the best karcher vacuum cleaner for professional

How do you choose the best Karcher vacuum cleaner? What functions and features should the Karcher vacuum cleaner have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

Why choose a Karcher vacuum cleaner?

The secret of the Karcher company is the excellent ratio between quality and price.

The Best Karcher Vacuum Cleaner The desire of the German manufacturer Karcher is to show the world the quality of its professional cleaning products, inviting potential buyers to the factories in Winnenden and Buhlertal to present a new line of vacuum cleaners.

To maintain order and discipline at home or in the office, the Karcher vacuum cleaner is now able to compete seriously with the products on the market. The detergent tank is removable and shock resistant, making working with it much easier.

The Karcher vacuum cleaner is designed for house cleaning and is also suitable for cleaning offices as well as any other premises. The technical features are of a high quality and are combined with the elegant design and the perfect price.

How to choose the best Karcher vacuum cleaner

The main advantage of the Karcher vacuum cleaner is that it provides both wet and dry cleaning for carpets and upholstered furniture, both with and without detergent. Another advantage is that it can be used to clean the inside of the machine.

It has the ability to extract dust even from the radiator blades, from the floor or from the upholstery. Karcher vacuum cleaners are professional and can be used both in the home and for cleaning offices, public spaces, shops, hotels or restaurants.

The Best Karcher Vacuum Cleaner 1 These professional products are highly sought after even by those who provide professional cleaning services in private or public environments. When you want to choose the best Karcher vacuum cleaner, you need to rely on the advantages of the technical characteristics.

Unlike household models, professional vacuum cleaners extend their high continuous and efficient operation, with low noise and high wear resistance, as well as a bag with a much higher volume.

The design is ergonomic and offers comfort even when subjected to a daily work regime. Of course, you must also pay close attention to the materials from which the appliance is designed. This partially justifies the price.

Karcher vacuum cleaner with bag or container

The Karcher vacuum cleaner is made in two types of versions: with bag and with cyclonic suction, instead being a container that collects dust. The vacuum cleaner with container is a better version because the user will not have additional costs for the purchase of the bags that need to be replaced.

With the classic bag vacuum, the absorption power decreases as the bag fills with dust and garbage, but there is no other problem. If the bag is changed in time, the suction and cleaning power remains the same.

Karcher vacuum cleaner with bag

The Best Karcher Vacuum Cleaner 2 The bag vacuum cleaner is very good because it offers a much longer life for the appliance. The collected dust is stored directly in the bag and allows it to pass to the filter only to a small extent. Thus, the engine is protected and will ideally run for a long time.

The advantage is that you will not have contact with dirt because the bag is equipped with a valve that does not allow dust to pass outside. It is simply removed and replaced with a new one. The downside is that the bags have to be bought.

Karcher vacuum cleaner with container

If your preference is the bagless vacuum cleaner, you must pay close attention to the filtration system. The high-velocity dust rises up and along the container, forming vortices that collect the dust and maintain it in an artificial way. In order not to enter the engine, the filter must be very dense and of good quality. The advantage is that you will be able to save money for the bag, but you will have to spend it on filters.

Vacuum cleaner filters

The vacuum filters act as a protection against the motor. It doesn't matter how perfect the vacuum is if the filters are not of good quality and do not retain dust and allergen particles. For such dust particles the best filter is Hepa.

Vacuum functions

The Best Karcher Vacuum Cleaner 3 The Karcher vacuum cleaner is the best and has the function to meet the needs of users, being characterized by high reliability, long life and low noise. Karcher vacuum cleaners are designed for both dry and wet cleaning, being used as needed.

The appliances are equipped with two containers or bags of up to 12 liters, one for dry cleaning and one for wet cleaning. The tube is extensible and consists of two pieces. The nozzles are numerous and of different sizes.

It is worth noting that, thanks to the improved nozzle for the floor, the cleaning quality is excellent, as all kinds of debris are removed. The vacuum cleaner also has a cable running system and a control panel for accessing functions.

Absorption power

Karcher vacuum cleaners come in a very wide and varied range. The best Karcher vacuum cleaner has a suction power between 1000 and 1400 watts. For wet cleaning they need detergent and are equipped with a 1200 watt motor. Thus, the 1000 watts are ideal for dry cleaning.

Service and warranty

Any home appliance product has a purchase and service warranty if the appliance has a manufacturing defect. When you buy a Karcher vacuum cleaner, you will receive a warranty that is valid for at least 12 months, completed and stamped by your store representative.

The best Karcher vacuum cleaner: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we still recommend some models of Karcher vacuum cleaners that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Professional vacuum cleaner Karcher Puzzi 10/1

The Best Karcher Vacuum Cleaner 4

Karcher Puzzi 10-1 with tapestry nozzle and floor nozzle is especially suitable for efficient and hygienic cleaning of small to medium surfaces.
With a spray pressure of 1 bar, vacuum cleaners with washing ensure a gentle and deep cleaning of textile surfaces and impressive results.
Due to the narrow floor nozzle, the device is optimally suitable for use indoors.
Flexible suction blades allow easy cleaning of crowded surfaces.

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2. Karcher WD 6 P Premium multifunctional vacuum cleaner

The Best Karcher Vacuum Cleaner 5 The WD 6 P Premium dry-wet vacuum cleaner impresses with a power consumption of only 1300 watts.
30 liter stainless steel container
Newly developed accessories for the best results.
Detachable handle with antistatic protection.
Drain plug – for large volumes of water.
Adjustable suction force both in the classic version and in applications with power tools.

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3. Karcher FC floor vacuum cleaner 5

The Best Karcher Vacuum Cleaner 6 The 2-in-1 function of the FC 5 Floor Cleaner allows you to wipe and vacuum dry wet dirt in one step.
Automatically moistened microfiber rollers collect dirt, which is at the same time vacuumed. this practical self-cleaning function keeps the rollers clean and always ready to use.
FC 5 can be used on all hard floors, whether they are made of wood, stone or plastic.

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4. Karcher WD 3 multifunctional vacuum cleaner

The Best Karcher Vacuum Cleaner 7 With a power consumption of only 1000 watts, the WD 3 compact multifunctional vacuum cleaner is powerful and robust.
Its robust and impact-resistant plastic container has a capacity of 17 liters.
The cartridge filter allows you to vacuum wet and dry dirt without changing the filter.
Practical blowing function – wherever suction is not possible, the practical blowing function helps.

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5. Vacuum cleaner for windows Karcher WV 2 Plus

The Best Karcher Vacuum Cleaner 8

The Karcher WV2 Plus window cleaner can be used on all smooth surfaces such as ceramic wall and floor tiles, mirrors, glass tables, windows or shower cabins, and the result will be without one without leaks and traces.
Due to the electronic aspiration of the water, the annoying traces are part of the past, as you will get clean and shiny surfaces.
The Karcher window vacuum cleaner is completely hygienic, as the tank empties quickly and easily, without coming into contact with dirty water.

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