The best furniture to put your tv


The best furniture to put your tv

Comode TV – Product Review and comparison in 2021

When you have a modern TV, with a large diagonal, which you do not want to mount on the wall, you surely need a beautiful and durable chest of drawers to place it in the living room or bedroom. There are a variety of parts on the market, so we understand that it is difficult to choose one that is the most suitable. However, we have identified a few that are worth buying, and the one that caught our attention the most is:Odette HS06-F78-368 . It is a vintage chest of drawers, with wavy elements and curved hardware, made of solid fir wood. It is long enough for a larger TV, over 130 cm diagonally, it has three drawers, for the things you want to store, and three other shelves that you can put the decorative objects you want to display. If you prefer a modern chest of drawers to decorate your living room, take a look at the Modella Martin model.

Comparative table

TV chest made in vintage style, with a hard construction, thanks to the fir wood, with which you can create a romantic decor and which is also useful, being long enough for large diagonal TVs, but also roomy, which has 3 drawers and 3 shelves for your personal belongings.

It is a more expensive piece of furniture, which is still explicable by its design and, especially, by the material used in its construction.

If you are passionate about old, elegant decors, and you want to turn your house into a baroque style, or maybe you prefer pieces of furniture with personality, then it is worth the investment.

Set of modern chest of drawers, delivered with three shelves with which you can decorate the living room wall, with two storage spaces closed with a door, where you can store gadgets or other things you do not want to be visible, and made of melamine chipboard, all the bodies being matt white.

Although it has a white surface, which opens the room and gives it a modern look, it will still be a bit harder to maintain, and must be protected, if you have a small child with artist desires.

It is practical, beautiful, delivered with 3 shelves, and the price is advantageous – here are enough reasons to buy this piece.

It has two cabinets where you can put audio-video equipment and accessories, it also integrates two shelves, for a playstation or a DVD player, it is made in Scandinavian style, it integrates with the other wooden bodies, being brown and made of a combination of mango wood and metal.

Because it has a special design, it may not be to the liking of all buyers, especially those with more traditional tastes.

It fits in modern, Nordic-inspired decors, offers storage space and is long, so you can create an entertainment center in your home with its help.

In-depth reviews about the best comfortable TV

There are many designs of TV cabinets, for every interior style and for any type of preferences. We have included the most suitable ones in the product presentation, below, with advantages and disadvantages. Enjoy reading and we hope you find what you want!

Comfortable bedroom TV

Odette HS06-F78-368

The best furniture to put your tv

When looking for the best TV cabinets for your home, you must focus on the most solid material, the most resistant and good-looking finishes, as well as a design that you like, because in the end, you will invest in a body of furniture that you will see constantly, for a long time. If all this is important to you, we think you will appreciate the Odette HS06-F78-368 chest of drawers, which impresses, first of all, with its vintage look, supported mainly by the slightly high legs, with curved shape, by the corner curls, but also color. It reminds of the baroque style, but you will be able to integrate it even in a more modern decor, even if you don’t have the whole vintage decorated apartment.

It is a TV cabinet for the living room or bedroom, because you can integrate it anywhere, if you have enough space (make some measurements beforehand, taking into account that the product has dimensions of 157 × 44 × 60 cm). Besides the fact that you will have enough space for a TV with a large diagonal, the chest of drawers is also spacious for storing personal or decorative objects, as it integrates three drawers, as well as three other open niches.

It is made of solid fir wood, hence the slightly higher price of the piece, as the material is a guarantee that you are investing in a quality product. You can choose the shade of furniture (there is a wide range of shades of white, cream, wood, burgundy, etc.) and the hardware of the drawers. Also, the piece is in one piece, so you will not waste time with assembly.


Vintage TV chest of drawers, with wavy legs and curved shapes, which will integrate perfectly in a room decorated in the same style.

You can put it in the living room, but also in a spacious home.

It is very resistant, being a comfortable TV made of solid fir wood – you are sure that it will be kept in good condition for many years.

