the best household vacuum cleaner

How do you choose the best home vacuum cleaner? What functions and features should the vacuum cleaner have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Home Vacuum Cleaner If our parents grew up with a broom and mop, it is harder for our generation to imagine a house without a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner has become an indispensable household appliance in any household.

Due to the fast pace in which we have become accustomed to living, we need objects that make our work faster and more efficient, and this also applies to cleaning. This is also the reason why the vacuum cleaner has become so popular. But how can you choose the best vacuum cleaner for your home?

The best home vacuum cleaner: how to choose

Due to technological development and an increasing understanding of people's needs, we find on the market today a very wide range of vacuum cleaners. While some are more practical for use in the industrial system, most of them are designed specifically for the home.

However, it can be quite difficult to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your home . This is because there are several types of vacuum cleaners with specific functions for certain types of surfaces, or with various operating principles. How do you know which vacuum cleaner is best for your home ?

What functions and accessories should a vacuum cleaner have? What does a high-performance vacuum cleaner mean and how can you choose the best one?

To make the best decision, we advise you to consult a shopping guide like this one. This way you will be able to choose the ideal vacuum cleaner for your home . This will minimize the risk of a wrong investment. Buying a vacuum cleaner is an investment, because a good vacuum cleaner must be able to serve you for years, keeping its performance intact. In your choice take into account the following important aspects.

Type of vacuum cleaner

Depending on the way of collecting dust and impurities, we can distinguish several categories of vacuum cleaners. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of vacuum cleaner, and which is most suitable for the home?

Bag vacuum cleaner

The Best Home Vacuum Cleaner 1 Also called the classic vacuum cleaner , this is the "veteran" of vacuum cleaners, being the oldest model of vacuum cleaner. The principle of operation is quite simple. The dust is collected in a medium-sized bag, made of textile or paper . If the bag is made of textile, it can be reused after cleaning. The paper bag, however, is disposable, once full, it will not be reusable.

This type of vacuum cleaner has also gained popularity due to its affordable price . If you have a limited budget, such a vacuum cleaner is one of the best options.
However, you must keep in mind that the vacuum cleaner is manufactured by a brand recognized for quality , and the rest of the specifications indicate a high- performance vacuum cleaner.

Also, make sure that the bags, regardless of the material from which they are made, do not have manufacturing defects, such as cracks, because the dust will spread in the tube and will not be collected properly.

Bagless vacuum cleaner

The bagless vacuum cleaner was intended to be an improvement over the bagged vacuum cleaner. That is why it is gaining more and more popularity among buyers. This is because it eliminates the need for additional costs involved in bagging vacuum cleaners (the continuous purchase of new bags), offering a much more practical alternative. They use a plastic container specially designed to collect dust and to be easy to clean and replace.

The Best Home Vacuum Cleaner 2 Some models also come with the function of compressing the dust so that the risk of scattering once emptied is eliminated. It is good to keep in mind, however, that this collection tank often has a smaller collection capacity than an ordinary bag. This means that you will have to empty the collection container more often.

Also, in order to prolong the life of the vacuum cleaner, it is good to empty the tank before reaching the collection limit, so as not to overload the vacuum cleaner motor.

The vertical vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner whose design is suitable for people with mobility and back problems. This model greatly reduces the effort of using the vacuum cleaner, and is ideal for small spaces .

Although, in general, the performance is similar to the models previously analyzed, the dust collection container is smaller , which means that it will have to be cleaned more often. Also called a stick vacuum cleaner , it is more expensive than traditional vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaner with water filter

The Best Home Vacuum Cleaner 3 By far the most convenient in terms of hygiene and efficiency, the water filter vacuum cleaner works on the basis of a recently implemented principle. The dust is collected in a container with water. Due to the rotational force, the dust merges with the water, so the dust particles will not be scattered in the air later .

Although they are a little more expensive, they are the ideal solution, especially for large houses. As disadvantages, we mention the larger size and weight , which make its use a little heavier.

