the best gaming office desk to buy


the best gaming office desk to buy

Gaming desks – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Do you want to improve the organization of the place where you keep your computer and are you looking for a good and beautiful gaming desk to help you? Take a look at this information to convince yourself that you are making the right purchase and find out that among the Romanians’ preferences at present isGenesis Holm 300 RGB , a minimalist, black version with a firm metal support and MDF top with spaces for organizing wires, metal shelves for glasses, headphones and other cables and peripherals, there is also an integrated stand where you can place a monitor, for better visibility, with USB hub, on the back there is an LED strip with RGB lighting. Another frequently purchased version is Arozzi Arena .

Comparative table

This minimalist option has a black, textured, MDF countertop, with accessible dimensions, 120 cm long and 60 cm wide, featuring high support for the monitor and metal versions for documents, glasses and headphones, without a band of programmable LED lighting and a USB charging hub.

It is not a product without negative parts, such as the fact that the non-slip material under the metal feet can come off or break down over time.

Those who want a beautiful and simplistic assembly of the corner for games or even work will find in this option an interesting example, affordable.

The piece of furniture for games consists of a wooden countertop with ergonomic shape and covered with a large mousepad to facilitate the comfort of use, the generous dimensions acting in favor of the buyer, allowing him to place several monitors, the cables being tightened in a the net on the inside of the countertop, the steel legs ensuring stability.

The item is not equipped with additional storage spaces, so this aspect involves a rearrangement of the space or the purchase of additional cabinets for keeping the desired objects at hand.

Taking into account the function and the acquisition cost of the product, it is noted that it will be addressed to those who want a minimalist, simple organization, and who prefer dedicated objects.

This piece of furniture is dedicated to video game enthusiasts who want a minimalist option, with a modern look and textured countertop, which can accommodate at least two monitors, the length being 115 cm, lacking support for headphones and glass, the legs are adjustable height, ergonomic board ensuring comfort during the game.

It requires the use of a mosepad for precision and the correct movements in games, and the feet do not have protection so as not to scratch or slip on the floor.

With a relatively affordable price, this variant is dedicated to use as a centerpiece in a game system for enthusiasts and amateurs, and can be worn in tandem with a chair of the same nature.

In-depth reviews about the best gaming desks

The comfort and atmosphere of the game are incomparable when using the gaming desk according to the user’s personality, and among the current favorites of Romanians, according to the sales charts, are the following.

Genesis Holm 300 RGB

the best gaming office desk to buy

Here is a gaming desk, at a good price, with a slightly minimalist look, without too many noises and trumpets, which emphasizes utility and design. This product has metal legs, along with the rest of the solid construction, the countertop of dimensions accessible to a person who does not use too many accessories, of 120 x 60 cm, being made of a durable black MDF board.

Regarding the available compartments, they are also less developed, remaining in the form of metal supports for glasses, headphones, gamepad, under the counter there is also a tray for papers and other useful accessories. There is no lack of a superior integrated stand, where a main monitor will be positioned. For an interesting atmosphere, the back has RGB lighting controllable by a remote control, with a USB 3.0 hub with three ports, the countertop including holes for cable management.

The height is standard, fixed, 75 cm, some users preferring the product to be a little higher or adjustable from this point of view. Requires a mousepad to use the associated peripheral, and the anti-skid support on the legs may disintegrate.


E-Blue MSEB003HB000

the best gaming office desk to buy

This desk for a true gamer has a slightly retro look, being arranged with a backlit panel with LEDs and RGB lighting effects that the user can control using the supplied remote control, presenting a real choice “wow”, because it will impress by the appearance or at first glance, at least.

The dimensions of the functional furniture are 165 cm long and 64 cm wide, the height being adjustable in four positions, on 70, 76, 82 and 89 cm, an aspect appreciated by many lovers of comfort. The composite top has a simple look, not missing the cutout in the center, to maintain comfort for long sessions, being completely covered with a mousepad that resists scratches.

The steel frame helps with resistance, and under the desk there is a net in which triplets and cables can be inserted, to maintain order and appearance. A weak point is the fact that it does not have additional storage spaces, the price being high considering the simplicity of the design from this perspective.


Cougar Mars

the best gaming office desk to buy

Here is a multifunctional option, which can act both as one of the best gaming desks and as a hub for charging and controlling the RGB lighting that accompanies the product, including headphone port and microphone, so that it is not necessary to bring the cables. under the table, in the central unit.

