the best electric unicycle to start review and exercise

How do you choose the best electric unicycle? What functions and features should the electric unicycle have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Electric Unicycle More and more people living in big cities are interested in alternatives to conventional means of transport. We are already used to the scooter, bicycle or electric scooter. Well, they are joined by the electric unicycle .

Also called the urban wheel , they are a means of transport with one wheel , which can help you travel the distance to work and back in a short time, while you no longer have to avoid congested traffic and you can keep encourage good physical condition.

Find out in this article where other people have found a cheap electric unicycle , as well as how you can choose the best electric unicycle .

Top 3 recommended electric unicycles

Why choose the best electric unicycle?

The idea of a unicycle is probably not so foreign to you, especially if you liked circus shows, where the unicycle was often used for tricksters. Today, the electric unicycle is a very good alternative to a bicycle or scooter.

The Best Electric Unicycle 1 Although it looks intimidating, it has intuitive motion sensors, so you can quickly get used to driving on it. Basically, the sensors read your body position and adjust the speed accordingly.

If you lean forward, the speed will increase, if you lean back it will slow down, and the turns are made depending on the pressure you exert on the pedals.

The main advantages are related to portability . Compared to a bicycle or an electric scooter, an electric unicycle is much lighter, more compact, so easier to climb stairs and store without bothering you.

Also, in crowded places, it will be easier for you to make room with a unicycle. They are also more advantageous than hoverboards because they have a larger battery capacity and due to the larger diameter of the wheel, it overcomes bumps better.

How to choose the best electric unicycle

In order to enjoy all the advantages that an electric unicycle can offer you, it is necessary to choose the best one .

With an offer on the market that is increasingly varied, this is not easy, but you can make a good decision when you are very well informed . We want to help you, so we've designed this shopping guide with all the information you need.

At the end, a list of products that we have carefully selected is waiting for you, now available on the market at the best quality / price ratio .

So, keep in mind the information below if you want to be sure you are not wasting your money.

Unicycle type

The electric unicycle can be of two types: with or without a seat.

  • Electric unicycle with seat

They are more familiar because they look very much like the classic unicycle drilled. This is the newer variant, preferred by many for longer distances, because it is more comfortable .

And the control mode is slightly different from the other model .

  • Electric unicycle without seat

It looks a lot like a hoverboard, except it has only one wheel in the middle. On the sides you will find two footrests , and that's about it.

Wheel size

The Best Electric Unicycle 2 Standard wheels are 14, 16 or 18 inches , and each comes with advantages and disadvantages . In general, the bigger the wheels, the more comfortable the ride will be and you will have more stability. On the other hand, smaller wheels are more agile.

On a 14-inch wheel you will be able to sneak past pedestrians who walk too slowly, it will be easier for you to get in and out of buildings, as well as to find suitable storage space.

It is also the best size for tricks . However, they are not recommended for novice users.

A larger wheel gives more weight , which means more stability on the road , and more comfort . This makes them great for sidewalks that are bumpy , paved road or small potholes in the way. However, their weight and size make them more difficult to transport and store .

The easiest way will be for you to learn to ride an electric unicycle with a larger wheel diameter . These will be placed higher between your legs, which will significantly reduce the tremor you will have standing in the beginning.

The fastest electric unicycle is one that has a large diameter wheel , but is even more dangerous to use at full speed, especially when you are a beginner.

So, check the model you want, so that it gives you the possibility to reduce the maximum speed.

Unicycle autonomy

The autonomy that the manufacturer will indicate in the description of the product, will always be much greater than the one that you will have in reality .

This is because the values obtained by them are in optimal laboratory conditions, conditions that you will most likely never meet. Most models have a real range of 20-30 km .

Autonomy can be affected by your weight , the way you drive , road conditions (unevenness), even weather conditions (low temperatures).

If you approach the weight limit borne by the chosen electric unicycle, then the autonomy in your case will be much lower than that indicated by the manufacturer.

Also, although it is logical to choose a model with as much autonomy as possible, you must keep in mind that this autonomy is given by the battery capacity . A high capacity battery means a heavier battery , which will make the unicycle heavier and less portable.

If your route is short and you have the opportunity to charge the battery regularly, then you can save a lot of money in the initial investment, choosing a model with less autonomy .


For many, portability is an essential parameter when looking for the best electric unicycle. That's because they probably want to be able to carry it on public transportation.

The Best Electric Unicycle 3 For obvious reasons, a unicycle with a smaller wheel diameter is desirable when portability is important to you as well. Also, choose a model that comes with folding pedals inwards . This will make it easier for you to transport and store it.

Some electric unicycles have a handle at the top . Although it seems to be very helpful, keep in mind that anyway, even the lightest models on the market weigh somewhere around 10kg .

A handle is useful when you have to carry the unicycle over short distances, but it is too heavy to be held in one hand for long.

More useful is an extendable handle , as you have in the case of the suitcase . It will allow you to carry the electric unicycle exactly as you would carry your holiday luggage. Some manufacturers will also offer you a special backpack for this item, but also for other items that you would like to store this way.


The battery is by far the most expensive component on an electric unicycle . The higher the cost, the higher its power. Most models use lithium polymer batteries , and few use lithium-ion batteries .

Polymer batteries are cheaper , can explode or even ignite when the unicycle is used. It is therefore wise to invest more in a quality battery than to expose yourself to such a danger.

Consider the size of the battery. Choose a large capacity battery only if you intend to use the unicycle regularly for long distances. Otherwise, the extra weight and size will confuse you more than help you.