Vacuum cleaner with washing

It works on the basis of a principle similar to that of the vacuum cleaner with water filter. The difference is that the vacuum cleaner incorporates, in addition to the collection container, a compartment with detergent which allows the collection of dust and washing of surfaces at the same time.

It is an advantage especially if you live with small children or pets, who want to quickly dirty the carpet or other surfaces (parquet, tiles, marble, etc.). Regardless of the nature of the vacuumed surface, this vacuum cleaner is able to clean anything without too much hassle. Like the one analyzed above, however, it is also more voluminous and heavier.

Steam vacuum cleaner

The steam vacuum cleaner (also called steam mop ) can clean both the Persian carpet from the grandmother and the tiles in the bathroom and kitchen, not to mention that it can also clean the dog's bed and car seats.

Because steam cleaning uses water, the steam cleaner is environmentally friendly, and especially healthy for children and pets. Steam deodorizes, sanitizes and kills bacteria and microbes without the need for chemical cleaning solutions.

The robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners can make your life easier by automatically helping you with household chores. Today's robot vacuum cleaners offer a multitude of functions, such as automatic recharging and wall sensors, which recommends them as the ideal aid in cleaning floors.

Although they will not clean as deeply as a manual vacuum cleaner, robotic vacuum cleaners will help you maintain a basic cleaning of all the floors in the house. This means that you will use the conventional vacuum cleaner less often.

Other types of vacuum cleaners

Various types of vacuum cleaners with a more specific use and with a more limited range are still on the market at the moment. We mention here the hand vacuum cleaners , the ones for collecting crumbs or lint on clothes.

Other vacuum cleaners, such as car mini-vacuum cleaners , window cleaners or ash vacuum cleaners , are designed to serve a specific sector of activity.

The importance of brush and nozzles

The Best Home Vacuum Cleaner 4 Often ignored when buying a vacuum cleaner, they play as important a role as engine performance and we need to pay close attention to them if we want to choose the best vacuum cleaner for the home. As these are the parts that come into direct contact with the vacuumed surface, it is good to be without defects, because the quality of the cleaning will largely depend on them. A good vacuum cleaner will come equipped with several types of brushes and nozzles, useful for vacuuming surfaces with different textures, or harder to reach areas.

There are several types of nozzles and brushes that you need to keep in mind:

  • Hard floor nozzle . Ideal and recommended for fast and efficient vacuuming. It works best when used in contact with hard surfaces, such as parquet or tiles . It can also be used on soft surfaces, but the cleaning will not be of sufficient quality.
  • Nozzle for narrow surfaces . Necessary for those hard-to-reach spaces in the house . These can be various, but as an idea we mention the space between the door and the wall, behind the radiator, the space under the sofa cushions, etc. In all these situations, the nozzle for narrow surfaces proves to be very useful.
  • Nozzle turbo . Specially designed to increase the strength and speed of absorption , it is the ideal accessory for more difficult surfaces such as carpets or carpets where dust and impurities are strongly impregnated.
  • Motor nozzle . With an absorption power similar to that of the turbo nozzle, the motorized nozzle obviously has a motor that makes absorption more accurate and faster.
  • Nozzles or brushes for upholstery . Although fewer vacuum cleaners include this type of nozzle or brush in their package, it is designed for household furniture.

Engine performance and endurance

This is how customers are most often misled. Most customers believe that in order to realize the performance and power of the engine, they must follow the power index expressed in watts. It is generally between 1600 W and 2000 W. However, this index does not express the actual power of the motor but rather an indication of current consumption .

To find out what the engine power really is, you need to look at the value next to the power of expression. Also expressed in watts, this value is significantly lower. In the case of a very good vacuum cleaner, this value will be between 350-450 W. If we are talking about an average vacuum cleaner, the value will be between 200-300 W.

