The best ebook readers comparison in 2021

Choosing an ebook can be a really difficult task, because there is a huge variety of products and prices. To help you, we've gathered some information from expert reports and tests so we can pick the 10 best ebooks available on the market right now.




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The Best Ebook 2021


The Best Ebook 2021


The Best Ebook 2021 1


The Best Ebook 2021 1


The Best Ebook 2021 2


The Best Ebook 2021 2


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The Best Ebook 2021 3


For those who love reading, buying a cheap and good ebook reader is a necessity and not a fad. This modern gadget is a device that displays the digitized version of the text, allowing for an optimal reading experience. The best ebook readers have several important qualities: they are light, portable, with a compact design and high battery life that allows you to read thousands of pages with just one charge.

Also, the best e-book readers have Wi-Fi connection or 3G or 4G data connection, but also access to tens of thousands of new book titles that can be read this way. However, the buyer's difficulty is to choose a cheap and good ebook reader from the multitude of existing models on the market. Therefore, we thought of offering you a guide of recommendations to help you in this endeavor.

Criteria for choosing a quality ebook reader

Ease of reading the text

The best ebook readers comparison in 2021

Certainly the ease of reading a text is an essential criterion by which we should choose an ebook reader. This is also the main reason for choosing the ebook reader at the expense of a simple tablet.

The e-ink screens of ebook readers are anti-reflection which allows you to read comfortably even in tighter conditions such as less bright spaces or in direct sunlight. For better visibility, choose an ebook reader with a front light source. Also consider other important parameters, namely:

  • screen resolution – the higher it is the more readable the text will be;
  • touchscreen capabilities of the screen – makes it easy to navigate the contents of books without other buttons dedicated to these operations.
  • reading function in landscape mode – can help read the text more easily.


The best ebook readers comparison in 2021 Another very important criterion that you must take into account in your choice is the portability of the ebook reader. A quality device must be compact, durable and especially light, to be easily worn in any location. To be satisfied with the choice made you should take into account the size, weight and casing of an ebook reader. Expandable memory slots are also useful if you want to store books on your device for later reading. Don't forget the battery life, which should be at least a few weeks, but also the Wi-Fi connection that allows you to download new books when possible.

Availability of e-books

A great advantage that is worth buying an ebook reader is the ease with which you can download books in electronic format. The best e-reading devices have integrated a virtual store with thousands of e-books that you can access directly from your device. In addition, you can access the reading of important newspapers and magazines or listen to an audiobook through a headphone jack. Some ebook readers even allow you to borrow books in electronic format from your local library.

Another not to be neglected detail, especially if you want to read in various foreign languages, check if the desired ebook reader supports multilingual materials.

Screen type

Choosing the right ebook for you also depends on the type of display. There are two main types of display on the commercial market, each with its own specific characteristics. Thus we have:

E-Ink display

This common type of display is found in most ebook readers for its considerable advantages: it recognizes 16 shades of gray, the background is the color of old paper, and the contrast is very high to allow easier reading.

Paperwhite display (300 dpi)

This type of display involves built-in light, with a very light gray background, almost white. Its very high contrast allows an ideal adaptation to the external brightness. If you are used to reading at night, we recommend choosing an ebook reader that has a built-in light with a paperwhite display. Their disadvantage is a higher battery consumption during operation.

Additional features and options

As with any electronic device, the more features an ebook reader has, the better. For example:

The best ebook readers comparison in 2021

  • the warranty offered by the manufacturer, which must be at least 12 months, to ensure that you do not have to change the product in the event of a manufacturing defect.
  • synchronizing the content of the ebook reader with other devices , computer or phone is essential in its choice;
  • content options such as – the ability to adjust fonts, the inclusion of an integrated dictionary as well as the ability to annotate or bookmark are additional features that can make your life easier;
  • the possibility of adjusting the light intensity – if it is cold and tires the eye after a prolonged reading;
  • water resistance – is a useful option especially if you want to use the device at the pool or at sea; thus, accidents to drop the device no water is no longer a problem for users;
  • bluetooth option – extremely useful for transferring books from your phone or computer.

Choosing the best ebook reader is easier than it seems at first glance

With this relevant technical information, choosing the best ebook reader for you becomes a simple formality. On the commercial market in Romania there are various product offers, and an aspect not to be neglected is the fact that their price has dropped significantly in the last 2-3 years. We recommend that you analyze these offers in the online environment because you will gain valuable time while you will have quick access to a large number of products, as diverse as possible. In addition, you can benefit from advantageous offers offered by online purchases and free home delivery.

So, regardless of the large number of selection criteria or the budget you have at your disposal, it is more than certain that you have the chance to buy the right ebook reader. Simple and a few clicks away.

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