the best ice cream maker machine to buy

How do you choose the best ice cream machine ? Which ice cream machine is better and helps you prepare the delicious dessert more easily? Read the article to find out.

The Best Ice Cream Maker Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or caramel, there is no sweeter and richer indulgence than ice cream, especially in summer.

When your child wins the football match or is he the best at basketball, do you celebrate with a plate of fruit or do you go to the confectionery to enjoy a delicious ice cream ? Nothing better conveys the appreciation as a creamy and delicious ice cream.

However, after the euphoria of the celebration subsides, you may lose sight of the shopping voucher and notice that you paid a few tens of lei for a few cups of ice cream. Or maybe the ingredients in the ice cream on the market aren't exactly the healthiest for you and your family.

We have a valuable suggestion: buy an ice cream maker at home . In this way you can pamper your family whenever you want, with only a part of the costs and with much healthier ingredients, without artificial flavors and dyes.

Top 3 recommended ice cream machines

The best ice cream machine: what to look for

The Best Ice Cream Maker 1 The main advantage of buying ice cream is immediate satisfaction. Go to the store or confectionery, choose your favorite ice cream and eat it.

A home ice cream maker requires advance planning, but it is this planning that can significantly enrich the taste of homemade ice cream.

There are two types of ice cream machines : those with a bowl for the freezer and those with electricity. Below we present the basic criteria for choosing the right ice cream machine for your needs.

Preparation time

Ice cream makers that use a freezer bowl require you to put a special bowl in the freezer that will work in about 24 hours, or at least until the special coolant is completely frozen.

We recommend keeping the bowl in the permanent freezer to significantly reduce the waiting time. If the bowl is already frozen , the cooking time can vary between 25 minutes and an hour.

It really doesn't matter if you use a freezer bowl or a fully electric one because your ice cream mix will have a soft consistency at first for both options.

Even with a fully electric appliance, manufacturers recommend placing the container in the freezer after cooling for 45-60 minutes for solidification.

Ease of use

The Best Ice Cream Maker 2 As mentioned above, the whole preparation process takes some time, but there is no active time.

No need to sit next to the appliance and watch the ice cream cool. Combine the ingredients, let them cool, throw them in the mixer and then take care of your chores until the ice cream is ready.

Because most ice cream machines use a particular type of liquid for cooling, they cannot be washed in the dishwasher and will need to be washed by hand. Despite the effort, we guarantee it will be well worth it.


An ice cream machine will take up space on the counter or in the closet in your kitchen. Before choosing the best ice cream machine make sure it has the right size and appearance for your needs.

In general, an ice cream maker is white or the color of stainless steel with a normal appearance, but some of them may have more unusual shapes.

From evenings with friends, family holidays or blue nights after a disappointment, your ice cream machine will always be by your side to amplify your joys and alleviate your pain. It probably takes a while to make homemade ice cream, but the reward is worth it.

The best ice cream maker: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, I will still recommend some ice cream machines that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Dolce Bacio ice cream maker, compressor, 2l stainless steel LCD display

The Best Ice Cream Maker 3

With the Klarstein Dolce Bacio ice cream maker, delicious ice cream and yoghurt specialties such as fruit and soft ice cream, sorbets or frozen yoghurts are created in no time.
Cooling function – prevents the ice cream from melting after preparation.
1 minute adjustable timer: 5 – 60 minutes.
Cooling temperature: -18 to -35 ° C.
Display of working time during operation.
Safety lock with lid.

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2. Klarstein Creamberry ice cream maker and frozen yogurt

The Best Ice Cream Maker 4 4-in-1: ice cream, frozen yogurt and milkshakes or for cooling beverage bottles.
Simple operation via two buttons and a digital display.
Programmable timer between 20 and 40 minutes.
Turbo device: fresh ice cream in just 20 minutes.
Thermos with a capacity of 1.5 liters.
Special economic consumption: less than 10 W per hour.

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3. Heinner HICM-150S ice cream maker

The Best Ice Cream Maker 5

Capacity: 1.5L –LCD display.
Digital timer.
Cold keeping function.
Built-in compressor – Detachable ice cream bowl.
Program duration: 60 min.
Cooling range: -18 ° C ~ -35 ° C.
Noise level: 50dB.

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4. Taurus Tasty N Cream ice cream machine, 12 W, 1.5 l bowl

The Best Ice Cream Maker 6 Power: 12 W – Detachable aluminum vessel with a capacity of 1.5 l.
Transparent cover – On / off button – non-slip feet – overheating protection.
Detachable mixing paddle that automatically changes its direction of rotation so that the ice cream is creamy,
Book with 8 recipes. Ice cream and sorbet can be prepared.
Preparation time: 20 – 40 min. Healthy Cook!
The lid, the dish, the mixing paddle can be washed in the dishwasher.

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5. Heinner HIC-150RD ice cream maker, 150W

The Best Ice Cream Maker 7 With the help of this device you can prepare a delicious dessert, exactly to your taste, with which you will be able to surprise all your loved ones.

Ice cream preparation with frozen fruits
Recipe book included
Security system
Detachable tube – Stainless steel blades

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