the best food processor and blender combo

How do you choose the best food processor? What functions and features should the food processor have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Food Processor If you are a person passionate about cooking, you definitely have activities that you like and that you do not like, when it comes to cooking. Cutting and shredding food can be one of the most unpleasant parts when you decide to prepare something good.

Fortunately, there are solutions that save you from this work and offer you on the tray, all the food you need, ready to be put in the food.

The best solution in this regard is a food processor. It can cut, chop or squeeze food and make it perfect and fast.

What can you do with a food processor?

The functions that the best food processor can perform are many and varied:

It will chop and crush almost all foods. Depending on the strength and strength of the blades, it can chop even harder foods, such as chocolate or nuts;

Chop the composition for sarmale or meatballs. This way you will not have to buy minced meat, in which you do not know exactly what it is and you will be able to make your own composition, of the best quality;

The Best Food Processor 1It will play the role of a blender , making many dishes such as vegetable purees, cream soups, homemade ice cream or smoothies. This is very important especially if you have small children. They will be delighted with all the dishes prepared.

Knead the dough. There are food processors that help you to knead the dough, thus taking almost all the hard work.

So, the food processor is an essential element of any kitchen, whether it is a simple kitchen, or a very complex one, it only matters to know what to choose.

How do you choose the best food processor?

Being a not very cheap appliance, when you decide to choose your food processor, you must take into account several important criteria:

Be suitable for what you want to do with it

There are many types of food processors and the prices are very different. There is no point in spending a lot of money on a robot that you do not use at full capacity, but it is a shame to take a cheap and simplistic robot and later realize that you need more functions.

If you are a person passionate about sophisticated recipes, choose a professional robot . It will have large bowls for absolutely all possible foods and will be very strong. The best food processor must have a minimum of 750 W to meet the most expensive requirements.

If, on the other hand, you cook easy recipes, it is advisable to get a simpler robot that covers requirements such as cutting an onion or chopping a carrot. If you are a fan of natural juices, try to find a robot that also acts as a blender or juicer.

The Best Food Processor 2 To consume a little

You have to think long term to make as many savings as possible. There are food processors on the market that consume more than 750 W, or robots that consume less than 600 W.

This can mislead you, but very often, those who have more power will consume less, because they will do their job much faster. So, you have to be careful what you choose, depending on the power.

Don't be noisy

Noise is a source of stress. Usually, after a day of work, any shrill noise can be extremely unpleasant. If you like to cook, do not make this pleasure a source of stress and nerves. Try to find a food processor that offers a maximum noise level of 80 dB .

Have a safety system

This is essential, especially if you have small children. The safety lock system will keep the little ones away from accidents caused by curiosity. In addition, it will protect you from the small moments when you may not be in the best shape and not pay maximum attention to the robot.

It costs a little

The price is without a doubt one of the most important criteria in choosing a product. A food processor does not discount this rule, so when you go to buy such a device, you will definitely think that you will spend as little as possible.

Look for the cheapest solution, but first take into account the above criteria, which are more important. Choose the cheapest option from the best robots, not the cheapest possible option.

The best food processor: recommendations

Based on the above criteria and the opinions of customers who already use these appliances, we have chosen for you some models of food processors that offer an excellent quality / function / price ratio.

1. Bosch MUM54251 food processor

The Best Food Processor 3 MUM5 – powerful, award-winning design food processor – multifunctional, easy to use and of exceptional Bosch quality.
Very powerful motor (900 W) ideal even for hard doughs and fast processing.
Large stainless steel mixing bowl (maximum 2 kg dough) and 4 gears plus the Pulse function for perfect doughs.
Easy and safe to use (Bosch technology); easy to clean (washable accessories in the dishwasher).

See details and price

2. Tefal MasterChef Compact food processor QB207138, 700 W

The Best Food Processor 4

Powerful, compact and versatile, the food processor for effortless preparation.
Double mixing planetary motion for fast and optimal results.
High quality pastry utensils for effortless cooking.
Increased versatility due to various accessories: blender, chopper / slicer and meat grinder.
3.5 l stainless steel vessel with lid.
Powerful 700 W motor .
4 speeds and " Pulse " function.

See details and price

3. Bosch MCM3200W food processor, 800 W

The Best Food Processor 5 The creative and ambitious cooking mode is now easier than ever with 800 W power and a full range of speeds . These features also ensure impressive performance when processing a wide variety of doughs .
Easy storage – The accessories can be stored in the bowl , thus being at hand. Thanks to the smart markings , the accessories can be mounted quickly.
MultiLevel 6 technology – The ingredients are precisely chopped, the shakes and smoothies are mixed perfectly: optimal results every time thanks to the MultiLevel6 knife with three double blades.

See details and price

4. PHILIPS Viva Collection HR7762 / 00 food processor, 750 W

The Best Food Processor 6 PowerChop technology is a combination of the shape of the cutting blade, the cutting angle and the inner bowl, which offers superior chopping results.
Accessories for over 28 functions:
– a special tool to mix and knead dough and crust .
A stainless steel chopping knife for preparing meat and vegetables.
– Various disc-shaped accessories for shaving and medium cutting.
A grinder to grind coffee beans, for example.

See details and price

5. Star-Light SMM-1200BMG food processor

The Best Food Processor 7

The Star-Light SMM-1200BMG food processor is the ideal combination between a meat grinder, a blender and a kitchen mixer.
Efficient and easy to use, it can perform the tasks of several devices: prepare fruit and vegetable juices, minced meat, ice flakes, egg whites, dough for cakes and more.
Designed especially for your needs, the advantages of the Star-Light food processor will delight you from the first use.

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