the best iron to buy for clothes for home

How do you choose the best iron? What do you need to know to choose the iron according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Iron The irons are not as rudimentary as in the past. Many technologies can be combined to achieve the perfect look of clothes and fabrics.

The diversity of iron models available on the market offers the best method of fighting stubborn creases without affecting the structure of the fabrics.

A steam iron uses their power to iron or soften materials resulting in smooth and neat looking clothes.

Because some fabrics are more delicate than others, the best iron offers various heating and steaming settings for efficiency and safety. In addition, the best iron is easy and safe to use through the facilities it offers.

The best iron: what to look for?

Most irons have a multitude of characteristics, being difficult to decide which will be useful or not in making your work easier. We detail below some important aspects in choosing the best iron to help you decide which one suits you best.

Steam and temperature

Wattage and steam flow are useful indicators when it comes to the power or efficiency curve of an iron. Look for an iron that produces at least 8 grams of steam per minute. Due to the fact that some materials require more steam and heat than others, pay attention to the various types of materials and the special settings for them.

The most stubborn creases need moisture, steam jets or vertical steaming, so make sure the chosen iron model offers these options.

Ease of use

The Best Iron 1 An iron that is not easy and comfortable to use can damage your clothes with burn marks or dirty water stains. Prolonged use of an iron should not require sustained effort and should not consume more time than necessary.

Pay attention to the design and quality of the chosen iron. The size and texture of the soleplate determines the ease with which the iron nuts on the fabrics. A normal iron has a non-stick and scratch-resistant steel sole. The soles are enhanced with an extra layer of Titan or other alloys that significantly enhance the ironing experience.

If you want an easy iron, choose one that does not weigh more than 1.3 – 1.5 kilograms in weight. The length and flexibility of the power cord can help extra, especially when the outlet is not in the immediate vicinity of the ironing site. Choose a cable at least 2.5 meters long.


The days when you hurried back home because you forgot the iron in the outlet should be long gone. The best iron offers automatic shutdown functions when it detects a certain period of inactivity or when it is left with the sole down for more than 30 seconds.

Although very useful, this feature can confuse you if you need longer pressure times with the sole down, be careful of these details before purchasing.

Additional features

Choose an iron equipped with self-cleaning and self-descaling mechanisms that prevent clogging of holes on the soleplate. Do not use the cleaning functions while ironing as they may stain laundry.

The anti-drip system successfully prevents the spillage of water even when it is lying down. Other models may have various specific features such as very large water tanks, touch sensory responses or the option to disable the automatic shutdown function.

You have a lot to choose from when it comes to the best iron. Maybe you need an easy and fast iron to arrange your shirts before you go to work, or you need a bigger and more resistant iron for tailoring or quilting projects. Regardless of your needs, you will surely find a product that will satisfy them.

The best iron: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips and the opinions of buyers, we can recommend some models of irons that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Tefal Ultimate Anti-Calc FV9620 iron

The Best Iron 2 Strong steam iron , equipped with detachable anti-limescale collector .
Variable steam jet:
up to 50 g of steam per minute to moisten and soften the fabrics, ensuring a perfect ironing.
Strong steam jet: up to 200g of steam per minute for smoothing very difficult creases.
Vertical steam: vertical steam jet, ideal for delicate fabrics.
Long-lasting slip: the Gliss / Glide Protect Autoclean sole ensures long-lasting slip and excellent steam distribution.

See details and price

2. Philips EasySpeed Plus GC2048 / 30 iron

The Best Iron 3 The continuous steam flow of up to 35 g / min gives you the perfect amount of steam to efficiently remove all wrinkles.
Applying the steam jet will release a jet of up to 120 g to remove even the most difficult wrinkles.
Vertical steam jet to remove wrinkles from hanging materials.
The ceramic sole is scratch resistant, slides easily and is easy to clean.
The anti-drip system keeps clothes unblemished during ironing.

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3. Bosch TDA2022010 iron, Ceranium-Glissee sole

The Best Iron 4 2AntiCalc – Self-cleaning function and calc'n clean system.
Palladium-Glissée sole – With steam channels and design with 3 ironing zones for optimal steam distribution and easy sliding.
Quick and easy filling / emptying – Continuous temperature adjustment.
Ergonomic design for comfortable ironing: comfortable SoftTouch handle – ergonomic buttons.
Spray function – Anti-drip function
Extra long cable (1.9 m) with clamp.

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4. Iron Rowenta Eco Intelligence DW6010

The Best Iron 5 With a power of 2400 W and a steam jet of 180 g , the iron ensures low energy consumption thanks to the new Eco Steam system and an optimally preset steam jet.
The Microsteam400 3D sole is provided with 400 active micro-holes for perfect ironing results.
Continuous steam, 40g / min , fast heating due to high power, as well as integrated anti-limescale and anti-drip functions offer maximum efficiency with low energy consumption.

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5. Iron Star-Light Pro SIA-2638

The Best Iron 6 The 2600W power of the SIA-2638 iron gives you an easy, fast and perfect ironing in the shortest time.
The anti-limescale and self-cleaning functions help you save time for cleaning the appliance after using it, eliminating the various deposits on the sole or from the steam holes.
The ceramic sole is one of the most popular and high quality. It heats up evenly and slides easily, making it easier to iron clothes.

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