the best electric scooters for heavy adults to 2021

How do you choose the best electric scooter? What functions and features should the right electric scooter have for you? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Electric Scooter Whether you are an environmental activist, or simply want a faster and more inexpensive way to get to work, there are now many wheeled alternatives on the market to help you do just that. ecological way.

These include the electric scooter . Operating on an electric motor, this will allow you to travel efficiently over moderate distances, without polluting .

If you are interested in where you can buy such a scooter, as well as how you can choose the best electric scooter , read this article.

Top 3 recommended electric scooters

Why choose the best electric scooter?

One of the main reasons you might be interested in this vehicle is that it is no longer just a form of entertainment or spending time outdoors in a healthy way.

It has become a way of urban travel increasingly appreciated by many who use the electric scooter to get around the city. Not only does it not emit pollutants into the air , but we are also talking about a lower consumption compared to a car or a bus pass.

Also, if you have to travel distances that would normally make you tired of walking frequently, the electric scooter is the right choice for you.

How to choose the best electric scooter

However, being another vehicle recently introduced on the market, it is probably difficult for you to set a budget, or to identify the best electric scooter. To be sure that you will make full use of the scooter in which you will invest, it is necessary to choose well informed. If you do your homework, you will be able to choose a product that suits you much faster, that you can make full use of and that will not make a big hole in your budget.

In order to make the best purchase , we recommend that you consult this shopping guide that contains all the information that helps you identify the ideal electric scooter for your needs. After reading this article carefully, we guarantee that you will be able to choose in a short time, the best product at the best quality / price ratio on the market .

So, for a wise purchase, read the following important information carefully.

How and where will you use it?

The Best Electric Scooter 1 The amount of money you will invest in this scooter must be justified by your needs. Is it important to determine in advance what purpose you will use it for? How often do you expect to need it? What is the route you think you will follow most often?

The answer to all these questions is essential to choosing the right scooter for you.

This is because a scooter that you are going to use every day will be different from one that you want to use for occasional walks.

An electric scooter that will be used daily for travel to work or for other purposes, will have a more solid structure , larger and more durable wheels , as well as greater battery life.

All this costs . On the other hand, if you want an electric scooter that you can use occasionally for walks or when you want to relax, you can be satisfied with a cheaper variant , but not as resistant.

Battery capacity

Being a vehicle that runs on an electric motor, it is powered by a battery of course. You are particularly interested in the capacity of the battery or its autonomy because it depends on it how far you will be able to cover in what period of time. We are sure that you do not want to run out of battery halfway, so it is necessary to check this index in advance.

The autonomy of the battery will be expressed either in the distance that you can cover in a single charge, or in the duration of operation that the battery can offer you. Most manufacturers equip scooters with batteries that can offer a range of 30 or 40 km on a single charge, or an operation of about 2 hours .

You will also need to check the charging time . The best electric scooter will be fully charged in at least 2 hours .

All data provided by the manufacturer, however, are purely indicative. Any overload of the scooter will cause an above average battery consumption. Thus , your weight, the peculiarities of the road, the traffic conditions, the wind, the slopes or the ramps, can have a great influence on the battery autonomy.

Also, the quality of the scooter structure as well as the wheels can greatly influence the battery life. So the best scooter has a battery with as much capacity as possible. Also, don't forget that no matter how good a battery is, it's not forever, and you'll need to replace it at some point.


The Best Electric Scooter 2 Knowing the maximum speed that an electric scooter can reach will help you figure out if this means of locomotion is really what you are looking for. Do not expect such a scooter to reach very high speeds. After all, she will never be able to replace a vehicle like a car.

However, the electric scooter can be a great alternative for walking or even cycling or other forms of transport on two wheels.

The reason you can't wait at high speed is their structure. There are small devices that are powered by a battery. However, they still remain a very efficient form of intra-urban travel.

The cheapest models can reach between 10 km / h and 15 km / h . If this option is not enough for you, you will be able to easily find models that can travel at 20-30km / h . You will have a choice, this is not a problem.

But pay close attention to electric scooters that exceed the speed of 25 km / h . They are legally included in the category of mopeds , which means that you will need to register it and have a driving license category AM.

Frame material

The material from which the scooter frame is made is important because it can limit your travel options. On the market there are both electric scooters with aluminum frame and some made of steel .

As you may have already guessed, those made of steel are stronger and more durable models. They are intended for those who frequently travel long distances on uneven or congested roads .

Steel is more impact resistant and can better support a higher user weight. But the scooter will be heavier . To make it easier for you to maneuver, make sure that the scooter does not exceed 10 kg in weight .

Aluminum is a popular metal because despite its strength it is a light metal. This is why it is used in the manufacture of electric scooters.

Specifically, you will choose a scooter with an aluminum frame if you use it for occasional walks , for relaxation, to cover short distances, or to travel to work, provided that the road is unobstructed and uneven .

Aluminum is a shock-sensitive metal and can easily deform under high pressures. The advantage, however, is the increased portability of the scooter .

Your weight and height

The Best Electric Scooter 3 Although we would not like this, your weight influences the operation of the scooter, its resistance and battery life. So, you will have to choose a scooter according to your weight.

Fortunately, however, there are models on the market even for the most corpulent of us. These are divided into three standard thresholds:

  • Up to 110 kg
  • Between 110 and 130 kg
  • Over 130 kg (harder to find)

In terms of height , you will need a scooter that will allow you to correctly position your spine. This requires the handlebars to be at a level that encourages correct posture .

The best electric scooter must have an adjustable handlebar . So check the minimum and maximum height it reaches to make sure you can sit comfortably and maneuver the scooter easily.

Starting and braking system

Both systems are important for your traffic safety which is why we will analyze them together.

