the best gaming monitor for xbox to pcgamer -2021 review

Choosing a gaming monitor can be a really difficult task, because there is a huge variety of products and prices. To help you, we've gathered some information from expert reports and tests so we can pick the 10 best gaming monitors on the market right now.




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The Best Gaming Monitors 2021


The Best Gaming Monitors 2021


The Best Gaming Monitors 2021 1


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Computer game enthusiasts know that the monitor is one of the most important components to have a pleasant relaxing experience. Therefore, they pay special attention to choosing the best gaming monitor from all the offers on the market. But what does a good game monitor mean and how does it differ from a normal one. We thought we would introduce you to most of the technical features you need to consider when choosing a gaming monitor.

Relevant technical characteristics, specific to gaming monitors

Monitor resolution

the best gaming monitor for xbox to pcgamer -2021 review

The most important technical feature to keep in mind when choosing a game monitor is, of course, its resolution. Their typology is diverse from 1080p (Full HD), 1440p (QHD / 2K) and 2160p (UHD / 4K). The higher the resolution, the higher the image quality and the more significant the visual details. Everyone wants the highest possible monitor resolution, but it depends on the hardware's ability to support that resolution.

Video game lovers, however, have powerful computers, with a high power of the video card, for a superior performance and visual quality. These computers can support high resolution, QHD or UHD monitors without any problems.

Screen size

In general, the size of game monitors should be between 21 and 27 inches, a size that ensures optimal visual comfort. The size of the gaming monitor also depends on the physical space where it will be located. If you have a smaller desk and are too close to the monitor, choose a smaller monitor. There is no point in choosing a monitor that is too large, because the peripheral view of the eye is somewhere at 35 degrees perpendicular to the direction we are looking, the rest is blurred.

Response time

The response time of the monitor's pixels, measured in milliseconds, is the time required for a single pixel to switch from black to white or between different shades of gray. The shorter this time, the smoother and fainter the camera movements will be. A professional player will choose monitors with a response time between 1 and 4 ms to experience the most interesting and authentic sensations in the game.

Display technology

There are two types of displays on the commercial market, each with its own specific characteristics: TN (twisted nematic) and IPS (in-plane switching):

  • The TN display has the advantage of supporting faster response times;
  • The IPS display offers better visual quality, more vibrant and accurate color rendering, and better viewing angles, ideal features for video games.

Game monitor-specific connectors

A game monitor can have the following inputs and outputs, which you need to keep in mind when making this investment:

  • 1.4 Display Port – the best choice for transferring video or audio to your computer;
  • HDMI 1.4 -2.0 – they do not support refresh rates at higher resolutions than DisplayPort,
  • 3.5 mm audio output – to connect headphones or speakers directly to the monitor instead of the back panel of the motherboard or the front panel of the case;
  • 3.5 mm audio input;
  • multiple USB ports.

Refresh rate

the best gaming monitor for xbox to pcgamer -2021 review The refresh rate, measured in Hertz, shows how many times the monitor can refresh the displayed image per second. This determines the number of frames per second that will be displayed on the monitor. Game monitors can have the following refresh rates of 60Hz, 144Hz and 240H. Obviously it is important to choose a monitor with a refresh rate as high as possible, but do this only if you have a high-performance video card capable of supporting it, otherwise it is an unnecessary investment.

Additional functions and options

Gaming monitors may also have additional features or options that can enhance your computer gaming experience. Here are some of them:

  • music playback without external speakers;
  • eye protection through the Eye Saver system or;
  • curved screen, which offers a completely different experience of playing video games.

Feel free to search and check for these options in monitor models that meet most of your purchasing criteria.

Well-known brand

the best gaming monitor for xbox to pcgamer -2021 review

As in any other field, a successful fir tree in the production of monitors and computers means a superior quality of the components and an increased attention to detail. In addition, there is a specialization of these manufacturing companies on certain components to become the best in the field. Not to be neglected are other advantages such as the post-purchase guarantee offered by these companies, of at least two years or the possibility of changing some components in their specialized services, existing in all major cities in the country.

Informed choice is the best choice!

In general, information means power, especially when we decide to invest in valuables. Choosing a game monitor for a gaming enthusiast is truly an imported investment, and its technical features, presented in this article, can help you make the right choice. The most important aspect to start with is the purchase price. A good gaming monitor is not cheap and players know it.

To shorten the time of searching and comparing existing models on the market, we recommend that you do so online. It will be much easier and more efficient. Even the opinions expressed by other customers, video game enthusiasts, can be an important source of inspiration. Then, after choosing the models closest to your selection criteria, you can go to the best profile stores to physically test the products. Do not be embarrassed to ask the store manager everything that matters to you, to test each model separately, to read the related technical documents to make the most inspired choice.

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