the best electric meat slicer for home use

How do you choose the best electric slicer ? What functions and features should the electric slicer have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Electric Slicer Electric slicers are most often used in restaurant kitchens, but they can also be very useful in the home kitchen. Whether you want a commercial or household slicer, there are many options on the market, depending on the amount of meat or sausages you want to slice.

Slicing meat or sausages is not the only use of a slicer, it can also be used to slice vegetables or cheese . In addition, an electric slicer can cut steaks from large pieces of meat that you can buy fresh from your favorite butcher.

The best slicer: What to look for

Slicers are not all the same, they are different in many ways, including the price. When looking for the right slicer you should consider several aspects such as size and cutting options, engine power and safety in use.

What can you cut

The Best Electric Slicer 1 Some slicers can cut many types of food, not just meat and sausages.

For example, professional slicers can be used to cut hard cheese, cheese or vegetables for hours on end, while cheaper models dedicated to home use cannot work for more than 1-2 hours for cutting cheese or vegetables.

Some slicers allow you to cut different types of meat and meat dishes to various sizes, while simpler slicers can only cut raw meat from the butcher.

Blade size

Depending on the amount of meat you want to slice, you will need to consider the size of the cutting blade .

For example, in a restaurant you will need a larger blade, because you will use the slicer daily to cut various types of meat, cheese and vegetables. A slicer with a smaller blade will be more than enough for home use where you will not slice many foods every day.

Engine power

Slicers are available in various power levels . The best professional slicer that is used by restaurants has a powerful engine that allows it to effortlessly slice large quantities of products.

Cheaper slicers for home use usually have low-power motors that do not withstand intensive use for hours on end. Depending on your needs, choose the appropriate power.

Safety in use

The Best Electric Slicer 2 Safety features vary from appliance to appliance. For example, slicers for home use do not have the same safety features as a professional slicer.

In general, any slicer should have a minimum of basic safety features such as snug feet to prevent slipping and a finger protection system during slicing.

Whether you need to slice large amounts of meat or just occasionally when you have guests at the table, there is a slicer to suit your needs.

Using the best slicer you will be able to slice in addition to meat and cheese and vegetables, always obtaining uniform slices to the desired thickness.

After perfectly slicing your favorite ham and cheese, you can make a delicious sandwich using the best sandwich maker .

The best slicer

Taking into account the criteria dealt with above, analyzing the existing offer and the opinions of the buyers, we will further present some models of electric slicers that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Gorenje R506E slicer, 160 W, Cutting width 15 mm, Stainless steel

The Best Electric Slicer 3 Slicer with Power 150WStainless Steel Blade
Adjustable Cutting Thickness 0-15 mm,
Non -slip Feet,
Stainless Steel Housing
Power cord: 1 m
Cable storage system – Security system.

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2. Bosch MAS9545M slicer, power 140w, max slice thickness 15 mm

The Best Electric Slicer 4 Ideal for bread, cheese, vegetables and even ham: the serrated stainless steel blade ensures the perfect slicing.
Precise slices regardless of whether it is a thick slice of bread or a thin slice of ham, due to the possibility of continuous adjustment of the thickness of slices from 0 to 15 mm .
The inclined plate ensures easy and comfortable use.
Increased safety with safety key, finger protection, fully protected blade, suction cups for increased stability.

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3. Bosch MAS4000W electric slicer

The Best Electric Slicer 5 Ideal for slicing bread, cheese, fruits and vegetables: the serrated stainless steel blade is suitable for a wide variety of foods.
High slicing accuracy due to the possibility of adjusting the slicing thickness up to 17 mm .
For safe use: Pulse function with safety key , finger protection and food fixing device.
Foldable slicer for easy storage.

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4. Trisa Vario Cut 6501.41 slicer, power 130W, slices from 0-23 mm

The Best Electric Slicer 6 Universal, corrugated, stainless steel knife
Select thickness 0-23 mm
Intermittent / continuous operation switch
Child safety – Power 130W
Anti-slip system
Color Silver / Black

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5. Vegan horizontal vegetable slicer with a twist

The Best Electric Slicer 7 Horizontal slicer of vegetables and fruits with 3 graters
Easy to clean and use
The razor blades are made of stainless steel
Suction cups for stability and balance
Scraper storage space

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