the best home theater wireless speakers


the best home theater wireless speakers

Audio Speakers – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Our recommendations for the most desirable speakers this year have not been easy to establish. The reason? It’s simple: these equipments are numerous as a type, and in many cases, one category cannot compete with the other, because they are profoundly different from each other. To illustrate, subwoofers cannot be compared to audio monitors, as each handles its own frequencies and has its own specifications. Thus, we selected the recommendations based on popularity (based on sales and reviews), as well as on objective specifications, including as many types of speakers in the list. The main recommendation is the active subwoofer Alto Truesonic TS212 , which performs at very low frequencies (42 – 100 Hertz), praised by buyers for working better than many other similar larger products. It includes multiple protections, but also support for satellites, which makes it very attractive for concerts. The second recommendation is the active Behringer B208D monitor, an efficient solution for those looking for speakers for conferences and live performances, with a price-quality balance to consider.

Comparative table

It is an active subwoofer, therefore it does not need separate amplification, and its performance has been praised in reviews, behaving better than many other larger models. It is very difficult to overload and burn, due to multiple protections.

Being a niche speaker, focused exclusively on low frequency playback (between 42 and 100 Hertz), some customers may not be interested in it, as a concert can be held with monitors only.

This subwoofer is hard to match in its price range. Overall, those who care about a high quality sound in concerts only have to win by opting for it, especially if we talk about halls between 500 and 1000 square meters.

The included amplification is well calibrated for the speaker specifications, and the presence of the equalizer for low and high frequencies ensures the possibility of adjusting the sound. At 6.7 kilograms, it is also easy to transport

For concerts in large halls (over 300 square meters), you may want to buy larger speakers, possibly use them with a subwoofer.

The quality offered by the company is reflected in the construction and performance of these monitors. Their installation and commissioning is simple, and for small conferences and concerts, you can hardly find a more attractive product.

For listening to music at home, without pretensions of audiophilia, it is a desirable device, especially because it does not take up much space and does not use cables. Its price is attractive, and as sources, you can choose between USB, cards or Bluetooth.

It is a single column type speaker, therefore it cannot provide stereo listening to the played files.

This speaker will definitely be to the taste of young people looking for party equipment or auditions at home, without spending much. It plays music quite well, and at 6.6 kilograms in weight, it can be easily moved. Overall, it means its popularity on the market.

In-depth reviews about the best speakers

Alto Truesonic TS212

the best home theater wireless speakers

When you have a place or when you hold events and, being a demanding person, look for the best speakers and adjacent equipment, any complete set should include an active subwoofer that reproduces the low frequencies as efficiently as possible. With a power of 625 Watts (1250 Watts on top), the Alto Truesonic TS212 can generate a strong bass, according to small and medium concerts, at the frequency range between 42 and 100 Hertz.

The speaker is 12 inches in diameter, and the built-in amplifier (it is an active subwoofer) is class D and has a passive cooling system, ie without its own cooler. Regarding the control panel, there is the volume button, the LED indicator for overpower, the polarity inverter, the button for low frequency extension and the button for bypassing the filter. Includes overvoltage and thermal protection.

On the upper part of the cabinet, you can also find a support for the poles on which satellites will be placed, the support having 35 millimeters and M10 thread. Includes two XLR combo inputs and two XLR outputs. Customers praised its power for its size, saying it is much more efficient than other larger 18-inch subwoofers, and the chances of overheating are quite low.


Buyers have reported more impressive performance than a few inches larger subwoofers in speaker diameter.

It heats up hard, and also has protection against overheating, so you should not be afraid of the risk of burning.

It has a thread for mounting the satellite poles, on the upper panel of the cabinet.

Provides output for filter control, so you can limit the frequency range as you wish.


We must admit that it is difficult to find a disadvantage for this product. Maybe, at most, the fact that it is intended for very low frequencies, but it is not absolutely necessary in concerts, the dedicated monitors being able to approach such frequencies quite well.


Behringer B208D

the best home theater wireless speakers

If you hold concerts or play in a band, or if you need a sound system for conferences, then the kind of speakers that would suit you best are the monitors. The Behringer company has established a solid name in this product industry, and the active monitors we present here ensure a power of 100 watts, through its own amplification.

The control panel has a two-band equalizer, low at 80 Hertz and high at 12 Kilohertz, and the cabinet has two speakers, an 8-inch bass and a 1.35-inch tweeter. Also, benefit from the microphone input, if we still mentioned the conferences and live concerts, as the target of these products. Buyers praised the sound quality, saying that they do well in rooms between 100 and 300 square meters, especially given their relatively small size (we refer here especially to the size of the speakers).