You can choose the finishes and hardware, to adapt the body as well as possible with the rest of the furniture in the house.


It has a higher price, compared to the rest of the models presented in this list.


Hangar 11 HS20-4644

The best furniture to put your tv

Hangar 11 HS20-4644 is a special model of TV chest of drawers, which may not be to the liking of more conventional people, but which will surely delight fans of aeronautics, industrial styles or even retro. It has a design that is really reminiscent of the idea of flying, with rounded edges and a low construction, but what catches the eye is the aluminum foil finish.

The piece is made of mango wood and MDF, materials that are not noticed, predominating the apparently metallic finishes. However, it is a very solid body: it has a low and wide base, it does not have parts that join and does not require assembly, and it weighs 50 kg. So, it is impossible to overturn, but you will probably have to decide on a location and be content with it for a while, because it will be difficult for you to move or move the dresser.

It has four drawers and a compartment with shelf, there is enough storage space. It also comes with cable cutouts, which will make your job easier when it comes to arranging cables. It should be mentioned that it has a length of 145 cm, a width of 45 cm and a height of 50 cm, and this convenient retro-industrial TV is offered with a 2-year warranty.


It has a retro or industrial inspired design, with aluminum foil finish, being ideal for aeronautics enthusiasts.

Low TV chest of drawers, very stable, which will not tip over no matter what you put on it.

It has four drawers that can store all your gadgets and media accessories.

It has cutouts for cables, for a better organization of the wires.


It weighs 50 kg, so it will be difficult to move.


Comfortable white TV

Model Martin

The best furniture to put your tv

For people who are now arranging their living room, and are interested in buying the best TV chest of drawers, which has a modern look, we recommend this model that promises to transform the entire room. But you will not only receive the TV chest of drawers, but also three shelves that you can turn into shelves and arrange on the wall, so that you can arrange a beautiful corner for the gadgets, books, plants or other decorative objects that you want to display.

The bodies have fine lines and are white, which increases their attractiveness. If you expect to receive a glossy white TV dresser, you may be disappointed, as the surface is rather matte. Of course, you will have to be more careful with the products used for the maintenance of the furniture, but the advantage of the light shade is that it will create the feeling of space, making a medium or small living room look wider.

The product is made of melamine chipboard with a thickness of 18 mm, and the hardware is made of metal and plastic. It is less durable than one made of solid wood, but it is a good option for people on a tight budget. The chest of drawers has two hidden cabinets with the door, which are spacious enough for many objects. It must be said that the set is delivered disassembled, but you will receive all the necessary accessories and the sketch for assembly. If you are interested in the dimensions, we tell you that the wall shelf has 936 (length) x 200 (width) x 614 (height) mm, and the chest of drawers weighs 31 kg and has 1600 (length) x 336 (width) x 400 (height) mm.


It is a set that includes a chest of drawers and three shelves, so you can decorate a wall of the living room.

It attracts with its modern look, fine lines and white surface, which will open the room and make it look bigger.

It has a very advantageous purchase price.

You will receive it together with a warranty certificate, valid for 2 years.


Being white, you will have to always keep an eye on the junior, if he is used to drawing the surfaces in the house.


Comfortable modern TV

Helios INA01855

The best furniture to put your tv

If you are among the followers of a minimalist style, and you need a TV cabinet that not only hides your impressive collection of electronics and gadgets, but with which you can build an entertainment center right in your own living room, then We could have the perfect proposal for you: Helios INA01855. It has two tall metal legs, it is 130 cm long, it has two cabinets that close with a door, and in the middle it has two shelves, on which you can put a playstation or other small device.

It is made in Scandinavian style, and nothing stops you from joining it with other bodies made in the same style or, on the contrary, to create such a decoration in your home, starting from this piece. It is made of a combination of mango wood and metal, the predominant color being brown. Thus, you will create a warm, familiar atmosphere, exactly what you want in a room where you plan to gather with family or friends.

