The best iodoor and outdoor TV antennas to buy in 2021


The best iodoor and outdoor TV antennas to buy in 2021

The best TV antenna – Our recommendations for 2021

In case you want to be independent and not depend on the programs provided by a certain company, then you can choose a TV antenna that meets your requirements. The offer is very diverse on the market, but if you do not have time to do a more in-depth study you can choose the first model recommended by us, namelyPNI 44dB DVB-T2 Tri Digit ECO . It is fixed on the outside, the antenna can be used both at home and in the apartment. It comes ready equipped with amplifier (max 30 dB) and has a large transmitter range of up to 50 km, if there are no obstacles and the relief allows it. Having a more special design, with several arms, it has a large number of elements (37 for the whole UHF band) for the dimensions of the antenna (105 x 51 x 54 cm). Another option would be the second product on our list ATX-91 DVB-T2 .

Comparison table

It is an outdoor TV antenna, with a special design that allows the capture of a large number of elements (37) on a medium size (105 x 51 x 54 cm), which comes with an amplifier that increases the antenna gain up to a maximum of 46 dB, with high reception power (within a radius of 50 km if there are no obstacles).

In order to benefit from the full receiving power of the antenna, it is good to live in areas with straight relief and to install it as high as possible.

We recommend this product as a convenient purchase, an outdoor antenna with good reception.

For those who want an outdoor TV antenna, at a good price, this model can be a suitable choice, with channels from 21 to 69, made of quality materials (aluminum and electrogalvanized steel), resistant and treated against corrosion, with a large number of elements (91), which are mounted on the pipe, easy to handle.

The impedance adapter is not included in the price and must be purchased separately, the manufacturer recommending the model SA IV-V C0002.

With a good price, built of quality materials, this antenna can be a convenient choice for any user.

Among the portable variants is this, which includes a plastic suitcase where each element has its place, for fast transport, the offset model with a diameter of 40 cm, being equipped with a support to be positioned on both straight and horizontal surfaces, having suction cups, capturing at frequencies between 10.70 and 12.75 GHz.

For the article to work, it needs an LNB, satellite receiver or a TV with a satellite tuner to watch the available channels for free.

It is an ideal product for those who are always on the road, becoming an attractive option for caravan, truck, camping or vacation, being accompanied by good prices.

How to choose a good TV antenna

Buyer’s guide

In order to watch your favorite TV channels, you will need a TV antenna, which will receive the radio signals transmitted by the broadcast tower. The category of products we will focus on in this guide is based on the DVB-T2 standard, digital terrestrial television.

At this, the broadcast is made both by cable, through a subscription to suppliers such as RCS & RDS or UPC, and by satellite, through suppliers such as Orange, Digi or Dolce, in the case of our country. The old UHF and VHF standards (Ultra High Frequency and Very High Frequency) are no longer used, being obsolete)

The advantage of the DVB-T2 standard is that you will be able to catch more TV programs, and some operators even offer promotional packages, even if many of the analog channels are still available.

For those interested in finding out where to find TV antennas at a good price, and who are determined to install their own purchased object, we tell them that it is imperative to live in an area where there is good reception. But, before mounting the antenna, you have to decide which of the products on the market is the most suitable for your needs and place, which is the best place for its location and what costs you should expect.

To help you, we have prepared a shopping guide in which we present the main aspects you need to take into account, in order to be sure that you are investing in a quality product.

The best iodoor and outdoor TV antennas to buy in 2021

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