the best home air heating system

How do you choose the best air heater for your home? What functions and features should the air heater have to suit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Home Air Heater With the installation of the cold season we are more and more concerned with providing the means to generate heat in our home. Because our health also depends on our comfort in the house, it is necessary to choose the best heating methods.

If you are looking for a heat source that works quickly but temporarily, the best air heater for your home could be the right solution for you.

Compared to other heating systems that do not require incorporation, the air heater proves to be particularly practical and affordable.

If you are looking for the ideal air heater , find out in this article how to choose the best air heater for your home .

Top 3 recommended air heaters

Why choose the best air heater for your home?

The air heater is a heater that works, most of the time, based on electricity . A resistor generates heat which is then diffused into the room by a propeller fan operating at a speed that will keep the air temperature warm.

The difference in size and speed in heat dissipation makes the air heater probably a more efficient solution temporarily than convectors, radiators or electric radiators. They also tend to have a slightly lower purchase price than other temporary heating methods.

However, the air heater is a device that uses electricity, and can bring considerable extra figures on your electricity bill . That is why it is necessary to choose the ideal air heater , which provides heat at a satisfactory level, while maintaining reasonable limits in terms of electricity consumption.

How to choose the best air heater for your home

As you probably anticipated, due to the abundance of offers on the market, finding the best home air heater could become an overwhelming task that will consume a lot of your time.

The Best Home Air Heater 1 Also, if you are not aware of a few simple selection criteria, you could end up with a model that is not right for you, and no one wants to wake up with an unfortunate investment. To choose the air heater that will best meet the needs of your home , we recommend that you be very well informed.

For example, you can consult a shopping guide like this one. We have prepared it with all the information you need to make the wisest purchase, and we are sure that at the end you will be able to identify the best quality / price ratio on the market at the moment.

So, in your choice take into account the following important aspects.


Depending on the working capacity, air heaters can be of two types: conventional air heaters or industrial air heaters.

  • Conventional air heaters

It may be difficult to recognize the type of air heater in market offers, especially if the product description does not mention its intended use.

Under these conditions, you can find out if a heater is for your home or for an industrial level by checking its power, as well as the volume of hot air capable of diffusing it efficiently. If you are looking for an air heater for your home, we recommend a conventional model .

In general, conventional models offer a power between 1500-2500W , which means that they can heat a volume of about 20-40 cubic meters of air . Most of the time these parameters will be sufficient for a house or an apartment.

  • Industrial air heaters

Industrial models are suitable if you want to heat a larger house or a larger space where, for example, you want to shelter animals for the winter.

Suitable electric models have a power of at least 3000W and are capable of heating an area of about 30 square meters .

For even larger surfaces, we can already talk about LPG or diesel air heaters , which have a high heating power, being suitable for spaces over 200 square meters .

Heating system

The Best Home Air Heater 2 Heating mode is another criterion that separates air heaters into two categories: fan or convection air heaters . Your choice will depend on how quickly you prefer to heat the room, as well as how much you want to withstand the thermal effect.

The ventilated air heater will diffuse with a certain power the heated air by the incandescent resistance, in such a way that the air in the room will be forced heated .

The process is very fast , you will practically feel the heat immediately, but because the objects do not heat up, the heat effect will be lost quickly after the appliance no longer works.

Convection air heater, however, gradually heats the air . You may find yourself in a situation where the slow heating of the air suits you, for example if you have to heat a space where there are objects that do not react well to sudden changes in temperature.

Convection air heater emits heat vertically, heating objects with air . This will keep the heat on longer after the appliance is switched off. If you are looking for the best air heater for your home, however, we believe that one with a fan would be a better solution for your expectations.


The fuel system is another criterion that you need to check before choosing an air heater to be used by the whole family. There are models on the market that use electric or fuel, diesel or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).

The last two options are suitable only when you have to heat large spaces, which are used for industrial purposes. For example halls or construction sites, where the use of an electric air heater would be much more expensive. For home, however, the best air heater is certainly the electric one .

With the right dimensions and without causing too much noise , the electric air heater is the ideal choice for home and family. Moreover, it is the safest choice because it does not emit dangerous toxins , and allows you to better control the heat it will release, so that no member of your family, not even the little ones, are affected. negative air conditioning.

Also, if you have small or moderate-sized rooms to heat, the electric air heater will not cause you too much electricity to worry about.


If you are looking for a simple heating system that is portable and does not take up much space, then your expectations are confirmed. An electric air heater has very friendly dimensions with limited space, is light and easy to move from one room to another.

