The best gaming keyboard you can choose in 2021


The best gaming keyboard you can choose in 2021

Gaming Keyboards – Product Review and comparison in 2021

When you need a gaming keyboard to kill your evenings, and enemies, but you do not know what to “eat” this type of peripheral, read our little shopping guide. And if you want to know something about models appreciated by Romanians, find out thatRedragon Dark Avenger is one of the most beloved keyboards illuminated with customizable LEDs, being a compact version, with 87 keys, PC connectivity being via USB gold-plated, so that there is no lag, not missing the lock of the Windows key for games and mechanical switches Outemu Blue, so with a click, giving the user everything he needs to start exploring the virtual world of games. An admired alternative comes from the Razer Cynosa Chroma .

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This model with mechanical keys and blue switches with clear tactile and auditory response presents an interesting and economical offer for any novice player who wants to make the transition from a classic version, with membrane, providing a simple design, but effect, robust and ready to use.

It lacks the numpad part, useful especially for those who often work with numbers, such as programmers and those who deal with accounting and Excel files.

It combines an affordable acquisition cost with the utility and indispensable functions of a mechanical product, which is why it is often bought by Romanians.

Those who want to try a brand option for games can turn their attention to these prestigious offers, this classic version having a complete key formula (104 in number) with short switches and individual button lighting, so that the options of customization to look beautiful when used.

For an entry level variant, it has a price that may seem slightly high, but it reflects the attraction of the manufacturer’s name, however, tempting many buyers despite the lack of a strong tactile response.

It is a variant appreciated by those who want a durable, memorable product that comes from a branded manufacturer, which has confidence in this niche market.

At a good purchase cost for the mechanical segment is this offer with Outemu Blue click switches, which is suitable for games, but also for those who work on the computer, presenting a complete number of buttons that do not present conflicts when pressed, with lighting Programmable intensity LED, as desired by the user.

Although it has a wide platform designed to support the palm, in the case of extended gaming sessions it cannot be detached, which becomes inconvenient for those who do not have enough space on the desk.

It balances the affordable price for a mechanical product with limited options for controlling the lighting function and a non-detachable palm, becoming an option agreed by Romanians passionate about games.

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Redragon Dark Avenger

The best gaming keyboard you can choose in 2021

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