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How do you choose the best electric floor convector? What functions and features should the electric convector have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Electric Floor Convector With the arrival of the cold season, it is time to take an interest in the best heating method, so that your home continues to be as comfortable as possible throughout the winter.

In homes where a permanent heating system does not exist or cannot be installed, there are alternatives on the market that do not need to be incorporated into the home to heat it.

These include the electric floor convector . This appliance is able to heat even large rooms in a relatively short time.

If you are thinking of buying one, Find out in this article how to choose the best electric floor convector ?

Why choose the best electric floor convector?

In addition to the electric floor convector, there are other cheap alternatives on the market for heating the house, including the electric radiator or the oil or electric radiator, and even another type of convector, the wall.

Regardless of your choice, all variants have several advantages and disadvantages . The electric floor convector we are talking about today has the advantage of heating the room very quickly . Its principle of operation involves aspirating cold air from below, filtering it if necessary, heating and distributing it in the room .

Unlike the electric wall convector, the electric floor convector is portable and can be easily transported from one room to another, or even inside the same room. Also, compared to the electric radiator or electric radiator that are suitable for small or medium rooms, the electric floor convector is suitable for heating large spaces .

Although it manages to heat the air very quickly, the heat does not resist when the appliance is switched off. Also, unlike the radiator, it does not distribute heat oscillatingly but only in one direction.

How to choose the best electric floor convector

Under these conditions it may seem difficult to figure out if an electric floor convector is right for your needs, or it may be difficult to choose the best one . Although it does not cost much, the best electric convector must last more than one winter.

The Best Electric Floor Convector 1 That is why it is necessary to be sure that you are making an investment that you can enjoy many years from now . For this to be possible, however, it is not enough to know where you can buy the best electric floor convector, but also what are the criteria that will guarantee you a successful purchase.

In order to meet your information needs, we have prepared an easy-to-follow shopping guide , with all the information you need to select the best value for money on the market , in the shortest possible time.

So, take into account the information below in your choice.


Among the first aspects that should interest you when you want to buy an electric heater that you want to use frequently, is consumption. It will vary greatly depending on the number of hours you will use it, but also how powerful it is.

Most of the time you will be able to do a simple calculation to estimate the amount you should pay monthly. For example, in the case of an electric convector with a power of 1000W that you find quite often in the offers, it will consume 1 kw / hour .

In Romania 1 kw costs 0.6RON , which means that used for 24 hours without interruption, the convector will consume 24 kw which will cost 14.4 lei . This would reach a cost of 446 lei per month . However, it is unlikely that the device will operate non-stop for 24 hours every day.

So the real amount you will pay will be somewhere at 15-20% of the value mentioned above. Consumption will therefore not be a problem, especially if you have a convector with the possibility of power adjustment.

Choose a model with a thermostat and 2-3 power steps , so as not to consume excess heat and avoid unnecessary expenses as much as possible. Also, choose to invest more in an expensive horse convector, but one that will help you make significant long-term savings.

Convection type

Electric floor convectors can operate by two types of convection: natural or assisted.

  • Natural convection

The Best Electric Floor Convector 2 It involves removing heated air without blowing it . The appliance is not equipped with a fan , which means that the air will come out of the appliance naturally after being heated by the incandescent components inside. The heating process takes longer, but it is the method that best mimics a built-in heating system . The electric floor convector with natural convection is suitable for heating medium spaces , it is also slightly cheaper.

  • Assisted convection

It involves the forced distribution of hot air in the room, which is why a device with assisted or forced convection is suitable for larger rooms . Because these appliances have a built-in fan, they are noisier and generally consume more electricity . Although the room will heat up quickly, the heat effect will not last because the objects do not heat up.

The power

It is important to check the power of the electric convector before buying it. This index will help you guess both the efficiency of the device depending on the size of the room and the consumption. There are devices on the market with a power ranging between 500 and 3000 watts .

The higher the power, the more expensive the device. That's why choose the right power for your rooms. In most cases, a 1500 W electric floor convector will be enough to heat small rooms . However, if your home has larger rooms , it is necessary to look for a convector with a higher power, which exceeds 2000w .

You can guess the consumption by a simple calculation as we exemplified above, as long as you know exactly what the power of the convector is, but also the approximate number of hours in which it will work daily.

