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How do you choose the best industrial air heater? What functions and characteristics should the industrial air heater have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Industrial Air Heater Finding the best appliances for an industrial level is not the easiest thing. This is also true if you need to look for a heating system suitable for an industrial level. Classic variants may not be effective, or may not be available in the industrial version.

If you are in the situation where you need to find such a heating system, an industrial air heater may be the right option for you. Being a device that can be easily found on the market in several models and variations of the operating system, we are sure that you can find a suitable air heater for your needs.

To find out how you can choose the best industrial air heater, we invite you to read this article below.

Why choose the best industrial air heater?

The industrial air heater is suitable for heating medium or large spaces . If you need to heat a house, a hall, a shop, various commercial spaces or even a stable, the air heater can be the best choice.

They work by heating an electric heater. It heats the air in the room either by radiation or by a ventilation system. Due to the increased control over the emitted temperature, these devices are very popular in the transitional seasons, autumn and spring , when there is a thermal discomfort, but the temperatures are not low enough to start the plant.

How to choose the best industrial air heater

In general, industrial models are not found in a wide variety of market offerings. However, it does not mean that your choice is an easy one and that any model you choose is the right one for you.

You should know that there are several industrial variants of air heaters on the market, with different operating systems and various facilities. That is why it is appropriate to inform yourself well before making an investment that you may regret.

To enjoy your purchase for a long time, we recommend that you consult a shopping guide . We have put together such a guide that contains all the information you need to choose a good safe product. At the end you will be able to identify the best quality / price ratio on the market in the shortest time .

Therefore, in order to make the best choice, pay special attention to the following important information.

Type of industrial air heater

Depending on the heating system, we differentiate between two types of air heaters available on the market: convection or ventilation or radiant.

The Best Industrial Air Heater 1 Those that work with convection are suitable for smaller spaces . They slowly heat the air around them. Over time, this warm air is distributed throughout the room. The advantage of these devices is that the thermal effect is felt for a longer time. They are also the quietest models.

Because it takes them longer to heat the air , however, they are more suitable for confined spaces. For example, such an air heater is ideal in a space with animals because it is not noisy and the heat can be concentrated in one direction.

The air heater that works on the basis of ventilation is more suitable in other spaces. This is because the noise level is higher. Such an air heater could be rather useful in a space where it is built and the walls or materials must be kept at a pleasant ambient temperature.

The noise in this case is an insignificant detail. This air heater is often equipped with a fan which is also the source of noise. Its mode of operation is based on the following principle. The cold air is sucked in and passed through a heated heater. Thus the air that is expelled into the room is already heated.

Also, the room heats up much faster , which makes this model of air heater more suitable for medium and large rooms. However, the thermal effect will be short-lived.

Feeding method

You will notice that the main criterion by which you will choose the type of power supply will be the nature of the space in which you will use the air heater. There are air heaters on the market that run on electricity or liquefied gas or diesel .

As soon as you establish the particularities of the heating space, you will be ready to choose the best type of air heater. For medium or small enclosed spaces , the best option is the one based on electricity .

Also, the higher the number of watts, the higher the heating power , and the faster the room will be heated. You can take the ugly value as a benchmark: For a space of 20 cubic meters of air, you need an air heater with 1500W.

In the case of open or semi-open spaces , gas or diesel air heaters are the most suitable. This is because the risk of intoxication is eliminated, as they are eliminated in the open air.

They are known to be more economical, but also more powerful. Their power always exceeds a few thousand watts, making them ideal for construction spaces, stables or warehouses.


In most cases you will need to be able to move the air heater from one room to another, or even from one location to another. To make this as easy as possible it is good to choose air heaters that are equipped in such a way as to be portable .

Opt for a device that has wheels and a handle . It will be much easier to carry by anyone. Also check the weight of the air heater. The easier it is, the less effort you will have to put into it.

What functions and accessories should the best industrial air heater have?