Resistance and cable length

The Best Home Vacuum Cleaner 5 The power cord or wire must be long enough to allow you to move freely with the vacuum cleaner over fairly large areas, so that you do not need to change the power outlet too often. The best home vacuum cleaner will have a power cord length of at least 6 meters .

Vacuum cleaner wheels

An aspect that you must keep in mind especially for the protection of the aspirated surface. As the vacuum cleaner will also need to be moved on hard surfaces, it is important that the wheels have a soft or rubbery finish to scratch or degrade the various surfaces on the floor in any way. Also, a vacuum cleaner with larger wheels will be easier to carry.

The noise made

Another important factor in choosing the best vacuum cleaner. Obviously, the best vacuum cleaner will be the one that will emit the quietest noise. You can realize the power of the noise by consulting the value expressed in decibels. Try not to exceed 60-70 dB . Anything beyond this value, close in sound to the volume of a regular conversation, ends up sounding twice as loud.


Make sure the vacuum cleaner you buy has a HEPA filter . It has the task of capturing any dust particles, and the higher the number written on the HEPA filter, the finer it will be able to capture dust particles. This is an important aspect to follow, both to avoid the spread of dust in the room and to protect family members who suffer from allergies.

Maintenance instructions

Like any other household appliance, the vacuum cleaner must be carefully maintained to extend its optimum service life as much as possible. The biggest changes will be made to the filters that need to be replaced periodically. Manufacturers generally recommend replacing the filters every year or several months depending on the type of vacuum cleaner. However, these recommendations are often exaggerated. It is best to periodically check the filters and change them when you notice that they are no longer performing their task well .

The best vacuum cleaner: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips and buyers' opinions, we still recommend some models of home vacuum cleaners that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Vacuum cleaner with washing Zelmer Aquawelt Plus 7920.0ST

The Best Home Vacuum Cleaner 6 Allows dry vacuuming , collecting accidentally spilled liquids and washing carpets .
Use Safbag bags (for dry vacuuming) or water container (for vacuuming without a bag);
The air evacuated from the vacuum cleaner is much cleaner due to the double filtration system: water filter + HEPA filter.
Washing function (carpets, upholstery, tiles) – Liquid collection function .
Digital control
for precise power regulation.

See details and price

2. Samsung VC15SVNDCRD bagless vacuum cleaner

The Best Home Vacuum Cleaner 7 Get rid of dirt, animal hair and dust bags. Vacuum cleaners with dust bags do not collect dust as well as models without bags, and the bags must sometimes be replaced when they are not even half full.
Experience increased suction power with Samsung's Cyclone Force System .
Easily remove dust and debris, even lumps of hair or textile yarn with the easy-to-empty dust container .

See details and price

3. Vacuum cleaner with Bosch bag BGL3A230

The Best Home Vacuum Cleaner 8 PowerProtect system: for long-lasting cleaning performance, even when the bag is full.
Washable HEPA hygiene filter: ideal for people with allergies – no replacement costs. It falls into dust emission class A.
Suction bag with a volume of 4 liters – less frequent change and low maintenance costs.
Hard floor brush , suitable for delicate vacuuming of sensitive floors.

See details and price

4. Vacuum cleaner with water filtration Zelmer 829.5SK

The Best Home Vacuum Cleaner 9 The Zelmer 829.5SK vacuum cleaner is equipped with a state-of-the-art water filter that combines the advantages of traditional and bagless vacuuming.
During vacuuming, the impurities are retained in the water container provided.
It is enough to empty the dirty water tank at the end!

Collection capacity: 4 l – Power: 1500 W
Cable length: 6 m – Operating radius: 9 m

See details and price

5. Dirt Devil Joker M696 vertical vacuum cleaner

The Best Home Vacuum Cleaner 10

With the new Dirt Devil Joker M696 you enjoy performance and innovative technology for impeccable cleanliness!
The Cyclonic system makes it perfect for hard surfaces, and the turbo brush ensures excellent results for carpets and rugs.
LED lights allow the lighting of corners and under furniture for a 360 degree cleaning for your home!

See details and price

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