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How do you choose the best glass ceramic hob? What functions and features should a ceramic hob have to suit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Glass Ceramic Hob If you are passionate about gastronomy, you are definitely interested in ways to help you cook your favorite food with the lowest risk of burning. Also, because you cook a lot, you want to do this in an economical way.

And because you care so much about your kitchen, you want it to have a decor as practical and modern as possible, to feel as good as possible when cooking. Fortunately, you can fulfill all these desires or needs by buying a ceramic hob.

Successfully replacing the classic stove, these appliances are the perfect way to raise your level of performance in the kitchen. If you are convinced that you need something like this, find out from this article how to choose the best glass ceramic hob?

Why choose the best glass ceramic hob?

Equipping the kitchen with such a hob can bring you many advantages. First of all, it is much easier to clean than a stove. Because its surface is often flat and smooth, stains or burns can be cleaned much easier and faster .

Another important feature of this hob is that you can set temperatures much easier and more accurately . This way you can cook food at an ideal temperature and are much less likely to accidentally burn food.

We must also say that these hobs do not work on the basis of open flame, which will extend the life of the dishes , it is no longer so affected by exposure to extreme temperatures.

How to choose the best ceramic hob

To enjoy all these advantages, however, it is not enough to buy any ceramic hob. An uninspired investment can affect you financially and not just for a long time. That is why it is good to inform yourself well before making any purchase.

The Best Glass Ceramic Hob 1 The offer on the market is very generous, which makes your choice even more difficult. So the solution is to inform yourself well before looking for such a hob. To help you make the best choice, we have prepared this shopping guide that we urge you to consult carefully.

We guarantee that at the end you will be able to identify the best quality / price ratio on the market and you will make a choice that will fully satisfy you.

Type of glass ceramic hob

  • individually

The individual ceramic hob is a much more portable option that is especially useful when you are used to always changing something in the kitchen or reorganizing furniture often.

The individual ceramic hob can be placed anywhere, being equipped with four small legs. It also has the advantage of being put up for sale at an affordable price. This is a variant that anyone can afford.

  • built-

The built-in ceramic hob is an ideal option when you need to save a lot of space in the kitchen. It can be installed in a furniture frame and gives an aesthetic and very modern look to the kitchen.

Although it is a more expensive option, people tend to choose this option rather because it is more practical. The disadvantage occurs during installation. Because they need to be incorporated, you may need a specialist to install them properly so that you avoid the risk of possible breakdowns or accidents as much as possible.

Glass hobs usually use electricity which is then transformed into caloric energy. It is transmitted to the cooking surface for the first time. Only then do the dishes in which the food will be cooked begin to heat up. This means that the cooking surface will keep warm even after you have finished cooking. This can be an inconvenience when you have small children, as they can get injured if they touch the hob too quickly.

If this aspect bothers you very much, or the power supply does not seem advantageous to you, you can opt for the hybrid option. It consists of a hob that keeps the material of the glass ceramic, but the supply is made by induction or gas .

The advantage is that the cooking surface will have a safe temperature as soon as the cooking process stops. However, the hob will remain easy to clean . However, you must be aware that the dishes will deteriorate more quickly , and you will no longer have the same control over the temperature at which your food will cook.

Number of burners and size

The Best Glass Ceramic Hob 2 From the beginning we advise you to choose a glass ceramic hob with at least 4 or 5 burners . Of course, before making a choice, you must carefully analyze the needs of your family. If you live alone , you may find that you do well with a hob that has only one or two cooking surfaces .

If you are passionate about cooking or you have a larger family, you will definitely need more. This is because you will definitely have to cook several dishes at the same time. Also, the more burners you have, the more likely you are to spend less time in the kitchen.

And size matters a lot. Because a stove of this kind needs very good ventilation, it is necessary to check that your kitchen can accommodate it. As with a stove, check the dimensions very carefully and try to find the best place for it in the kitchen.

The control mechanism

The methods that allow you to turn the device on or off are quite diverse. So far we can talk about three such methods: touch, digital and mechanical .

The most modern method , the one with touch is also the least resistant, unfortunately, but this is the case of most modern systems. However, it is a practical, fast, elegant, and discreet method of control . The system is the same that allows you to control your phone. The temperature is adjusted due to very sensitive pressure points on the hob surface. That's why you have to be careful when using it.

