the best hansa cookware for gas stoves

How do you choose the best Hansa stove? What functions and features should the Hansa stove have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

Why choose the best Hansa stove

The Best Hansa Stove Hansa is a Polish company specializing in the production of modern and fairly cheap household appliances, all products of this brand being very popular, including stoves.

Hansa is a renowned European brand of home appliances, present in over 20 countries, being in the top of customer preferences in Eastern Europe.

The approximately 70 years of experience in the production of household appliances have allowed them to develop a wide and varied range of appliances to meet the design and technology requirements of millions of customers.

How to choose the best Hansa stove

When you want to choose the best Hansa stove , you have to pay attention to the technology and the basic features. In your choice, consider the criteria detailed below.


The most important feature of these devices is the relatively low price, so that Hansa cookers are accessible to everyone. Despite its convenient price, it is equipped with a variety of functions and modes of operation that will allow you to cook a wide variety of dishes.

The Best Hansa Stove 1 The best Hansa stove has the following additional features: residual heat indicator, gas control function, in case the flame is accidentally extinguished, timer and clock. All of these options and burner buttons, as well as the electric ignition button, are present on the control panel.

What can also be found on the control panel of the best Hansa stove is a grill button, a toaster button and a button for the interior lighting of the oven. The oven can be gas or electric. At the base, the best Hansa stove is equipped with a large, spacious drawer for storing kitchen utensils as well as pans.

The capacity of a Hansa stove oven is between 63 and 66 liters. The size of the stove can be 50x50x85 cm. 50x60x85 cm or 60x60x85 cm, being able to choose according to the dimensions of the kitchen. The lid of the stove can be made of metal or glass.

The material of the cooking surface

Most Hansa stoves are made of enamel, stainless steel or ceramic glass. The enameled surface is much more difficult to clean, has a porous structure, allowing the penetration of various greases and dirt.

Therefore, to keep this cooking surface perfectly clean, you need to use strong detergents, which over time give the enamel a yellowed appearance, losing its aesthetic appearance. However, Hansa uses a special type of enamel for its products, which does not allow the penetration of pores, thus making cleaning much easier.

The best stove from Hansa is of course the one with the ceramic glass hob. Ceramic glass is a very easy material to clean, requiring only two or three puffs of the spray to be cleaned and then removed with a soft, dry cloth to make the surface very clean.

This type of material is very resistant to high temperatures and looks quite impressive. The disadvantage of ceramic is that it does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature, so you must be very careful when removing containers from the refrigerator. Moreover, special care must be taken not to spill liquid on hot glass.

The Best Hansa Stove Stainless steel is a very resistant material, it does not deteriorate from heat, it has a special aesthetic appearance and if you take care of it carefully, this is the best option of the best Hansa stove.

Number and power of burners

Hansa stoves are generally equipped with four burners or three gas burners and one electric burner. These burners are of different sizes, such as: one high capacity, two medium capacity and one low capacity. In the case of the mixer, the burners are of three different sizes and an electric burner.

The material of the burners can be cast iron or Light-hi. Cast iron is the cheapest option and at the same time has the highest confidence, because cast iron is very resistant to high temperatures and can be used for more than twenty years.

In the case of Light-hi burners the principle of the material is the same as for cast iron, except that the first heater is used as an ordinary spiral made of nichrome wire, offering a certain resistance, because it is covered with a ribbon made of a resistant and protective alloy for ceramic glass. . The advantage of this type of burner is the rapid heating, in just a few seconds and the almost instantaneous reaction to the change of cooking parameters.

Stove oven

As practice shows, Hansa stove ovens are very functional, providing both upper and lower heat, provided by the use of two heating elements at both the top and bottom. The lower heat is ideal for baking pizza.

The grill ensures the formation of crispy and fragrant crust due to the heating of the air inside the oven, and the convection forces the circulation of hot air, leading to the uniform baking of the dishes.

In the case of the electric oven, it can operate with convection, distributing the hot air evenly throughout the oven compartment. The best Hanza stove is equipped for the side of the oven with the defrost function, being at hand for housewives to prepare food quickly without waiting until the meat or fish is completely thawed.

The Best Hansa Stove 2 The presence of the wire shelf is very useful, as it allows the easy removal of hot containers. It is made of stainless steel and is equipped with protection devices.

The roaster can be used together with the grill, especially for the preparation of poultry. Thus, the meat can be cooked on all sides evenly, presenting on its surface a crunchy and very delicious crust.

The oven door of the best Hansa stove is equipped with three layers of glass, being very resistant and airtight. The cooking instructions are displayed on the outside glass of the oven door, so that you will not encounter any difficulties in using it.

The best Hansa stove: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we further recommend some models of Hansa cookers that offer excellent value for money.

1. Hansa FCMX69205 mixed stove, 4 gas burners, electric oven

The Best Hansa Stove 3 Robust, stable and very easy to clean cast iron grills ensure comfortable and safe use.
Electronic ignition of the button.
Multifunctional electric oven with toaster, grill and 3D hot air convection.
The oven is heated to a temperature of 150 ° C within 4 minutes.
The recipes on the inside of the oven door provide practical information on the types of food, temperature and cooking time.

See details and price

2. Hansa electric stove FCCW59209

The Best Hansa Stove 4 Thanks to the innovative production process developed and patented by SCHOTT, all Hansa glass hobs are produced without the use of arsenic or heavy metals.
Thanks to the sensor controls, the control panel is very easy to monitor and use.
The drawer at the bottom of the oven, mounted on wheels to make it easier to move, is the ideal place to store pans, pots and pans for frying.

See details and price

3. Hansa FCCW58200,4 electric cooker Vitroceramic burners

The Best Hansa Stove 5 Thanks to the innovative German production process, developed and patented by SCHOTT – a top manufacturer, all hobs are manufactured without the use of arsenic or heavy metals.
With the Ta and Ts programmers, you can set the time after which the oven will turn off automatically, thus reducing the risk of burning your dishes.
The fans facilitate the uniform distribution of heat around the food, eliminating the cold areas inside the oven.

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4. Hansa Stove FCGW51090, 4 Burners, Gas

The Best Hansa Stove 6 The elegant and ergonomic buttons allow you to keep the control panel clean.
The enameled lid is very durable. It offers safety and comfort.
ROASTER – a very useful function allows you to prepare meat until you get a crispy, golden crust.
STEAM CLEANING – Due to the particularly smooth structure of the enamel, cleaning is done quickly, easily and efficiently.

See details and price

5. Hansa FCEW63010 electric stove, 4 cooking zones, electric oven

The Best Hansa Stove 7

Hob type: Electric – Number of burners: 4
The drawer at the bottom of the oven, mounted on wheels to make it easier to move, is the ideal place to store pans, pots and pans for frying.
Reflective glass inside the door significantly reduces the temperature outside.
Enameled surface easy to clean.

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