The best gaming motherboard you can buy in 2021


The best gaming motherboard you can buy in 2021

Gaming Motherboards – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Do you want to build a gaming computer from scratch, on pieces, and it would be useful for you to have some information about motherboards of this kind? We tell you what criteria to look for and we make you two proposals appreciated by other connoisseurs, the first beingGigabyte Aorus X470 Ultra Gaming , compatible with AMD AM4 sockets, mainly with those of the seventh Ryzen series, with 4 slots fast DDR4 RAM, with integrated sound card and six SATA III slots for hard drives, no less than 4 USB 2 and 4 USB 3 ports, one USB Type C and one HDMI port for the monitor. It is an ATX format that allows the user to make further improvements. A beloved alternative by many PC gamers is the MSI B360 Gaming Plus .

Comparative table

Using a fiberglass technology, the product takes care that the humidity does not affect the attached components and circuits, there is variety and in terms of chips compatible with the AM4 platform, there are four DDR4 RAM slots, with dual channel support, representing a choice appreciated by other buyers, at a good price.

The platform for reading BIOS settings can be difficult to understand or less aesthetically pleasing, and there may be difficulties in reading RAM correctly after attachment.

It is an option that those who want a high-performance gaming system, equipped with the latest generation parts, capable of performance, love.

Those looking for an economical part for the Intel system, which is known to be more expensive, will generally be happy to know that this version has a good acquisition cost, being an option in ATX format, equipped with memory capacity. 64 GB DDR4, with 5 SATA III interfaces and various USB ports 2 and 3.

Slot positioning is poor, and there may be problems mounting the video card, hard disks, and RAM, despite the ATX format, which should be more roomy.

It becomes an affordable option for construction lovers who rely on Intel, combining important and necessary features of a system for running games with an affordable acquisition cost.

Having a standard ATX format, this article differs from others by compatibility with eighth and ninth generation Intel processors, with a 1151 socket, with dual channel support for RAM, and a variety of connection ports, to be able to use all kinds of peripherals, from the classic keyboard and mouse to joysticks and gamepads.

Unfortunately, the slightly restrictive purchase cost can become a problem for some potential buyers, as it is caused by the prestige of the brand and the variety of connectors.

It meets the necessary qualities of a central part of the personal computer for games, being among the preferences of those for whom the price is not an essential criterion for purchasing.

How to choose a good gaming motherboard

Buyer’s guide

It is obvious that computer games have become very popular nowadays, but also that, in order to run optimally, your PC must meet certain requirements. Their satisfaction depends on both the processor and the motherboard, the latter making the essential connections between the various components it houses.

In other words, it is the “circulatory system” (which carries information from one side to the other) on which depends, to a large extent, the performance you enjoy.

The best gaming motherboard you can buy in 2021

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