To find out the complete dimensions, we must also tell you that it is 40 cm wide and 56 cm high. There will be enough space left under it to clean at will, and the material and color of the dresser prove that it will be relatively easy to maintain.


TV chest of drawers at a good price.

Given the construction and shades, it is relatively easy to maintain.

It has a Scandinavian style and can be integrated in a modern, minimalist decor.

You receive a 2-year warranty, delivery is free and you have the opportunity to return the product within 30 days.


It has a more special design, so it may not be to the liking of all people, especially those who have rather traditional tastes.


Genarom Nepo Rtv2D

The best furniture to put your tv

If you prefer to limit yourself to a modern, simple chest of drawers, which fits with the wooden furniture in the living room, and which does not cost so much as to make a hole in your budget, it is possible that this wenge TV chest of drawers is the right one. for your house. It is modern, being made of chipboard, a material also used for fronts, and the hardware is metallic, so it is resistant. Of course, don’t expect it to last forever in good condition, especially if you have small children or animals that will cling to its edges, but if you take care of it, you can enjoy it for a few years.

It is rectangular and almost 139 cm long, so you can place a TV with a medium-large diagonal. It is also low, so you will not be able to clean under it, but it will be stable, the risk of overturning being non-existent. In the middle there are two shelves (you can change the place of the shelf, to accommodate taller objects), on which you can put a DVD player, a playstation or other gadgets, and on the sides there are two cabinets, the interior being hidden by doors.

The back case has a ventilation hole, and here you will be able to hide the cables, so that they do not crowd your parquet or get in them. The complete dimensions are 42.5 x 138.5 x 46.5 cm, and the furniture is delivered unassembled (all accessories, along with instructions with pictures, are included in the package).


TV chest of drawers, cheap and good, suitable for modern living rooms.

It is easy to assemble and is delivered with all the parts needed to carry out this process.

Includes two cabinets and two drawers, for storing electronics or decorative objects.

It has a hole on the back, where you can hide the cables, so as not to leave them scattered on the floor.


It is made of chipboard, so it can be affected by moisture and wear.


Wenge TV stand

Lara Module CL1852p

The best furniture to put your tv

We could recommend placing this comfortable TV in the bedroom or living room, as it matches the elegance of many modern furniture for those spaces in the house. The piece is made of 18 mm thick melamine chipboard, so you won’t have to worry about resistance, even if you put heavy equipment on it (for example, an audio amplifier over 15 kilograms).

On its surface there is enough space for an average TV (even over 1 meter diagonal), the dimensions of the chest of drawers being 120 centimeters long, 50 centimeters deep and 32 centimeters high. On the front there is a door that opens downwards, and inside there are two separate storage spaces.

It is easy to assemble, thanks to the simple design. As disadvantages, it has no special places for additional electronic equipment, they have to be placed directly on the shelf.


Glass TV cabinet

Beautiful BFA50-94898-DE1

The best furniture to put your tv

This glass TV stand has, as immediately visible advantages, plenty of room for electronic equipment adjacent to the TV. On the two shelves under the TV shelf you can put amplifiers, Blu-Ray or CD players, routers or satellite decoders, the absence of rear panels allowing free placement of cables – in fact, if you want a neat look, you have on the center pole and holes through to mask the threads in an orderly and aesthetic way.

In addition, the design of the piece of furniture is attractive, both with curved and straight shapes, while the black color offers a certain sobriety welcome in many modern interiors. We recommend placing the TV chest of drawers in the bedroom, living room or office where you receive business clients.

Regarding its disadvantages, we can say that it is relatively expensive, given its modern construction, strength (it has a limit of 94 kilograms) and the choice of materials (solid wood and glass). It measures 127 x 48.26 x 58.32 centimeters and weighs 30 kilograms.


TV stand on the corner

MarcelProd 063

The best furniture to put your tv

Some buyers may want a comfortable TV corner, and we recommend this model, useful if you have a TV under 1 meter diagonally (if it is over this size, it may hit the two walls in the vicinity of the chest of drawers).

