the best electric kettle with temperature control to buy online

How do you choose the best electric kettle? What functions and features should the electric kettle have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Electric Kettle An electric kettle allows you to bring a certain amount of water to the boiling temperature in a short time and without monitoring it. It is ideal for teas, cup coffee, quick soups or when you need hot water to complete the soup on the fire or if you want to sterilize certain equipment.

The best electric kettle: what to look for

Electric kettles come in different sizes, different capacities, different materials and different prices.

How do you choose the electric kettle according to your needs? Below we will detail the main aspects that you need to consider when choosing the best electric kettle for you.


Most electric kettles have a total capacity between 1 and 2 liters, 1.5 liters being the most common. If you need to boil water for only 1-2 cups of tea, even a 1 liter kettle is enough.

But if you need more hot water for a soup or for more people, a model with a higher capacity is more suitable.

Boiling speed

The Best Electric Kettle 1 The main purpose of an electric kettle is to bring the water to the boiling temperature in a very short time. The best models manage to boil the maximum water capacity in 3-4 minutes. Some less powerful models can take up to 10 minutes, so choose carefully. If the chosen kettle does not reach the boiling temperature quickly, it is more economical to boil the water in a pot on the stove.

Keep warm

More advanced models of kettles offer a function of keeping the water temperature after bringing it to the boiling point. Usually this function keeps the water hot for 30-60 minutes. Some models offer this feature automatically, while others offer a selectable option.

Security functions

The best electric kettle offers self-stop functions when boiling and prevents water-free operation. These functions are very important because unwanted accidents can occur if the water boils indefinitely or if the kettle stays on dry for a long time. It is good to choose an electric kettle that incorporates both functions to prevent accidents and fires.

Does the kettle handle heat up when the water is hot? The best electric kettle must have a handle made of a quality material that does not heat or heat in order to be able to pour hot water quietly.

Power supply type

The Best Electric Kettle 2 There are two types of power supply for electric kettles: wired or detachable cup. Wired water kettles are inconvenient to use, especially if the wire is not long enough. Usually to take the cup where you need you have to unplug the kettle and walk with the wire behind you.

A much more convenient and efficient alternative are electric kettles with a detachable cup. They have a power base in which the boiling cup is placed, being very easy and convenient to transport hot water wherever you need and without stumbling over the cable.

Heating element

Electric kettles can have the heating element submerged or recessed. The boilers with the submerged heating element have a metal spiral inside the cup that heats the water being immersed in it. This type of kettle has the disadvantage of the possibility of limescale accumulating in the water on the heating element, which reduces its efficiency over time.

Electric water heaters with built-in heating element use an electric heating element built into the walls of the cup. If you live in an area with hard water or you want to use mineral water, it is better to choose this type of kettle because limestone deposits are much lower.

The positioning of the heating element does not indicate the efficiency of the kettle, but it is an important aspect when it comes to limescale deposition and cup cleaning. A submerged heating element will require more frequent and difficult cleaning.

Kettle material

The Best Electric Kettle 3 Cheap electric kettles are made of plastic. It can have different qualities from one manufacturer to another. The cheapest models can lend boiled water a strange taste and it is recommended to buy a quality kettle to prevent the release of unwanted chemicals in boiled water.

Another category of electric kettles are those with a cup made of stainless steel or glass. A glass cup will not emit various strange or dangerous chemical tastes in boiled water inside. Stainless steel kettle cups have the advantage that they are almost indestructible, and if you drop the cup on the ground it will not break and will not deform, considerably increasing the life of the appliance.

Other functions and features

The best electric kettle must be equipped with a splash guard . Usually this is in the form of a screen that is mounted on the drain. I don't think you want splashes everywhere when you pour hot water.

The minimum amount of water you can boil is also an important factor for some. If you only need a cup of water, it is not practical and economical to boil a liter. Look for a kettle with the lowest possible value.

The Best Electric Kettle 4 Temperature selection – the best kettles are equipped with an advanced function that allows the selection of water temperature. It can have values between 70º-100º Celsius and is extremely useful for those who appreciate properly prepared hot drinks.