  • The Best Industrial Air Heater 2 Thermostat – each air heater must be equipped with a thermostat that allows you to easily control the air temperature. It will help you better control your consumption. It will also be the element that will count perhaps the most in the maintenance of the device, because it will
  • Heat steps – An industrial air heater must give you the opportunity to access as many heat levels as possible, being much more necessary than in the case of conventional air heaters. In the case of industrial ones, opt for an appliance with between 8-10 degrees of heat. Ideally, the extremes of the heat thresholds should be between 5 and 45 degrees Celsius.
  • Handle and wheels – as already mentioned, these elements are necessary to be able to easily carry the device, and in most cases as necessary to move it quite often.
  • Remote control – you can also make the necessary settings from a remote control. The best industrial air heaters include a remote control, a detail that exists only for your comfort.


As usual, we recommend that you do not buy any industrial air heater from any company. If you want to buy the best industrial air heater, it is good to find out which are the brands that manufacture and put on the market the most praised models.

These companies care a lot about their reputation, that's why they will always sell products with high quality standards that always justify their price. Because we know you don't have much time, however, we have already done some research and found which are the brands that produce the best such air heaters. These are: Zobo, Hecht or Volcano .

We recommend that you order online . It is becoming easier to place an order online, and you can buy products much cheaper than in traditional specialty stores. Also, we cannot ignore the fact that if you buy online you will save a lot of time, and if you are looking for an air heater to use for industrial purposes, time is certainly very precious for you.

Don't ignore the opinions of other users that you can easily find when you shop online. You can thus get a complete picture of a product and see if it confirms what was presented in the product description.

Now that you have all this information, you are ready to make the best choice and enjoy the best industrial air heater.

The best industrial air heater: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we further recommend some models of industrial air heaters that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Zobo ZB-K70 diesel heat gun

The Best Industrial Air Heater 3 Robust model, durable steel construction.
Easy to mount handle, ensures easy maneuverability.
Adjustable temperature thermostat with automatic switch-off and start-up.
Electric ignition.
High speed fan for maximum heat circulation.
Caloric power: 21 kW (70,000 BTU / h).
Exhaust temperature: 393 degrees C
Air flow: 800 m3 / h

See details and price

2. Air heater with LPG Master BLP 17M 16KW

The Best Industrial Air Heater 4 Manual ignition.
Regulator with safety valve included, which stops the gas in case of hose cracking.
In gas regulator set.
Safety valve with thermocouple – Solenoid valve.
Thermal protection motor – Overheating thermostat.
Adjustable heat level.
Robust and durable construction – Easy maintenance.

See details and price

3. Master B 3.3 EPB portable air heater, 3300 W

The Best Industrial Air Heater 5 Electric air heaters are extremely efficient equipment, widely used in a wide variety of applications.
Electric hot air generators are ideal for temporary or emergency heating because they are easy to use and completely portable.
Master air heaters are produced only with high quality components, which ensure their reliability and efficiency.
Covered area: 45 m² – Air flow: 510 m³ / h
Heating power: 11.26 BTU / h – Power steps: 2

See details and price

4. Electric air heater TDS 20 R – Heating power: 3 kW

The Best Industrial Air Heater 6 Heating power: 3 kW (max. 2,580 kcal), Air flow: 411 m³ / h.
Multi-stage temperature adjustment with up to 2 heating stages.
Integrated thermostat for a constant flow of hot air.
Overheating protection.
Engine with thermal protection.
The ventilation function is possible without heating.
Condensate-free heat – without oxygen consumption – ideal for heating indoor spaces.

See details and price

5. Hecht 3330 portable thermal blower

The Best Industrial Air Heater 7 The thermal blower is portable, it can be used in buildings, workshops but also in constructions.
It is compact and easy to transport.
It is also suitable as a backup heating system in case of emergency.
The maximum air flow is 360 m3 / h.
The thermal blower has 3 power levels (25 W fan / 1500 W / 3000 W), thermostat, and thermal safety.
The heating element is made of stainless steel.

See details and price

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