It has two storage spaces, vertical, each with its own door, a few small shelves (three on each side), a space for Bly-Ray player, home cinema or cable decoder, directly under the space for the TV, and its dimensions are 92 centimeters long, 45 deep and 82 centimeters high. It is made of birch chipboard, melamine, and has wheels on the ventral side, which facilitates moving.

It weighs 26 kilograms, and its sustained weight limit is around 50 kilograms (TV + other equipment). As disadvantages, the location on the corner limits the diagonal of the TV to about 1 meter, but you can, of course, put it in the middle of the room, in which case you can accommodate larger appliances.


Wooden TV chest of drawers

Mobinarta JO406

The best furniture to put your tv

Not all buyers are looking for a modern TV chest of drawers, and the model included here is in quite classic lines, in terms of design. We can list the doors with handles, which open horizontally, but also the drawers, in this respect, lacking chrome or glass, as in many modern type chests of drawers.

The piece offers five storage spaces: two large ones, at the ends, the smaller drawers, in the middle and the space for electronic equipment, which has a small hole in the back, for the cables that will lead to the TV. The disadvantage of this product is that the small hole may not be enough if, for example, you have to unplug an HDMI cable with some wires to the speakers.

Therefore, the number of electronic equipment placed will be limited, or you will have to place them on top. But, at 200 centimeters long, 45 wide and 55 high, you will be able to place even the largest TVs on the dresser.


Buying guide

In choosing any piece of furniture, shape and color matter a lot, along with the materials used, the general idea being to match the rest of the decorative-functional elements in the room (other pieces, floor, walls, light, accessories).

As this shopping guide focuses on TV cabinets, their functionality – that is, the way in which the features of each model affect the multimedia experience – will take an important place in choosing a piece of furniture. Let’s see what factors will need to be evaluated in this regard:The best furniture to put your tv

Height : you may be surprised that I chose this size as the first factor. Why didn’t I specify the dimensions in general? The reason is simple: height determines the comfort of viewing.

Theoretically, it would be optimal to look at the TV image at the same level as the center of the screen. This rule is not mandatory, but if you sit on a low couch (or a bean bag, for example), your neck may get tired when watching a movie on a TV set on a high chest of drawers, for example. one of 150 centimeters.

So, when evaluating the dimensions, it is easy to relate to the width or length, when you realize how it will fit in that room, but also consider the prolonged viewing of the content and how it might fit you. get tired of the position of your head and neck, especially as many people still fall asleep with the TV on .

The size of the TV that fits : the horizontal surface of the board on which the TV will be placed determines how big the chosen model can be. Although in a description of a TV cabinet, at a good price, you can meet a certain size (for example, as it supports TVs up to 120 centimeters diagonally), there is another factor to take into account: the legs.

You can see, on the market, both TVs with one central leg, and some with two legs, at the edge. It is easy to realize that the first design can be accommodated on a small chest of drawers, while on the second, you will need to buy a piece of furniture almost as wide as the TV you have.

Spaces for adjacent electronics : for this element of choice, more does not necessarily mean better. For example, some buyers will want a cheap TV stand that only a Smart TV can sit on, while others will look for support for a real media center.

Thus, the respective people will want to put (usually under the TV, but also next to) a series of electronic equipment such as home-cinema amplifiers, Blu-Ray players, decoders, even shelf speakers, in some cases.

Models such as the Bello BFA50-94898-DE1 offer stacked floors, on which all kinds of such devices can be placed, while on other models, such as MarcelProd 063 , the place for adjacent electronics is almost non-existent. The best furniture to put your tv

Cable arrangement : if we talked about electronics, an orderly appearance of the cables or an easy connection are both desirable elements for most models of TV cabinets, at good prices.

We mention again the Bello model BFA50-94898-DE1, which, besides the fact that it offers enough space for the wires to stay free in the back, also has generous holes for their arrangement according to a masking panel, centrally located.

For other models, such as the Mobinarta JO406 , there is plenty of room for two amplifiers, but the wire hole may be a bit small for, for example, the HDMI cable and connectors to some speakers.

