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How do you choose the best hand mixer? What functions and features should the perfect hand mixer have for you? Read the article to find out.

The Best Hand Mixer

Hand mixers are household appliances that allow you to easily mix and combine ingredients in the kitchen.

These devices help mix and blend wet or dry ingredients much faster and better than you would by hand, saving time and producing more consistent results.

The best hand mixer helps you to efficiently mix the ingredients for ice cream, icing, mashed potatoes, meringues and much more.

Cleaning a hand mixer is quick and easy because it is equipped with detachable vanes that can be easily washed by hand or in the dishwasher .

The best hand mixer takes up little space in the kitchen, which is usually small enough to be stored in a drawer.

Top 3 hand mixers recommended

The best hand mixer: what to look for

When looking for the best hand mixer for you, choose a product that will help you in all the usual cooking and baking tasks.

Consider the power of the device, the speed settings and make sure it includes all the attachments and accessories you need. Lastly, don't forget to choose a design that suits your kitchen decor.

The power

The mixers, being small household appliances, will have the motor power indicated in watts, with values between 100 and 400 watts being standard.

Even low-power models can cope with basic tasks such as mixing light dough or icing, but they may not have the strength when it comes to kneading bread dough or beating larger amounts of dough. .


The Best Hand Mixer 1 Electric hand mixers have speed settings that control the rotation speed of the beating and mixing vanes. You can mix dry or wet ingredients at low speeds to avoid sprinkling the entire kitchen with flour and other foods at medium speeds for the perfect homogenization of the dough.

High speeds are great for beating whipped cream or egg whites. Most hand mixer models offer at least three gears, and the most advanced up to 12 gears.

Even the type of speed control on a hand mixer can differ from model to model. Most models use a wheel or speed control lever that is usually positioned next to the handle.

Some more advanced models use buttons to increase and decrease the speed that is indicated on a display screen.

Attachments and accessories

All hand mixers are equipped as standard with mixing and mixing paddles that are used for basic mixing tasks. Some models also include kneading hooks or a bird's foot that comes with a knife. Some hand mixers include special graduated pots where you can accurately prepare creams, doughs or soups.


The Best Hand Mixer 2 The available colors and design styles of the best hand mixers vary considerably from model to model. Some manufacturers limit themselves to the production of appliances with a functional appearance in the traditional colors white, black or stainless steel.

Other manufacturers offer hand mixers in a wide range of colors and various style fireworks. Some mixers also have ergonomic features such as handles lined with various materials to increase efficiency of use.

While the color of a mixer will not affect its efficiency, you may want to choose a model that looks good in your kitchen and you can also consider the benefits of other design elements.

Purchasing a hand mixer for your kitchen will simplify and increase the speed with which you will pay for the mixing and kneading tasks. These small electrical appliances combine wet or dry ingredients much more efficiently than you can do by mixing by hand.

In addition, they completely eliminate the fatigue caused by kneading the dough or beating the egg whites or mayonnaise by hand.

The fact that you can mix the ingredients quickly saves the time spent in the kitchen, and the ingredients mixed well offer better results in the baking process.

The best hand mixer: recommendations

Taking into account the above recommendations and criteria, analyzing the existing offer and the opinions of the buyers, we can present you some good models of hand mixers that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. BOSCH MFQ4080 mana mixer

The Best Hand Mixer 3

Quiet, light and extremely powerful for more comfort in use.
Powerful 500 W motor for best results.
2 FineCreamer goals for perfect results every time.
Equipped with a wide range of accessories: stainless steel blender leg, chopper and mixing glass.
5 speeds and additional pulse / turbo function .
Ergonomic design and special shape of the handle with anti-slip coating .

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2. Zelmer 481.7 Lime Mixer

The Best Hand Mixer 4 This ultramodern mixer combines compact dimensions with power and versatility.
The 5 speed levels allow you to adjust the speed according to your preferences.
The open handle of the mixer, with anti-slip coating facilitates the use of the appliance without any problems, even if it is held with wet hands.
5 speeds + Turbo function – Blender included.
Kneading acc – Mixing vanes

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3. Philips Viva Collection HR3740 / 00 hand mixer

The Best Hand Mixer 5 Strong and efficient mixture for fine cakes.
Up to 25% faster with a powerful 450 W motor .
Conical vanes for maximum air incorporation.
5 speed settings for better control.
The Turbo function provides extra power pulses exactly when you need them.
Easy assembly of pallets.
Pallet quick release button .

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4. Gorenje ME501N mana mixer

The Best Hand Mixer 6 The new hand mixer with DC motor is faster and more efficient .
It is a help in the kitchen, being responsible for an easier and better mixing of food in a very short time.
4 speeds + Turbo function.
Can be washed in the dishwasher.
2 blades for mixing and beating .
2 kneading blades.

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5. Star-Light MM-G250 mana mixer

The Best Hand Mixer 7 With the help of the Star-Light MM-G250 hand mixer and the pallets it comes with, you can make whipped cream, beat egg whites or even mayonnaise.
With a pleasant and ergonomic design, Star-Light MM-G250 will find its place without problems in your kitchen.

The power of 250 W, adjustable in 5 speed steps, combines perfectly with the multitude of functions that the Star-Light mixer easily fulfills.

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