the best electric stove on the market

How do you choose the best electric stove? What functions and features should the electric stove have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Electric Stove Today's electric stove is no longer that boring monster it once was, crowding the kitchen. Now, the market presents dozens of models that compete with each other for their elegance and functionality.

Why choose the best electric stove

Europeans generally prefer the electric stove over the traditional stove, which has been the most popular for a long time. And, this is understandable because the gas tariff has increased reaching the same as that of electricity. At first these devices were rarely bought, but over time they became favorites.

The first and most important advantage is that they can be installed wherever there is electricity. If the house does not have a gas installation, then the electric stove is the best choice. It is safe to use, there is no risk of explosion, as in the case of a gas stove when too many noxious substances accumulate in the room.

The taste of food cooked on the electric stove differs favorably from the taste of food cooked on the gas stove. Another advantage is that there are more models of electric stoves than gas ones and last but not least, it is much easier to transport.

How to choose the best electric stove

The offer on the market is very varied and the options may seem overwhelming at first glance. We've put together this shopping guide to help you choose the right electric stove for you. Take into account in your choice the criteria detailed below.


The dimensions of the cooking surface generally have standard values, namely: 50/50 cm, 50/60 cm or 60/60 cm, the choice being made depending on the size of the kitchen.

The Best Electric Stove For smaller apartments, it is advisable to choose a model with a size of 50/50. The choice must be made according to the kitchen furniture and taking into account the free space. Classic models have a base placed on the floor and they traditionally have a height of 85 cm, this being very useful, because the electric stove must be at the same level as the kitchen worktop.

In terms of width and depth, the most common variant is 50/60 cm for medium kitchens, 50/50 cm for small kitchens and 60/60 cm for large kitchens. Usually, the larger the cooking surface, the more functional and convenient the electric stove is.

The power of the electric stove

The power of the electric stove can range from 1000 watts to up to 3000 watts or more. The four-burner electric stove has a power of about 2000 – 2100 watts.

Work surface material

Email is practical, cheap and available in any color option. However, this email over time can corrode.

Stainless steel is durable, reliable, attractive in appearance, does not deteriorate and does not rust. The only shortcoming of this type of material is that it must be taken care of very carefully and with a special solution that costs much more than universal solutions.

Glass ceramics are the most modern and elegant option. The work surface is perfectly flat and smooth, quite easy to clean, resistant to high temperatures, heats up quickly and cools down quickly. The only drawback is that although the glass used is durable, it may be broken if a fairly serious force is applied to its surface.

Burner material

Referring to the type of burners, they can be made of different materials.

The Best Electric Stove 1 Classic cast iron elements are typical of enamel or stainless steel work surfaces. They heat up quickly, forming a red circle in the middle or are marked with a white marker. Their advantage is the low cost, and the disadvantage is the slow heating and cooling.

The most common option for ceramic or glass cooking surfaces is Hi-Light or Rapid. Heating occurs by the incandescence of the spiral, much faster, compared to cast iron burners. A downside to these burners is that the work surface is very hot.

Halogen burners use special lamps. This is an efficient option, but more expensive and less reliable than the previous one.

Induction burners are considered the most modern and with the most advanced technology, therefore deserving a much more detailed analysis.

Number and power of burners

If you are thinking about how many burners the best electric stove should have, we recommend 4. However, the number of burners must be chosen depending on how often and how much you cook.

Depending on this, you can choose a single burner with two burners, two burners, three or four burners.

Stove oven

The modern electric stove oven is divided into two main types: classic and multifunctional.

The Best Electric Stove 2 In the classic oven, heating occurs both up and down. Most often, the extra element is the grill, which can work in combination with or without a tray.

The multifunction oven of the electric stove offers much higher heating regimes, a much more efficient and diversified baking process.

There are convection functions for even distribution of hot air and if it also has an additional fan with a circular heater, the so-called 3D, then the heating capacity becomes much higher.

In this case, the oven has additional functions and features, such as defrosting food, pizza, accelerated or reduced heating, etc.

Attention should also be paid to the method of cleaning the oven.

Many ovens use the catalytic cleaning method, ie the fat accumulated on the enamel of the inner surface of the oven is absorbed by itself. All you have to do is wipe with a cloth and the oven will look like new.

There is also the pyrolysis method, which burns fat on the enamelled surface by heating the oven to a temperature of 500 degrees.

The best electric stove: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we further recommend some models of electric cookers that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Vitroceramic cooker AEG 47095VD-MN

The Best Electric Stove 3 An adaptable ceramic hob with multifunctional area, which cleans quickly and is equipped with an indicator for residual heat.
The large and multi-functional oven of this stove has 9 separate cooking functions for extraordinary results, no matter what you decide to cook.
The glass door of this oven can be completely removed, which allows you to clean it even better.
You can adjust the levels of the OptiFlex ™ telescopic guides inside your oven.

See details and price

2. Whirlpool ACMT 6533 / IX electric cooker

The Best Electric Stove 4

Stove: ceramic hob with 4 cooking zones.
Ignition integrated in the buttons.
Electric oven – capacity 59 liters.
11 functions – Grill – Forced air
Child safety.
Integrated cleaning system with catalytic panels.
Programmable timer – Lighting.

See details and price

3. Hansa FCCX68235 electric cooker

The Best Electric Stove 5 Areas with a deck function allow the entire round or oval base of the containers to be heated.
Cooking areas with double or triple surfaces, regardless of the size of the cooking pot.
The buttons with oven lighting system represent a special combination of elegance and functionality.
Telescopic guides – Convection – Rapid preheating.
Defrost – Grill.

See details and price

4. Electrolux EKC54550OW electric cooker

The Best Electric Stove 6 The hob has a perfectly flat surface, without unevenness – it doesn't even have a button – so you can clean it in a single wiping motion.
The residual heat indicator will tell you exactly which areas are still hot.
Take advantage of the stopwatch when you coordinate your cooking process. Set the cooking time, and the oven will turn on and off automatically.
You can completely remove the door and glass panels and clean them quickly.

See details and price

5. Hansa FCCX64000 electric cooker

The Best Electric Stove 7 Thanks to the innovative production process developed and patented by SCHOTT, all Hansa glass hobs are produced without the use of arsenic or heavy metals.
Electric roaster – A useful accessory for obtaining steaks with golden crispy crust, designed especially for cooking poultry.
Grill for frying foods such as fish, kebab or sausages.
Drawer for storing large vessels.
XXL capacity – the oven has a capacity of 65 liters.

See details and price

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