Other models, we can mention Lara Module CL1852p, do not offer separate compartments for electronics or slots for cable arrangement. However, the appliances will sit next to the TV, so they may not disturb the wires excessively, as they may be hidden behind the furniture, if there is space between it and the wall.

Maximum weight limit : this factor is especially important when choosing a suspended TV dresser, but also for all other pieces of furniture. In short, it is not advisable to overload the furniture.

Modern TVs are light, but amplifiers, speakers and other things that you put in drawers can all weigh quite a lot. If, for example, a chest of drawers has a limit of 50 kilograms, it will not break immediately if you put a 60 kilogram burden on it, but the damage will occur over time, for example the plywood boards will bend.

Materials and design : the aspects related to aesthetics will not be neglected, there are products with vintage design, others modern, and the combination (wood, glass, metal) will have to be to the taste of each buyer.

We need to talk a little about the importance of the material: metal is probably the most resistant to loads and shocks, but also the heaviest. You can, of course, find light metals, such as aluminum.

Solid wood is elegant, but expensive and often difficult. The advantages of PAL wood mixture are the price (small) and the variety of colors, but this material is not as durable as solid wood. MDF boards are more expensive than chipboard, but also more resistant, especially to moisture.

Take all this information into account when choosing the dresser you want, in addition to the way it looks and how it matches the other elements in the room in which you will place it.

Decorating spaces : we talked about special places for adjacent electronic equipment, such as amplifiers or gaming consoles, but you should not neglect the possibility of storing other objects: books, documents, and so on.

Thus, we will include in the descriptions of TV cabinets and possible compartments for storing various objects, in some cases they are quite large (Lara Modul CL1852p), in other cases small (MarcelProd 063) or even missing (Bell BFA50-94898-DE1 ).

The best furniture to put your tv

Own weight : this last element has neither functionality nor design, although it can have an influence on the maximum weight limit supported by the chest of drawers, and some materials can be heavy, others light.

However, mentioning the weight, you will know if you will be able to take the assembly package (if you are a woman, it may be difficult for you to carry a 50 kilogram package).

In order to clarify other aspects related to the furniture elements intended for the placement of televisions, we will answer a few questions in the next section. Thus, we hope to help not only in choosing the optimal product, but also on maintaining the objects in time, or placing them in the right places!

Frequent questions

Where do I place, in a practical spirit, a comfortable TV with drawers?

In general, if you have drawers, in terms of location , you will have to think about two aspects: the length of the drawer (how much it comes out in front, when it is pulled) and if you have room to sit in front of the chest of drawers, when walking inside its.

So, ideally, it would be good to have enough space in front of the piece of furniture to completely remove the drawer and about 40-60 centimeters, to sit down, when you take or insert objects in that compartment.

In living rooms, the space is usually enough, but in bedrooms, where the bed occupies the most space, you will have to take into account these indications.

The best furniture to put your tv

What size should a tall TV stand be?

The width and depth of these elements can vary, depending on tastes and needs, but in terms of height, a TV dresser should allow the viewer to watch TV without turning his head, or keep him bent. .

Ideally, the eyes should be at the same level as the center of the screen. We have more information about this, at the first criterion of choice, in our shopping guide above.

What is the most suitable TV cabinet in the living room?

The answer to this question cannot be a fixed one, but depends on the aesthetic tastes of the buyer and the storage needs.

We recommend consulting our shopping guide, in which we develop all the selection factors for any model on the market.

How do I maintain an oak TV cabinet?

Oak furniture maintenance involves frequent dusting, the use of antistatic sprays specially created to protect wooden surfaces, avoiding as much as possible the spillage of liquids, but also elements such as placement in a place away from direct sunlight (which can affect treatments applied to wood), away from heat sources, such as resources or fireplaces.

To keep the look as long as possible, be very careful when moving the furniture, avoiding it from shocks and scratches.

How do I redecorate the living room when I buy a vintage TV dresser?