  • Starting system

Depending on the manufacturer, there are two starting systems, each with its own advantages. The most common is turnkey , in the same way you would start an ordinary car. Of course, more involvement is needed on your part, but it's a method of protection against thieves who can't activate the keyless scooter.

The other form of starting is a bit more modern and is automatic . This means that a computer with sensors realizes how much the scooter is set in motion and starts the engine automatically. If you are wondering how the scooter will stop, find out that the same principle applies.

When you slow down or when the scooter is at rest, the computer notices you and automatically shuts off the device. This intuitive start and stop is very useful when you have fallen off a scooter or have another accident. The scooter will stop immediately, thus reducing the risk of aggravating the situation.

  • Braking system

Braking can be done by means of a lever or a button . In both cases it must be very easily accessible. However, do not think of braking as a stop system, but rather as a system to slow down the device.

The best electric scooter is equipped with a system that allows the battery to be charged when the brake is applied, following the energy generated. This system contributes to the greater autonomy of the battery.

It is a mechanism that is also present in the case of Formula 1 cars , and is called KERS . So make sure the scooter you buy has this system built in.


The Best Electric Scooter 4 Wheels can greatly affect the functionality of a scooter. That's because they can be of many kinds. The wheels themselves differ depending on the type of tire.

Those scooters that have full wheels are very durable , but they are more uncomfortable because the shocks will not be absorbed as well.

Opt instead for an electric scooter with a solid wheel and a normal one . Most often the full wheel will be in the rear, while the empty one will be positioned in front, thus contributing to an easier handling of the handlebars.

Also in the chapter on wheels, we are talking about suspension . Not all electric scooters are equipped with suspension, because not all users need such a thing.

Choose a scooter with suspensions only if you have to travel on a terrain with many unevenness and you need a system that absorbs shocks and ensures balance during handling. Otherwise, a suspension system will confuse you more because it will limit the speed and cause the size and weight of the device to increase.

Some manufacturers also provide you with information on the diameter of the wheels . They can be 100, 120, 145, 200, 230 mm . Smaller wheels are suitable for those who want a very prompt and responsive acceleration or stop. While, the larger wheels are suitable for those who have to travel longer distances.

You may also find data on wheel hardness that can help you make your choice. The hardness is marked with a number from 1 to 100 followed by the letter A. The most common values, suitable even for a demanding ground are those of 88A or 95A

A final aspect related to the wheels is the bearings . They contribute a lot to the speed of the scooter. Thus they are denoted by letters from A to E followed by a number from 1 to 9. The higher the specified value , the higher the speed.

Folding scooter or not?

The Best Electric Scooter 5 Although most scooters are foldable , there are also compact models. The main advantage of the compact ones over the foldable ones is that they have a more solid structure, therefore more resistant.

As for the folding ones, they are ideal for urban life. That's because they are easier to transport and store in your home, office or trunk. So they are much more practical from this point of view.


The offers on the market are more and more and it can be difficult to choose something with all confidence. In order not to make a choice that you will regret later, we recommend that you completely avoid no-name companies and choose something from a manufacturer with a good reputation. Among the most popular in Romania are: Airwheel, E-Twow, Razor .

We recommend that you buy online . This way you have access to more information to easily compare products to decide which is best for you. You can also consult the opinion of other buyers to get a complete picture of a product.

Thus, having all this information at your disposal, you can choose the best electric scooter for you.

The best electric scooter: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we further recommend some models of electric scooters that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Xiaomi Mijia M365 electric scooter

The Best Electric Scooter 6

The scooter frame, components and accessories use the same design.
The push of a single button brings the scooter back to life and the red elements bring an extra modernity.
It folds in 3 simple steps – Aluminum frame – 12.5 kg.
Controlled acceleration – Press the accelerator and adjust the pressure until you reach the desired speed.
Maximum speed: 25 km / h – Autonomy 30 km – Charging time: 5 Hours.

See details and price

2. Airwheel Z3 electric scooter

The Best Electric Scooter 7 The most modern electric scooter. Entering the era of modern technology it can be monitored anywhere and anytime in real time.
Adjustable, depending on the height of the passenger (60cm maximum).
Interchangeable battery – Multiple folding system (including pedals).
Maximum speed: Approx. 20 km / h – Maximum climbing angle: 15 °
Maximum load 100 kg.
Motor power: 350 W – Charging time: 162.8 Wh in 120 min.

See details and price

3. Myway Inokim Light Super Black electric scooter

The Best Electric Scooter 8 Digital display with brightness in 3 levels of density, which displays: Distance / travel, Total distance traveled, Speed reached, Battery level, Speed steps (3 steps).
Folding system – Autopilot function.
Maximum speed: 30 km – Max. Travel distance: 25-30 km.
Lighting system: Front / Rear – Stop brake.
Motor power: 300W / 36V – Charging time: 5 hours.

See details and price

4. 2Drive 10S electric scooter

The Best Electric Scooter 9 Easy to use, the scooter is equipped with a manually operated disc brake system.
The scooter is easy to fold and transport, whether you walk or drive.
The electric scooter has a range of up to 22 km.
The maximum speed of the scooter is 25 km / h.
Thanks to the powerful engine, the scooter can easily climb slopes with a degree of inclination of up to 15 °.
Front LED – Rear stop – Motor power: 500W – Disc brakes.

See details and price

5. Freewheel Rider T1 electric scooter

The Best Electric Scooter 10 Rider T1 is equipped with a 300W motor that transports in optimal conditions a weight of up to 120 kg.
The maximum speed is 20 Km / h, the minimum weight of the user is 20 kg.
It is equipped with a display that gives you visual access to various parameters in real time.
It benefits from a Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 6.45 Ah which gives a range of up to 25 km with a single charge. Charging time is 2 hours.

See details and price

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