The best extension cord to buy in 2021


The best extension cord to buy in 2021

Extensions – Review and comparison ideas in 2021

In order to have more organization in the house or outside it, a good extension, chosen on the eyebrow, following the investigation of the data mentioned in this short guide, will be helpful. And, if you don’t have enough time for this, we tell you from the start that, according to the sales charts, Romanians prefer theStrohm SM-3PK-7M-WH-1.5MMP model , an option for the house, with a 3 meter and three cable classic sockets, with child protection and lighted physical switch, the connectors being of Schuko type, the maximum power being favorable, of 2500 W, and the standard voltage, of 230 V, the cable being long, of 7 meters, with a thickness of 3 x 1.5 mm. Another example you may need is Bachmann Connect Line 420.0021 .

Comparative table

The strong point of the article is the acquisition cost, this being accompanied by the considerable length of the thick cable, of 7 meters, the product being used inside, to add up to three devices or devices that are powered by electricity, the power of which is capable of 2500 W, enough for most household items.

The white plastic can easily get dirty, damaging the appearance, and the Y-shaped screws can be difficult to remove if you want to repair the product yourself.

Those looking for a safe and cheap triple will lay their foundations in this example, so it is among the current preferences of Romanians.

For a modern house, such an example is essential, it offers both five classic Schuko sockets and two ports for USB wires, so that the user can charge their devices with screen quickly and without occupying the classic couplings, leaving room for other devices. , with start and stop protection.

The cable is short, having only two meters, which means that the positioning of the sockets will not be very far from the central element in the wall.

Combining an easy-to-implement look in room or office design and multiple utility, this product is currently in the Romanian sales charts.

For working in the garden will be preferable a long wire, like this one of 50 meters, with drum for unloading and easy loading, the model having four couplings with child protection available for use, not lacking thermal safety and splash resistance, the frame made of metal withstands impact shocks.

When the wire is tightened on the drum, the maximum power is 1000 W, and when the cable is stretched the maximum power it is capable of increases to 2300 W.

The diversity of the way the product can be used brings it to one of the top positions in terms of purchases from domestic buyers in recent times.

In-depth reviews about the best extension cords

In order not to make purchases in vain, it will be useful for you to look at the following examples of extensions from different areas, which Romanians often buy nowadays, to get an idea of the brands and their needs.

Extension with protection

Strohm SM-3PK-7M-WH-1.5MMP

The best extension cord to buy in 2021

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