Redecorating the living room is not a mandatory step, of course, but a few elements will need to be specified: first, place the sofa or armchairs far enough away from the dresser to allow comfortable viewing.

Since vintage TV chests of drawers can often be massive, you may need to make this move. Secondly, over time, if you care about a certain aesthetic aspect, you may want to buy other vintage elements in the living room, in order to obtain an assorted aspect.

Why is a corner TV stand practical?

In many cases, such an object can free up space in the room, as it capitalizes on an area often neglected by most pieces of furniture (corner). Often, these chests of drawers are small in size, and their limitation is that the diagonal of the TVs that will be placed on them will depend on the contact with the neighboring walls.

The best furniture to put your tv

What do I choose: TV chest of drawers made of MDF, glass or wood?

A wooden TV chest of drawers will often be quite suitable for vintage interiors, but the respective models can be expensive, mainly due to the extended durability and the classic look. The material called MDF is very popular nowadays, because it does not expand to moisture, and the paint on it does not crack easily – instead, it is heavy and does not hold the screws well. And the glass has a modern look, but it is vulnerable to breakage.

Choose what suits you, but in addition to the material, there are many other factors to consider (see shopping guide, above).

Can I find a TV stand with a fireplace online?

You can find many TV cabinets, cheap and good, of all kinds and shapes. Fireplace models are relatively rare, but present on the market. If you can’t find a model that even allows you to burn wood in it, you can choose a simulator: Bailey DF2608 is very elegant in its appearance, but the present fireplace is a screen, in turn, without real fire.

How to recondition a used TV cabinet

Reconditioning a second-hand TV stand depends on two major aspects: the type of materials it is made of and the condition in which it is (how high the level of damage is).

We include a series of tips and indications that can be applied, as much as possible, to all situations:

The best furniture to put your tv

Assess the level of damage

Are there many scratches on visible surfaces? Are parts missing (hinges, shelves, veneer boards)? Does the dresser need a general repaint? Are glass parts cracked or broken, therefore requiring replacement?

All these questions will need to be answered before you start working – you need to know, from the beginning, exactly what you need to do, but also which of the tasks is a priority (some will decide that reconditioning the facade and the upper part is more important than the inside or the back).

Buy the necessary equipment, consumables and non-consumables

A series of tools and products will have to be bought, before you start any effort to recondition the pieces of furniture: paints, sandpaper (of various granules), a grinder (or a patina), varnishes, veneer (if necessary), oils for wood, glue or aracet (if necessary for various works), rags, brushes for applying paint and varnishes, measuring instruments (square, roulette, bubble level), newspapers and, possibly, a manual vacuum cleaner.

It is also advisable to wear work clothes, which can be dirty, and protective equipment is recommended – we refer to latex glasses and gloves.

Some items, such as hinges, may not be repairable, so they will need to be purchased separately to be installed. You will also need screwdrivers, in this case.

Apply the appropriate techniques to each type of material

For wood, it will often be necessary to polish the surfaces until imperfections are removed, and then reapply the treatments (oils and varnishes) to result in a face as similar as possible to the original.

You can, of course, opt for a new finish if you intend to alter the look of the dresser. For MPF, you will still have to sand, and then paint the surfaces with acrylic paints.

In the case of metal, you have little to do other than repainting, and cracked or broken glass parts will have to be completely replaced, and in such cases, we recommend a glass.

Leave the piece to dry in a ventilated place

After applying the paints and varnishes, it is important to place the dresser in a place with clean air, without direct sunlight, where it will have to stay as long as necessary for the freshly applied surfaces to dry and the glue to harden.

It is recommended that people not be in the environment, inhaling the vapors of those substances.

The best furniture to put your tv

You can also make changes, if you wish

Of course, the reconditioning of a used TV stand must not have the purpose of bringing it back to its original form, from the factory. It is okay to let your imagination run wild and make various changes.

For example, you can give up some shelves, or even doors to storage spaces. Or, for a more efficient arrangement of the cables, give a hole or two for them.

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