Here's how you can figure out how long a battery will last depending on its capacity:

  • 132Wh battery – 8 kilometers
  • 200Wh battery – maximum 10 km.
  • 460Wh battery – 20 km with a maximum user of 90 kg.
  • 680Wh battery – maximum 32 km if the user weighs 90 kg.
  • 850Wh battery – maximum 80 km in optimal conditions.

Also keep in mind that it would be helpful to have a battery level indicator . As a rule, you should not let it fall below 20% . Otherwise you will dramatically decrease the battery life. Put the battery to charge even if it is still at 50%, say, and you will have a battery that will last you longer.

It is a good idea to look for an electric unicycle that allows you to easily replace a discharged battery with a spare one.

Also, the best electric unicycle will be equipped with a regenerative braking system , which will recharge the battery every time you choose to brake, turning the engine into a generator.


The Best Electric Unicycle 4 Do not underestimate the importance of pedals, their size and their quality in general. Most manufacturers focus on the battery and engine, and forget about pedals that can often be uncomfortable.

The pedals are too small if they cover less than 70% of your sole . They are uncomfortable on longer routes, and can pose a danger over longer distances.

The pedals should be large enough to fully support the foot, both in length and width. In the worst case, they should cover at least 70% of the surface of the foot .

If you plan to use the electric unicycle often, the pedals are very important. If they are uncomfortable, they can hurt your legs.

And pedal height matters quite a bit. Lower pedals seem safer because they are closer to the ground, but can be riskier than the higher ones, as you are more likely to stumble into the ground when cornering.

Experienced users say that you should always choose variants that are above 13 cm from the ground .

The degree of inclination of the pedals also matters. Some are straight, while others are slightly sloping . The latter are more stable .

Full speed

It is between 10 and 15 km / h for a beginner model. If you choose a stronger model, you will be able to reach 25 km / h . There are also models for experienced users , which can exceed 45 km / h .

However, this speed can be very dangerous, even if you use protective equipment.

However, if you want to use the electric unicycle in the city, the top speed should not matter much, because you will not be able to exceed 15 km / h , the average speed of a conventional cyclist.

Engine power

The motor will influence the speed of the electric unicycle. You also have to be careful with the legislation. Any motor larger than 250W will turn your unicycle into a monoped, and you will need a license to drive it.

Of course, there are models that come with a 2000 W motor that can reach even 45 km / h , but this is more of a headache considering the Romanian legislation. Most models will therefore fall within the 250 W limit.

Water and dust resistance

It is important to have a water and dust resistant unicycle, especially if you want to drive it regardless of the weather. You can check this by making sure that the model you are going to buy has an IP 68 or IP 54 certificate .

Signal lights

If you want to use the unicycle at night , you have to be seen. You need a model that has reflective strips, taillights, and light bulbs . In addition, you need a flashlight to be able to see where you are going.


We recommend that you buy the best electric unicycle online . This way you will be able to find several models, one of which will surely suit your needs.

In addition, there are several offers and discounts online and you can catch your favorite model at a very good price. Before making any kind of online purchase, consult the opinion of other users, to avoid a product with many defects.

Now that you have this information, you can buy the best electric unicycle .

The best electric unicycle: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we further recommend some models of electric unicycles that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Electric unicycle with an Inmotion V10F wheel

The Best Electric Unicycle 5 With a maximum speed of 40km / hour you can cover distances of 90-100 km and it is a simple and pleasant way to move from one place to another.
Equipped with a button on the handle that once pressed the wheel stops working so as not to go into error but also for more safety of the user.
The pedal folding function makes transporting the device much easier.
Equipped with reflective strips and bulb – Battery charging time is 8 hours.
ON / OFF Touch Screen Button – 16 ″ pneumatic wheel.

See details and price

2. SF electric unicycle, autonomy 25 km, 800W

The Best Electric Unicycle 6 Two modes of acceleration: acceleration by hand and from body position.
The gravitational sensor restricts the driver's weight to 100 kg.
A curve angle of 90 degrees can be made in a maximum of 1 meter, ie several times less than a classic bicycle.
The electric brake ensures a braking from 15 km / h to 0 km / h in maximum 2 meters.
Maximum travel distance 25 km at a maximum speed of 15 km / h.
The unicycle is equipped with an OLED display with information about battery status and speed.

See details and price

3. Ninebot ONE E + Gen electric unicycle. 2

The Best Electric Unicycle 7 Thanks to the largest diameter wheel in the Ninebot models, it offers stability and maneuverability at high speed, but also the ability to run on uneven surfaces such as gravel, earth and even grass.
The 500W motor and 320 Wh battery give it the power it needs to cope with any obstacle.
With a range of up to 30km and a top speed of 22 km / h, it has no competitor to match its performance.
The robust construction offers resistance to shocks, rain and dust, stability at speed.

See details and price

4. Electric unicycle with an Inmotion V5F Black wheel

The Best Electric Unicycle 8 With a speed of 25km / hour you can cover distances of 35-40 km and it is a simple and pleasant way to move from one place to another.
The pedal folding function makes transporting the device much easier.
Equipped with reflective strips and bulb.
The battery charging time is 3.30 – 4 hours
Button ON / OFF Touch Screen
Folding function for easy transport – 14 ″ pneumatic wheel.

See details and price

5. Airwheel Q3 two-wheel electric unicycle

The Best Electric Unicycle 9 Airwheel Q3 is the spearhead of all Airwheel models and can go 55km fully loaded.
Ecological, with a Lithium battery – Fuzzy algorithm and aeronautical control.
Intelligent unicycle that self-regulates its balance.
Equipped with the most advanced processor in the world capable of performing 1024 operations per second and monitoring data in real time.
Maximum passenger weight: 120kg.

See details and price

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