For example, for green tea the ideal infusion temperature is 80º Celsius, while for black tea or coffee, the most indicated temperature is 95º Celsius.

The kettle handle must be comfortable to hold and made of quality materials that do not allow it to slip out of the hand. Choose a kettle with a comfortable handle, a non-slip surface and heat protection.

Anti-slip function – when the water in the kettle cup approaches the boiling point it will generate vibrations on the cup. It is important to choose an electric kettle equipped with feet or non-slip surface to prevent accidents.

The best electric kettle must also be equipped with the operating light and possibly a warning sound for silent models to know at any time whether the kettle is on or not.

Service and warranty

As with any electrical appliance purchased, make sure you receive a minimum 12-month warranty that protects you from the manufacturing defects of your chosen kettle. In addition, choosing a brand of electric kettle with the widest possible service network is also an advantage.

Is it worth buying a cheap kettle?

The Best Electric Kettle 5 You have probably noticed on the market boiling water that are sold with very low prices between 15 and 40 lei. But the more advanced models can reach prices of several hundred lei. What's the difference?

For expensive models you usually pay for the product brand and for a special design, which is often accompanied by high quality materials and a solid and durable construction. Cheaper kettles do not usually have advanced features such as setting the boiling temperature or fast boiling water.

Very cheap models of kettles present the risk of questionable quality plastic that can change the taste of water and in addition can emit toxic chemicals from its composition in the water it boils.

The best electric kettle: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, as well as the opinions of buyers, we have chosen for you some models of good electric kettles that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Kettle 1.7 l Cuisinart CPK17E

The Best Electric Kettle 6 Easy to use and maintain, with a polished stainless steel housing , which guarantees excellent resistance to corrosion, shocks and thermal shocks.
With a power of 2750W , it meets any requirements, the temperatures can be set every 5 degrees in the range 85-100.
It is equipped with a stainless steel anti-limescale filter that is very easy to clean and is removable.
It has a function that will keep your favorite drink warm for up to 30 minutes and a capacity indicator , illuminated in blue.

See details and price

2. Breville Style Kettle VKJ990X-01

The Best Electric Kettle 7 The Breville Style White kettle has a generous capacity of 1.7L , around 6-8 cups, enough to enjoy a tea for breakfast with the whole family .
It has a modern design , with glossy white finish, streaked texture and chrome accents.
The 360 ° swivel base with non- slip system allows easy pouring of water, in safe conditions for all users, in addition it also has a storage system for the power cable .

See details and price

3. Philips HD9326 / 20 cordless kettle

The Best Electric Kettle 8

4 preset temperature settings of 80, 90, 95 and 100 ° C to ensure that the basic ingredient for tea, instant coffee, soup or noodles is at your preferred temperature.
The keep warm function allows you to keep the water at the set temperature
The robust metal kettle with stainless steel body is designed for a long life.
Detachable anti-limescale filter for a clean cup of water and a cleaner kettle.

See details and price

4. Klarstein Ostfriese 2-in-1,1.7L kettle, 2200W

The Best Electric Kettle 9 2 in 1: kettle & kettle with a capacity of 2200 watts and 1.7 liters.
LED Indoor lighting: 50 ° C: light green – 70 ° C: light blue – purple 80 ° C light – 90 ° C, yellow-green.
Detachable stainless steel sieve for tea or fruit.
Heat-resistant safety glass water tank with cold touch handle.
Housing with stainless steel components.
Automatic and manual shutdown – Overheating protection.

See details and price

5. Philips HD4646 / 00 cordless kettle, 2400 W, 1.5 l

The Best Electric Kettle 10

Easy filling through the lid and mouth – The kettle can be filled through the mouth or by opening the lid.
Cable reel with light storage – The cable can be wrapped around the base, so it is easy to place the kettle in the kitchen.
Flat heating element – The hidden stainless steel element ensures fast cooking and easy cleaning.
Anti-limescale filter – Anti-limescale filter for a clean cup of water and a cleaner kettle.

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