Steps of power

The Best Electric Floor Convector 3 Don't buy a convector that doesn't give you the ability to select the power levels to your liking. Such a convector can be optimally used in different rooms of different sizes.

The fact that you will not have to use the convector at maximum power in a smaller room in the house, will contribute a lot to the lowest possible value of the electricity bill.

The best electric floor convector will include a minimum of 2-3 gears and a thermostat that will automatically turn the appliance off and on to keep a constant temperature without wasting energy.

Safety and reliability

To avoid unwanted accidents or malfunctions, it is essential to check the safety features. First of all, any electric floor convector must have very stable legs , so that it cannot be easily knocked down by pets or small ones, thus avoiding accidents and damage to the appliance.

Also, another often overlooked advantage of the convector is that, unlike other heaters, it does not heat up outside , so there is no risk of you or other family members getting burnt while touching it as much as possible. time is up.

Another protection measure is the grille, which must cover the resistance , so that it cannot be touched by curious children.

If the appliance overheats due to malfunction or excessive operation, it must be provided with an automatic shut-off function.

On the other hand, if you are going to use the appliance in the annexes of the house, such as the garage, or in the holiday home, it is necessary that it be equipped with frost protection .


To buy a model as portable as possible, check its size and weight. While the dimensions vary quite a bit from one manufacturer to another, no electric floor convector generally weighs more than 5 kg , making it easy to move by almost any family member.

If you want a model with a high level of portability, you can opt for one with wheels . However, first make sure that the wheels are locked and will not affect the stability of the device.

Warranty and price

The best electric floor convector has a price between 100 and 400 lei . The price will vary depending on the manufacturer, and the multitude of control options as well as other additional functions.

As for the warranty, manufacturers can offer at least 2 years warranty . There are also companies that offer a 5-year warranty for the convectors they sell, and our recommendation is to opt for a longer warranty period, even if you should pay more at the purchase price.

Also, choose to buy online because you will find quality products at the best price. Don't forget that online you can check the opinions of other buyers about the product you want to buy. By checking them you will be able to convince yourself if what is said in the product description corresponds to reality.

The best electric floor convector: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we further recommend some electric floor convectors that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Electric convector with glass Trotec Design TCH 2000 E

The Best Electric Floor Convector 4 The TCH 2000 E electric glass convector is the ideal solution for fast, simple, quiet and odorless heat.
In addition to its 2,000 watt power, this electric convector also attracts with its elegant design.
The touch screen with LCD display makes it possible to operate the electric convector without complications.
Automatic temperature control – Frost monitoring function
Timer, 24 hour timer – Infrared remote control

See details and price

2. DELEX 2000W radiant convector

The Best Electric Floor Convector 5 The DELEX Radiant Convector combines the low price of high efficiency convectors and infrared radiant panels.
The heating element is made of a plate of natural (small) mineral that gives off a pleasant heat, beneficial for health.
Because it heats quickly and does not dry the air, it can be installed in homes, offices or workspaces, offering an economical and quiet operation.
It has an automatic shut-off system in case of overheating or accidental overturning as well as a protective grille.

See details and price

3. Electric floor convector TESY CN 202 ZF

The Best Electric Floor Convector 6 "TURBO" Built-in fan – Rapid room heating
Recommended for rooms up to (cubic m): 40
Maximum power (W): 2000 – Power steps: 4
Adjustable room thermostat
Safety thermostat
Built-in air heater
Operation indicator light – Frost protection

See details and price

4. Hyundai HYH 210C electric floor convector

The Best Electric Floor Convector 7 The Hyundai electric convector is an ideal source of air conditioning and a reliable friend that will accompany you throughout the year.
Thanks to the TURBO FAN created especially for this appliance, you will have heat in an extremely short time.

Adjustable thermostat.
Heating steps: 750 W / 1250W / 2000 W.

See details and price

5. Electric floor convector PNI Turbo Heat 2000W

The Best Electric Floor Convector 8 PNI Turbo Heat is equipped with the Turbo function that ventilates the heated air coming out of the convector, improving air circulation.
The large exhaust grille ensures maximum convection and rapid room heating.
PNI Turbo Heat has 6 temperature levels plus closed position.
The thermostat switches the appliance on and off automatically when the selected temperature is reached.

See details and price

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