The ergonomic design, with a time-resistant carbon fiber top, with an interesting, relaxing texture, has curved edges and rounded corners, to maintain comfort and a beautiful gaming experience, the stability being given by the thick metal frame. The length of the countertop is 153 cm, enough for two or three monitors, even, the width is also a positive aspect, measuring 77 cm, the height being adjustable, between 75 and 85 cm, to increase comfort.

In terms of partitioning does not excel, offering only the surface of the countertop, but in design we can say that it will impress, given that the lighting can be synchronized with certain motherboards with 5V 3-pin connector (keep this in mind if it’s a thing important to you).


Marvo DE-02 Black Red

the best gaming office desk to buy

This gaming desk, cheap and good, has a modern minimalist look, providing those who want a melamine chipboard surface with some ABS elements on the edges (supports up to 100 kg), the dimensions being 120 x 66 cm, enough for a user with one or two monitors plus a large audio system. The height is standard, 77 cm, the construction being robust, with steel legs positioned in Z, for stability.

The worktop has space for optimal positioning of the arms and legs, being optimized for hiding cables in order to maintain order in the office area, with high side edges and blue LED lighting, with USB power, for PC. However, there is no space to store useful accessories and other peripherals, for example, the unit must be placed directly on the floor. The feet are provided with anti-slip and anti-scratch protections.

Unfortunately, the holes for the insertion of the cables are not already prepared in the countertop, which is caught by the legs in only four screws.


Drimus HM B6

the best gaming office desk to buy

Are you looking for a cheap but well-made gaming desk? For a beginner, it can be useful to invest in a simple system, such as this one consisting of a painted steel metal frame, which will withstand the pressure of positioned objects, the countertop being standard, made of laminated MDF, in the color of wood. The modern design is provided with a perforated frame to hide cables that cannot be efficiently managed by the user.

It is not bad in terms of storage space, there is a shelf at the bottom on which the central unit can be placed with other small peripherals such as the router or a printer, for example. There is no lack of sliding plate for the keyboard, the article being provided with sliding wheels, for easy moving.

In terms of size, it does not excel, but what can you expect from a product at an affordable price? The length is 80cm, enough for a monitor and speakers, the width is 50cm and the standard height is 76cm.


Homcom A2-0019

the best gaming office desk to buy

For a gamer with staif will need a console system with multiple sides. This option, which will be positioned on the corner, provides the deserter with two workspaces, which can assemble the surface in a real hub with multiple monitors and keyboards, representing an ideal option for a streamer, say.

The worktop is made of smoky safety glass, a special aesthetic aspect, with a unique look, there are also MDF parts, and the heavy metal frame will maintain the stabilization thanks to the material used (cast iron). It has a retractable support for the keyboard and holes for cable management. Because it does not have fireworks such as LED lighting, which would look great, it involves other small investments for cosmetics.

The work surface is 105 x 59 cm on the main table, 80 x 59 cm on the secondary table and 59 x 59 cm on the corner table. We mention that the pieces can be placed in any way you want. The height is the usual, 75 cm. It supports up to 50 kg on each large piece and 30 kg on the corner. In terms of storage space, it is not very good, but it offers enough main surface for the desired accessories.


Arozzi gaming office desk

Arozzi Arena

the best gaming office desk to buy

Arozzi brand enthusiasts will always turn their attention to its offers, so they will also reach the offices, not only the accessible chairs for gaming. This option is available in several colors, presenting itself as a classic option, customizable from a chromatic point of view, because it will have metallic framing on red, blue, white, black or green, not missing a giant mousepad on the entire surface of thing.

The legs of this Arozzi gaming desk can be adjusted in height, between 70 and 80 cm, to enjoy both taller and shorter people. The top is made of wood, being flat and with a curvature in front, so that the user can sit comfortably close to the keyboard, the length of 160 cm being appreciated for the fact that it will fit several monitors and other items necessary for the player, such as headphones or audio system. the width being generous, 82 cm.

For arranging the cables, on the back of the countertop there is a net that will hold them, there are also three cutouts that allow the insertion of wires, so that they do not bother. Unfortunately, there are no other spaces arranged for storing other objects.


