The best hoods with recirculation to buy in 2021

How do you choose the best recirculating kitchen hood? What functions and features should a recirculation hood have that suits your needs? Read our guide and choose what is important to you!

Why choose a recirculating kitchen hood?

The Best Hood With Recirculation The cooking process is always related to the copious steam and fats that are emitted after the cooking process. The problem is not the high temperature and it practically has no effect on the interior of the kitchen.

Supersaturated fats and protein compounds often have a strong impact on walls and furniture and even an unpleasant odor.

Steam, grease and smoke are often deposited on the ceiling and walls, on pieces of furniture, giving the kitchen a sloppy appearance and, in addition, becoming an environment for the development of colonies of microorganisms.

The best recirculating hood is a model that works on the basis of air recirculation, which involves cleaning the atmosphere in the kitchen. The polluted air is captured and passed through a filter, then returned ozonated back inside the kitchen. Air filtration cannot be done without a special carbon filter.

How to choose the best hood with recirculation

Practically all the models presented for sale are able to work autonomously on the principle of recirculation and with the withdrawal of vapors from the outside. It all depends on the method of installation in the kitchen. There are several types of recirculating hoods that differ only in the principle of placement.

Hood with recirculation or evacuation

The recirculating hood works without the need to build an installation, which has a relatively simple installation. It does not need a network or additional construction work.

The device can be placed anywhere, without being connected to a vent or to a wall facing outwards, having a very simple activity.

The extractor hood requires the installation of a duct or pipe through which the extracted air flows to be removed from the outside. This type of hood requires the creation of an air vent to the outside and implicitly its mounting on the wall facing the outside.

Hotels with recirculation

The Best Hood With Recirculation 1 The range of hoods with recirculation is much larger and the price is much lower, because it does not require the installation of an air vent, the principle of operation being much simpler.

If the predominant desire is to have a modern design, of course the price will rise.

Hotels with evacuation

Exhaust hotels take the air out and reduce the humidity in the kitchen during cooking. They can remove a large amount of polluted air and can also operate on the basis of natural draft.

Hood filters

Regardless of the type of hood, it always comes with a degreasing filter. The filter can be made in one of the two versions, namely:

Aluminum or stainless steel, having a multilayer modular-cellular construction, representing a passage through which fat particles are stored on its surfaces. Aluminum filters have the advantage that they can be washed with water and detergent and reused. Its dimensions allow washing even in the dishwasher.

Disposable filters are made of carbon, polyester, paper or nonwoven. It requires regular replacement when the marking becomes unreadable due to the layer of grease and dirt or when it becomes a seemingly unsatisfactory air transmission factor.

The mission of these filters is to eliminate odors and clean the air that is returned inside the kitchen.

Hood functions

The hood can be considered a full member of the illustrious kitchen equipment. When cooking it is difficult to cope with odors, steam or smoke without it. The main function of the hood is to prevent air pollution and to exclude the possibility of these fats sticking to the furniture.

The basic functions are the following: to have a dimension that covers the work surface; to have a high level of performance in terms of absorption power; to have the lowest possible noise level; to present LED or halogen lighting system, to have additional features and options.

The control panel can be located in front or under the panel and must, in principle, have a button for lighting and a button for setting gears.

Absorption power

The Best Hood With Recirculation 2 The power of absorption is as important as the aesthetics of the kitchen hood. Power, noise and durability must be considered. The main technical indicator is performance, ie the quantitative volume of air production per unit time.

Standard power is based on the absorption of 250-300 m3 / hour, while hotels with high-performance recirculation easily cope with an absorption power of 1000 m3 / hour. Calculating the absorption power is necessary and not particularly difficult.

It is worth noting that the figure could increase significantly if you smoke in the kitchen or cook a lot. As can be seen from practice, for a typical kitchen, you need a hood with an absorption power of 600 m3 / hour.

Service and warranty

The service and the warranty are quality norms, they comply with the Civil Code and regulate the warranty and post-warranty relationship of repairs in case of a manufacturing defect.

Generally, the warranty is valid for at least 2 years. In case of such a defect, you will have to go with the warranty and the product purchased to a service that has concluded a collaboration contract with the store.

The best hood with recirculation: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, taking into account the existing offer and the opinions of buyers, we further recommend some models of hoods with recirculation that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Incorporable total hood BOSCH DHL545

The Best Hood With Recirculation 3

Absorption capacity: 490 m3 / h, quickly ensures the freshness of the kitchen air.
Halogen lighting: optimal and economical lighting.
Very quiet: high performance at only 47 dB.
Intensive step: refreshing the air in the kitchen in a fast and efficient way.
Metal grease filter.
Engine power: 310 W.

See details and price

2. Hood KÜGERR D 100 – 60cm – Absorption Power 983 m3 / h

The Best Hood With Recirculation 4 High Absorption Power (983 m3 / h).
Deep Silent Modes (Modes 1, 2, and 3).
5 Speed Levels.
Energy Saving Ratio up to 65% *.
Digital – Screen Control.
Filter Cleaning Warning .
Automatic Shutdown Programming.
Complete Stainless Steel.

See details and price

3. Traditional Pyramis SILVER SHELF hood

The Best Hood With Recirculation 5 Activated carbon filters retain any absorbed substance before the air is recirculated.
Metal filters have two functions: they protect the inside of the hood by preventing the absorption of grease and give a more pleasant aesthetic appearance.
Lighting: 56W halogen bulbs.
Maximum absorption capacity: 366 m3 / h.
Control: Electronic with Buttons.

See details and price

4. Decorative Hood Studio Casa Onda Beige Retro

The Best Hood With Recirculation 6

Retro Wave Decorative Hood, Studio House
Size: 60 cm
Commands: push buttons
3 speeds – 1 Turbo engine
Lighting: 1 bulb x 40 W
2 Aluminum filters
Noise level: minimum 55-max 62 dbA.

See details and price

5. Traditional Star-Light HA-260SS hood

The Best Hood With Recirculation 7 The traditional Star-Light HA-260SS hood is made of stainless steel, which gives it the ability to easily fit in any color frame, but also a long life.
The Star-Light HA-260SS hood is equipped with two aluminum filters.
It is equipped with an LED lighting system that gives you a pleasant and useful ambiance when cooking.
Requires two activated carbon filters (model FCA-22) to recirculate the air inside the hood inside the chamber.

See details and price

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