the best gaming laptop i7


the best gaming laptop i7

Laptops i7 – Product Review and comparison in 2021

If you want to keep up with technology when it comes to buying a laptop, it would be best to opt for a model with i7 processor, because it will have very good performance to cope with games, office work or more sophisticated programs. . Such a product is a bit more expensive, but it is worth the money if you do not want to need to change it too quickly. The list below can help you if you want a guide in the choice you have to make. At the forefront isASUS ROG GL503VD-FY064 , whose processor has a number of four cores operating at a maximum frequency of 3800 MHz and which has a very good cache memory of 6144 KB, for quick access to recent information. . This laptop stores data on HDD, but also SSD and has a RAM of 8 GB. Another interesting variant is the MSI GL62M 7RDX , which ranks 2nd in the list.

Comparative table

It is a suitable choice especially for gamers, because it has a high-performance processor (with four cores with a maximum frequency of 3800 MHz), a good RAM (8GB) and a dedicated video card. You can store data on both SSD and HDD and it has an interface that offers multiple connection possibilities.

It does not have a pre-installed operating system, which is why you will need other additional costs after purchasing it.

Buy this laptop if you want to enjoy a high-performance device that works to a high standard in any activity you have to do.

It’s a good option even for activities that require more processor, such as gaming or more difficult programs. It has an 8 GB RAM memory, in order to work as smoothly as possible, a dedicated video card, which is not connected to the processor and comes bundled with a 1 TB HDD, to have enough storage space.

If you are used to using CDs / DVDs frequently, you should know that this i7 laptop model does not have an optical drive.

It is a high-performance laptop, which will cope with even the most difficult requirements imposed by demanding games or programs.

It is an i7 laptop appreciated especially for the following aspects: the RAM memory is 8 GB, the data is stored on the SSD, it has an optical drive, it comes with Windows pre-installed, it offers a rich interface and it weighs only 1.86 kg. It is a wise choice for anyone who wants a truly high-performance model for basic activities.

Most often users are dissatisfied with the small internal memory, which is only 256 GB and the fact that the video card is integrated.

We recommend this i7 laptop model for classic users, because it will perform well enough to satisfy you completely.

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the best gaming laptop i7

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