet itself is a piece with a 13-inch screen, so that your projects can be well viewed. Compatible with Windows and Mac, it can be used regardless of the type of home computer and, in addition to the compact design, it provides you with a 3-in-1 cable with USB, HDMI and power sockets.

The resolution indicated by the manufacturer is 5080 lpi; active surface measures 299 x 171 mm. The system compatibility is high, it can be used on virtually any modern computer. But one of the most appreciated features it offers is related to the customizable Express keys, the options for optimizing the system being enviable.


It offers appreciable system performance, suitable for both beginners and the most experienced.

Compatible with Mac and Windows, it can be used with virtually any computer.

Accompanied by a graphic pencil with excellent performance.

It offers numerous facilities for optimizing and customizing keys.


For ease of use, it is recommended to attach to a keyboard or keypad.

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