Moreover, they are easy to transport, weighing only 6.7 kilograms. As possible objections, some buyers may not be satisfied with the low frequency playback, in which case this set of speakers would benefit from tandem use with an active subwoofer.


They include active amplification, well calibrated for the speaker, with low and high equalizer.

They are excellent for conferences or small or medium concerts, in halls of up to 300 square meters.

With dimensions of 372 x 205 x 249 millimeters and weight of 6.7 kilograms, they are quite easy to transport.

Includes XLR and TRS connectors.


For concerts, you may want to buy a subwoofer to use in tandem with these speakers, as low frequency playback is limited.



the best home theater wireless speakers

Many music lovers prefer formats that can be played on mobile phones, memory cards, or USB sticks. Akai has launched a series of various products focused on docking or media memory, and this audio speaker, cheap and good, is addressed to customers who listen to music in the living room or bedroom.

It has the shape of a column, 93 centimeters high, 21 centimeters wide and 27 centimeters deep, so it will not take up much space, horizontally. It’s an active speaker, with two speakers of 40 watts each, covering frequencies from 40 to 20,000 Hertz – the only unpleasant part here is that you can’t listen to the songs you want in stereo. At 6.6 kilograms in weight, it will be easy to move it from place to place, and the black, discreet design, without many lights, with discreet buttons, will match most interior designs.

You can also listen to your favorite songs via Bluetooth, if you don’t have USB sticks or memory cards, or you can connect a computer through the analog audio input slot. The product includes in the package an infrared remote control.


Allows instant playback from phones, via Bluetooth or docking, or from SD cards or memory sticks.

It is sold at more than convenient prices.

Includes remote control.

It is easy to install and move, no cable connections required.


It does not allow stereo listening, being a single column type speaker.


Wharfedale Pro Impact 15

the best home theater wireless speakers

An audio speaker, at a good price, for concerts or conferences, Wharfedale Pro Impact 15 impresses with its sound clarity (after all, we are talking about one of the famous British sound engineering companies), with its price and performance. At 350 Watts RMS and 1400 Watts peak power, it also fits in large halls, over 1000 square meters, for concerts or conferences.

The bass measures 15 inches in diameter, thus providing pronounced low frequencies (from 45 Hertz upwards), and the tweeter is made of 1.75-inch titanium, with a sound wave scattering cone. Includes thread for mounting on the rod, but at 22.8 kilograms, it will take some force to handle them. The impedance of the speakers is 8 Ohms, so you will need an amplifier compatible with this impedance, in order to be able to use them at a suitable capacity.

The fact that they are passive speakers, without their own amplification, is their main disadvantage, as you will have to spend money for this aspect. It is connected by “speakon” type plugs. The dimensions of the cabinet are 680 millimeters (height), 445 millimeters (width) and 429 millimeters (depth).


It is a powerful speaker, at 350 watts RMS and 1400 watts on top and can fill rooms of over a thousand square meters with sound, especially if you use two, in stereo mode.

It handles very well with low frequencies, as the size of the bass is generous (15 inches or 38 centimeters), and the cabinet is large, increasing the resonance.

They can be fixed on support rods, either in a horizontal position or bent at 10 degrees down.

With a SPL of 130 decibels, it is one of the most noisy models of concert monitors in its price range.


This speaker is passive, so you will either need to already have a compatible amplifier in terms of power and impedance, or spend a separate amount to buy a separate amplifier.


Vliodor NRS DS-2035

the best home theater wireless speakers

The best karaoke speaker should be noisy, allow a fast connection of the music source and the microphone and be preferably at a convenient price, as this equipment does not place much emphasis on the audiophile quality specific to hi-fi .

Vliodor NRS DS-2035 meets all these requirements, moreover, it includes USB slots for playing songs from MP3, but also for the Bluetooth interface, for streaming from your smart phone. The set consists of two active, stereo speakers, each measuring 502 x 558 x 670 millimeters. Their weight is 49 kilograms, so it will take some force to move or transport them. These dimensions, however, also mean a loud noise, the 38-centimeter bass rendering deep bass frequencies at an RMS power of 720 watts for the entire system.

Benefit from the control panel and equalizer on three bands (low, medium and high), and in addition to USB and card reader, are also included the output and input of 3.5 mm jack. Among the disadvantages, we mention that the RCA signal cables and the connection cable of the two speakers are not included in the product package.


It includes a microphone, as it is a set of speakers designed especially for karaoke parties.

The three-band equalizer is present in each of the speakers, so you can adjust the sound individually.

At 720 Watt RMS, it is a powerful audio set, suitable for halls of 500-1000 square meters.

Also present are the card reader, the USB stick slot and the Bluetooth interface for streaming content.


The connection cables between the speakers and the RCA audio input cable are not included in the sales package of the product.


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