Trust gaming office desk

Trust GXT 711 Dominus

the best gaming office desk to buy

Minimalism in furniture has its benefits and this gaming office Trust will enjoy appreciation from those who wish because it is accompanied by an affordable purchase cost compared to many other products branded in the same way. Although it does not have a special place for mounting the desktop unit, it can be placed next to the X-legs in high quality steel, which will also support the 18 mm thick MDF top, the height being adjustable so that it fits perfectly.

The worktop is slightly curved inwards in the front, for convenience when sitting in front of the screen, the dimensions being 116 cm long and 76 cm wide, there are also holes for cable management and supports for glasses and headphones. The surface is already textured to help use the mouse directly on it, however, most users will also choose a mousepad to accompany it.

For a cheap gaming desk, it offers enough space to place two monitors, a small speaker system or soundbar, downstairs there is a bar where you can rest your feet.



Gaming office chair

Inaza Cobra

the best gaming office desk to buy

For maximum comfort during gaming games with friends, a gaming office chair is useful and the commercial offers in this regard abound in all kinds of interesting features. The Inaza Cobra variant has a black synthetic leather cover with red accents, being provided with a soft lining, for comfort, not missing the back cushion, which is fixed, meaning it cannot be changed and, after a while, can be flattened.

The height is adjustable from 49 to 59 cm, as well as the tilt on the front or back can be adjusted using the appropriate pedal under the seat. The height of the backrest is 73 cm, which is fixed, so it cannot be removed, without missing the handles for supporting the arms. It supports up to 110 kg safely, after which there may be obvious dangers of damage after a much shorter operating time.

It assembles quickly, with clear instructions in the package, the wheels running smoothly on the floor, without leaving traces.


Serioux Torin

the best gaming office desk to buy

Here is a gaming chair at a good price, available in different shades of black with yellow, blue or red, for example, so that you can match it with the table where you spend your free time in games. It does not lack cushions for the lumbar area and head, which are foldable, made of the same material as the article itself, namely synthetic leather (it will inevitably deteriorate over time).

It supports up to 150 kg and the height of the backrest is 83 cm, the height being adjustable, between 126 and 134 cm, the lifting being done using a gas lifting system, a useful aspect for various types of users. And the backrest can be left on the back, at 170 degrees, for relaxation, the handles being adjustable and separated from the backrest.

Unfortunately, it will encourage perspiration because the material does not let the skin breathe, on the contrary, and the handles can move a little too much for the taste of some users.


Gaming desk Buying guide

Gamers are always looking for the most attractive solutions for the space for their passion, so that it looks as good as possible, is ergonomic and well compartmentalized, and provides the necessary support and space for all the accessories used, for example. This functional piece of furniture must be positioned in a certain way to give an interesting perspective, based on concentration, for the gamer and the external appearance can be an important criterion, according to some opinions about the best gaming desks.

If you have not bought one before, we provide you with some information that can help you.

the best gaming office desk to buy

Dimensions : Perhaps the most important criterion, the dimensions are those that allow the positioning of the piece in a certain place, which will facilitate its use and the placement of a larger or smaller number of products, or the organization of accessories.

In order to choose the right furniture, you will measure the space you make available and you will search the internet for the models that correspond to the respective values obtained. When the corner is limited, you will turn your attention to a smaller countertop, up to 120 cm long, where you can fit a larger monitor or even two smaller ones, without crowding the location too much.

For two or three monitors, plus other accessories, you can invest in a gaming desk, at a good price, measuring at least 160 cm in length, where you will also have plenty of peripherals.

The standard width, which gives the player enough comfort, is 80 cm, and there may be cutouts in the middle designed to help comfort and maintain the proper position in the seat.

The height also has a special role, because it will maintain the comfort during the game, being indicated the acquisition of an adjustable model, in order to avoid the pains of the wrists, back or spine. The standard height is between 70 and 80 cm.

Design : It represents a customizable look, because only you can know what is the atmosphere you want to have in front of you. You can choose gaming desks, at good prices, with built-in LEDs, which can be programmed in certain colors, simple versions, with multi-storey elements, for positioning speakers and monitors, or with spaces or cutouts designed to hide cables and arrange them, or even slightly tilted versions, at angles of up to 15 degrees, to keep your hands in a more comfortable position.

There may be options with drawers or storage space or the shelf specially designed for the central unit, the folding shelf for the keyboard and mouse or for cups, glasses or headphones.

