The best gaming laptop deals for black friday

With the development of technology and the gaming industry in the world, the interest of buyers for specialized gaming laptops has also increased. As in the case of business laptops, the offer of gaming laptops is rich and includes both models with more affordable prices and more modest features, as well as extremely high-performance models at top prices. Under these conditions, purchasing a cheap and good gaming laptop becomes a challenge and involves knowing some technical details specific to this field.

Therefore, we recommend that you take into account the certain technical criteria for choosing the best gaming laptops, according to the opinions about gaming laptops expressed by specialists. This way you will approach the rich offer of gaming laptops on the commercial market, much more informed and prepared.




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The main technical features of a gaming laptop


On the commercial market, gaming laptops are available in different versions, with 14 ”, 15”, 17 ”screens and sometimes even bigger ones. The choice of screen size depends on certain individual preferences. E.g:

  • 14 ”laptops are preferred by those who want to play on a powerful, but extremely compact system, even at a higher price;
  • if you want a portable laptop, it would be better to choose a model with a 15 ”screen.
  • if you don't want to go with it, choose a model 17 ”or bigger to enjoy a much more generous screen space.


The best gaming laptop deals for black friday

In terms of resolution, we recommend the Full HD option for a gaming laptop. Models with UHD resolution are not justified in the case of screens with a diagonal of only 15 "or 17". Other options you should consider are NVIDIA Optimus availability. This makes it easy to switch between NVIDIA's dedicated chip and the graphics interface in the processor, saving energy when using the battery-powered laptop.

Another option is G-Sync, a system that allows the screen to adjust its refresh rate to the number of frames offered by the video card. However, this option is only available on expensive laptops, which makes it difficult to access.


For a high-performance gaming laptop, users must choose the Intel Core quad-core processors of generations 6 and 7. The versions we recommend are the quad-core ones, ie those with the suffix HQ or HK. Models with low consumption, having the suffix U being dual-core only make consumption more efficient, to the detriment of the power generated. They can only occasionally provide enough power to run games. If you want your high-performance laptop to run perfectly, then you should not neglect this aspect and choose only the first recommended versions.

Video card

Regarding the video card, we recommend you to opt for middle and upper class models, based on the Pascal architecture, ie the 1000 series: GTX 1060, GTX 1070 and GTX 1080. If you opt for a screen with Full HD resolution, then our recommendation would be be that the dedicated video memory has 4 GB or even more.

Screen size

State-of-the-art laptops are among the few devices that offer a balance between portability, performance and power, being ideal for movies, games or internet access. That is why the choice of screen size depends only on the individual preference of each user.


This criterion is closely related to the previous criterion. The smaller the screen diagonal, the more portable the laptop is. There are several options to choose from depending on your movement needs:

The best gaming laptop deals for black friday

  • Maximum portability – 13-14 inch diagonal laptops. They are the lightest, the longest autonomy, but the video card and the processor will be weaker, because the available space is reduced;
  • Medium portability – laptops with a 15-inch diagonal fit best in this category, being a compromise between mobility and power;
  • Minimum portability – laptops with a diagonal of 17 – 18 inches. They are not the easiest to transport, but they are the strongest because the internal space is very generous.

Display resolution

Pixel density renders the displayed image much higher quality when the number of pixels is higher. This is represented by the result of the multiplication between the height and the virtual width of the image, calculated in the unit of measurement called pixel. The same resolution will be seen differently on screens of different sizes when maintaining the dimensional proportions. In this case we are talking about laptops with medium resolutions that can be seen flawlessly on the small display of the device.


For a true player, the keyboard is very important, because it is the main way of transmitting instructions during the game. A good keyboard must have an anti-ghosting function, ie allow multiple keys to be pressed simultaneously. The keyboard lighting option is not mandatory, but it looks great and will be appreciated by any gamer.

Choosing the best gaming laptop is a click away from you

With the help of the information presented in this guide you can start the search that will bring you one step closer to the best gaming laptop you want. Opt for the analysis of the products on the market in the online environment in order to gain valuable time, but also to have access to as many models as possible, at advantageous prices.

Also, turn your attention to well-known manufacturing companies for extensive and quality and prompt post-warranty services. In addition, big brands are more interested in introducing cutting-edge technological inventions into their product, but also in the exceptional quality of manufacturing materials. Increase and inspiration for shopping for those who want to become the owners of the best gaming laptops!

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