the best external optical drive


the best external optical drive

Optical Drives – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Did you buy a laptop or tablet only with a USB port or for cards and do you need to be able to read a CD or DVD? You can solve this situation quite easily by purchasing an additional optical drive. Because they are technical products, it is good to invest a few minutes to find out what defines a quality variant, suitable for your electronic device, and which are the most popular models. For example,LG GP60NB60   is a variant with a modern design and elegant appearance, which offers you both reading and writing function, for CD and DVD, with USB connection and plug & play use. For those who prefer Apple products, we recommend the Apple SuperDrive as an alternative, specially designed to work with Macs.


Comparative table

This model of optical drive is among the options with slim design, which facilitates storage and transport. It allows reading and writing of CDs and DVDs, ensuring a speed of up to 24X and is compatible with Mac, Windows 10 and older versions, the connection being easy, via USB 2.0 port, without the need for installation.

The format is a delicate one, which must be used carefully, avoiding mechanical shocks, and the glossy finish design means that you will have to wipe it often enough to look good on the desk.

Read and write unit that can be connected to a variety of devices.

Product from the RW category that can be used both for reading information from electronic media such as CD or DVD, and for writing. The connection is made quickly, by means of a USB cable that also provides the energy it needs for operation, and the provided writing speed allows the correct recording of data.

It is part of the category of optical drives compatible only with electronic devices that include Mac operating system, so you will not be able to use the drive with Windows.

Model designed for Mac laptops and tablets, with good writing speed and small size, easy to use, store and transport.

Optical drive designed for external use, without the need for mounting, with USB cable connection and power supply and average writing and reading speeds of up to 24x for CD and 8x for DVD. It is small and unobtrusive and can be used with a variety of devices that use Windows or Mac operating system.

It is a little noisier than other versions, and the surface is glossy, which means traces left after each use and the need for frequent wiping.

LG product for devices that do not include their own optical drive to allow CD / DVD reading and writing.

How to choose a good optical drive

Buyer’s guide

When it comes to reading / writing classic storage media such as CDs and DVDs, we need to resort to some essential tools called generic optical drives.

They are ideal both for personal use and for use in companies operating in this field of information processing.

Regardless of the reason why you are looking for such a product, we recommend that, before anything else, you consult our guide, where we indicate which are the essential parameters to consider, as well as where to find optical drives, at a good price. , all those interested.

the best external optical drive

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