The look can be slightly minimalist, futuristic, in right angles and straight lines, or classic, fulfilling, in particular, a functional role. The shape can be rectangular, classic, or corner positioning, with opening on two sides.

Last but not least, this perspective must take into account the legs of some cheap and good gaming desks, which can be equipped with non-slip support, in order not to slip and affect the other components.

Materials : Because it is used for various activities, not just gaming, it requires stability and consistency, so a metal resistance, although heavier, will be a help in the mental health of the player, because he will be convinced that the monitor and peripherals Its safe, that they will not move and are not in danger of falling.

Most of the time, the countertop is made of chipboard, MDF or wood, resistant, heavy elements that support relatively high loads, presenting stability and quick and easy cleaning options, in some cases there is even a complete mousepad cover or made of microfiber, to easily control the mouse, in particular.

Supported weight : An important aspect is the quality of the furniture to support large weights because, over time, all sorts of things accumulate on the counter. The best robust gaming desk has the ability to support at least 50 kg, the average being 60 kg, enough for a placement of multiple monitors and appropriate peripherals.

There are also options that support around 70 kg, these can consist of the central countertop and a few shelves, so that different parts of the audio system or additional monitors can be mounted.

the best gaming office desk to buy

Compartmentalization : This aspect depends on the way the player wants his corner of heaven to look.

For minimalism, a Trust gaming desk will be enough, characterized by simplicity and minimal storage space, ie the countertop, and possibly a shelf or two, while other options may include specially designed places for storing peripherals (folding shelf placed lower countertops), cabinets for sticks, games and other things or shelves on which you display your own collections of games or controllers, for example.

Finally, you will decide which model suits you best, and it is advisable to read some information and details or comments from other buyers before entering the product in the shopping cart and clicking on the purchase button.

Frequent questions

How important is quality desk  for gaming?

It will be as important as you want, it can help maintain a correct posture, if it is cut in front, it will help you to be more organized, because it will keep clean, at least in terms of component cables, and it can help you drink more water if you have a glass holder and keep it there. The adjustable height can be helpful for maintaining comfort and not cushioning and the generous space and materials used can increase your comfort.

the best gaming office desk to buy

What is different about a gaming desk compared to classic desks?

Some products, in general, those with higher prices, which, on the outside, may not attract much will have a surface covered in mousepad material, which offers traction and stability to the mouse and keyboard, for example, the space being Ergonomically designed so that the user has quick access to all the necessary buttons.

There will be options with multiple shelves on which you can place speakers or accessories often used, or lights that help the atmosphere, there are also holes for mounting the glass of juice or coffee cups or headphones, for example, or spaces where they will hide and arrange the cables power and connection so as not to disturb visually.

Do I really need a special gaming desk?

You do not necessarily need such equipment when you have a simple desk and you do not need a special organization of the space in which you relax. An ordinary desk can be arranged in such a way as to give you the same feeling, but for a person who spends a lot in front of the computer playing games it can help more to organize the space, especially when it offers a place dedicated to the unit and speaker positioning. , for example, or to make it easier to tighten the cables that usually exist in such a setup, by the presence of the small systems included, or for ergonomics and comfort.

How to arrange the gaming corner

When you want to have only one turn, where you can venture into a virtual world full of the desired ingredients, such as exposure, adventure and suspense, you can arrange this space in such a way as to feel good and comfortable, but and look beautiful.

the best gaming office desk to buy

Of course, you will not miss the computer, which can be equipped with LED lights and a glass case through which they can be seen beautifully, and can have colored fans with lights that not only cool those components, but also give you a show. visual.

The monitor will also be an essential element, it can be decorated with a strip of LED bulbs whose color you can program, for the desired atmosphere.

Of course, the central part will be the positioning of the platform on which you place these objects, such as an Arozzi gaming desk equipped with a surface covered in mousepad material, which will help you move the peripheral more easily while playing, giving it stability. There will also be a gaming chair with support for the back and neck area, which will bring you comfort when you sit for hours in front of the monitor.

the best gaming office desk to buy

In terms of layout, the atmosphere has an essential role, this can be given by well-positioned lighting, as already mentioned, as well as curtains and drapes that will prevent light from entering the outside, which can disturb the monitor, you have to be careful to do and a management of the threads (you can hide them using special levers or under carpets or behind the legs of the table), to bring order and cleanliness to the office area.

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