the best home cinema system wireless


the best home cinema system wireless

Home Cinema Systems – Product Review and comparison in 2021

The sound of the TVs, no matter how elaborate, will still lack large speakers and a sufficient number of channels to generate surround sound from the cinema. Thus, moviegoers and not only will appreciate the attachment of an external sound system, and Home Cinema equipment offers exactly that, in addition to the possibility of playing multimedia from Blu-Ray discs, DVDs or other external storage media. In terms of our recommendations for this year, one of the most attractive Home Cinema systems is the Bose Lifestyle LS-600 , which does not use wires between its 5 speakers, without sacrificing anything of the sound quality specific to this giant in the high fidelity industry. . A second recommendation, for those with a more limited budget, is the Panasonic SC-BTT465EG9 , with an impressive power (1000 watts of music) and the possibility of fast connection (one-touch) with the phone or tablet you want to transmit. music via Bluetooth.

Comparative table

It does not use cables, therefore the appearance in the viewing room will be much more airy, and the installation very fast, without many hassles to hide wires. The sound quality is a strong point of the brand, and in this respect there are not many objections from the buyers.

The price – the difference between how much this system costs, compared to an ordinary Home Cinema, is about ten to one. Therefore, only those who really have serious funds can turn to him.

Many audiophiles know that performance and quality are synonymous with certain brands. This Home Cinema system addresses the most demanding of them, and the multitude of functions, applications and connections leaves no doubt about the well-deserved leading place it occupies.

At 1000 watts of musical power, it will also satisfy buyers who want to give parties. In addition, it allows a one-touch connection with your tablet or phone, if you want to play music from them.

The rear satellites do not have their own supporting legs, like the front ones. Therefore, you will either have to find a place for them on a shelf, or hang them on the wall to stay at the right level.

It is one of the best budget recommendations, a model that does not compromise on functionality and that allows connection and playback from a large number of gadgets, including streaming from your browser.

All four satellites of the system are of the foot type, high, thus transmitting the sound at the right height for viewing. The product also has very long threads (over 10 meters), therefore you can place it in large salons.

The power of the system was cited as a disadvantage, the 450 watts of music being relatively small compared to other models, which can exceed 1000 watts of music.

The multitude of functions is commendable for this Home Cinema system. Even if, according to some, the power leaves much to be desired, the availability of a graphic equalizer is very welcome for those who care about sound quality. Ease of installation is another notable advantage, especially attractive for those who do not have much furniture in the living room.

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Bose Lifestyle Ls-600

the best home cinema system wireless

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