Its weight shouldn't worry you too much. It usually does not exceed 5 kg , but it is heavy enough to have good stability and not endanger the safety of curious children.


The Best Home Air Heater 3 We cannot ignore the aesthetic aspect either. In general, heaters are quite unsightly, with a mundane appearance. Although the design is not the most important aspect to consider, it is good to know that the most common shades you will come across are the light-white, dark-black or metallic-gray .

You will also notice that there are several shapes, but all are limited in size to allow you to easily include them in the decor of your home, without influencing the pleasant appearance of the room too much, or without spoiling the aesthetic effect of the room.

What functions should the best air heater have for your home?

  • Thermostat – the best air heater must have a built-in thermostat that adjusts, turns off or on the appliance depending on the room temperature, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses.
  • Ventilation steps – or adjustment options. It is recommended to have at least 3 steps to adjust the ventilation speed and the temperature released. This will allow you to have more control over energy consumption.
  • Frost protection – A useful function when using the air heater in the annexes of the house such as the garage, or when using it in a holiday home.
  • Lights – An indicator light is ideal either to signal that the device is in operation or to signal malfunctions of the device.
  • Automatic shutdown – It is dangerous to cover the air heater grille when it is in operation. An automatic shut-off function when the appliance is covered is an aspect to look for especially in an air heater.
  • Stage for cold air – some air heaters may allow the expulsion of cold air, providing a cooling effect in summer. However, it will not replace a fan because the cooling power is not equal to the heating power.


We recommend purchasing an air heater only from companies that have a good reputation in the manufacture of electronic devices. The best home air heater will be manufactured by a brand that feels obliged to maintain its high quality standards. This way you will have the guarantee of purchasing a heater that will satisfy you.

The most popular brands that offer air heaters on the Romanian market are: Rowenta, Tesy, Hecht, Stanley or Heinner . Also, never buy a product until you check its rating and the comments of other users.

These reviews can be found very easily online, and can help you get a complete picture of the product you intend to buy. Following all the tips in this article, you will quickly find the best air heater for your family and home.

The best air heater: recommendations

Taking into account the tips in the article, analyzing existing offers and buyers' opinions, we can recommend some models of home air heaters that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Air heater with ceramic resistance ARGO FUSION 2000 W

The Best Home Air Heater 4 Digital heater with ceramic resistance – Minimum standby consumption Mode: 1.5W.
Intelligent heating power control system (ECO POWER power).
Digital display, orange LED symbols.
Remote control that can be used from a distance of up to 6 meters.
Automatic oscillation at 90 degrees for optimal air circulation.
Programmable timer (1-24 hours) – Digital thermostat (15-35 gr.C).
Anti-pollen / dust filter positioned at the back.

See details and price

2. Klarstein Hightower Heat electric air heater

The Best Home Air Heater 5 Air heater with ceramic heater for rapid heating of cold rooms.
Pleasant climate: no unpleasant burning odor during operation (no dust).
Two heating stages (1200 W and 2200 W) with step-adjustable thermostat (10 – 49 ° C).
It touches all corners: switchable rotation for better heat distribution.
Pleasant heat: adjustable temperature with automatic on / off.
High convenience: including remote control for convenient control.

See details and price

3. Ceramic wall air heater Taurus Alpatec RCMB 23. 2000W

The Best Home Air Heater 6

Power: 2000W, energy class A, LED display.
PTC ceramic heating element.
2 power levels: 1000 / 2000W.
Cold air function – 8 hour timer – Adjustable temperature between: 18 ° – 45 ° C.
Ambient temperature display – Grid oscillation function,
Overheating protection – Remote control.

See details and price

4. Ceramic wall air heater TESY HL 274W PTCW

The Best Home Air Heater 7 Two power levels: 1000 W / 2000 W.
LED display – Weekly scheduler 24h / 7d.
Electronic temperature controller 10-49 ° C.
Operating modes: Cold / Hot / Hot air.
"Window / door open" function – switches off the power when it detects an open window.
Remote control – PTC heating element – Protection against overheating.

See details and price

5. Star-Light PTCA2000W ceramic wall air heater

The Best Home Air Heater 8 Its power of 2000W is high enough to successfully heat about 40 cubic meters of air.
Timer function – Setting the device for an operating period of 0-8 hours.
The appliance is equipped with a remote control containing the "On / Off" key, the "Mode" key with which you can adjust the heating power, the "Oscillator" key with which the radiator can change the direction of emission of hot air in the room, the " Timer ”with which you can set the timer and last but not least the“ + ”and“ – “keys with which you can set the desired temperature.

See details and price

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