The digitally controlled ceramic hob uses buttons to control the temperature. It is a method that does not require the same level of care. However, the buttons tend to break down much faster.

The last method is mechanical . Use the same mechanism as the classic stove. The control is done by some rotating parts . Although less attractive, this system is the most resistant .

The power

You probably remember that in the case of the stove the cooking surfaces varied in size. In the case of the hob, we are not talking about such a variation, but we are talking about a different power of each burner. The more diverse they are, the more control you will have over how you cook.

The Best Glass Ceramic Hob 3 In the case of a hob that works on electricity, we are talking about the power of the burners referring to the number of watts. There are burners that run at 0.75 kW , while others reach 2.1 kW . Each must allow different power levels to be set.

The wider and more diverse they are, the more chances you will have to cook exceptional dishes that will enjoy the praise of the whole family as well as that of the guests.

Safety measures

In general, ceramic hobs are much safer than the stove. That's because when you cook there is no open flame. This eliminates the risk of fire, the risk of burning, or the risk of accidentally burning the towel. The electric hob only heats the work surface.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is not to touch the cooking surface unprotected. The best devices include a child protection system. This is necessary because even after you have finished the cooking process, the hob stays hot for a while . That is why it is good to opt for a hob with heat indicators .


One of the biggest indicators of the quality of a product is the brand. A company with a good reputation in the production of these devices is more likely to put on the market a product that will not disappoint you and that will fully meet customer expectations.

We recommend that you do not buy a product from a no-name company just because it is cheaper. You may be unpleasantly surprised that it will break down quickly and you will need to make a new investment soon. We recommend the following brands that have already formed a trustworthy portfolio: Electrolux, Bosch, Whirpool, Samsung, Hansa, Beko or Hausberg.

We also recommend that you buy online . Here you can find much better prices than in traditional stores. You can order quickly, and the products arrive at home in the shortest time.

We also urge you not to buy anything without first consulting the review section. There you will be able to find the opinions of several users and you will be able to get a complete idea about the quality of the product. This way you will be ready to choose only what is best for your home and you will not regret a failed purchase.

The best glass ceramic hob: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we further recommend some models of ceramic hobs that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Built-in Whirlpool AKT 8210 Vitroceramic hob

The Best Glass Ceramic Hob 4

Frameless electric built-in ceramic hob.
Innovative technology and special features help you prepare delicious recipes, reduce cooking time and automatically have the best cooking options.
Touch Control system.
Residual heat indicator – Indicator light for operation.
Child safety system – Timer.

See details and price

2. Samsung C61R2AAST / BOL built-in ceramic hob

The Best Glass Ceramic Hob 5 Multifunctional cooking area that adapts to the shape of your dish.
Our cooking zones can be modified to fit all your cooking utensils. It saves energy and cooking becomes fun.
Our ceramic glass cooking surface has four cooking zones with advanced technology, with highly radiant surfaces of the heating element to heat your food.
Residual heat indicator.

See details and price

3. Hansa BHCI63306 built-in ceramic hob

The Best Glass Ceramic Hob 6 Thanks to the innovative production process developed and patented by SCHOTT, all Hansa glass hobs are produced without the use of arsenic or heavy metals.
Child lock – Prevents children from activating the hob, which means that both you and your family are protected from burns.
The residual heat indicator warns users that the heating zone is still hot, even if it has been switched off.

See details and price

4. Beko HIC64502T built-in ceramic hob

The Best Glass Ceramic Hob 7

STOP & GO – Allows deactivation of all active cooking zones of the induction hob and their subsequent restart, with the same settings as when stopped.
MEMORY – Allows saving the temperatures used for each cooking area of the ceramic hob, for a possible repetition of the desired recipes.
The control panel of the hob allows you to activate the chosen cooking area, select the desired temperature, as well as the desired operating mode.

See details and price

5. Hansa glass ceramic hob BHCI65123030

The Best Glass Ceramic Hob 8 Thanks to the innovative production process developed and patented by SCHOTT, all Hansa glass hobs are produced without the use of arsenic or heavy metals.
The heating zone of modern technology saves time and energy, as it reaches the highest temperature in just a few seconds. Thanks to this feature, cooking in the HiLight area is faster and cheaper.
The practical buttons are located on the side of the hob, which allows you to precisely set the cooking parameters.

See details and price

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